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Teams of all shapes and sizes know us for developing friction-free experiences on the Salesforce platform. It's with that idea in mind that we've created a suite of products, wizards, and tools to supercharge your operations and take you further.

Sercante Labs products are born out of challenges we see our customers face time and time again. They usually start with an idea submission from our team or someone in the community for a custom Salesforce solution that can solve the seemingly unsolvable. Take a look at the apps we’ve created along the way (some you may have seen on the Salesforce AppExchange). If you have a Salesforce app or solution in mind and don't see it listed, then let's dream it together.

Prospect Updater

Fix, enhance, and enrich prospect data to keep things running smoothly (think: less sync errors) and expand your ability to make smart, automated decisions.

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Available on: Download on Website

When it comes to segmenting or reporting by location, or job title, use Prospect Updater to instantly standardize data accurately with rules you set up in a Google sheet.

Use the rules you set up in your Google Sheet to automatically update data and skip the hours spent dealing with sync errors from bad State/Country Picklist Values.

Connect prospect updater with your data provider and use it as a cleaning and enriching layer between your data source and form handler to make sure the right leads are sent over to sales at the right time.

Integration for Zoom Webinars

Automate registration, attendance, reminders, and follow up for your Zoom Webinars through Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and Sales Cloud.

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Available on: Download on Website

Integrate your Zoom Webinar with Salesforce campaigns to automatically add prospects as they register in real-time.

Let the connector do the heavy lifting of updating campaign member statuses from invited to registered to attended/no-show and quickly evaluate prospect engagement.

Create default email templates to use for all your webinars and automate sending personalized emails for registration confirmation, event reminders, and post-event follow-up so emails are on-brand and sharing the right message.

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Automated Opportunity Contact Roles

Automatically create the missing link between Campaigns & Opportunities for ROI Reporting.

Pricing: Paid

Available on: Salesforce AppExchange

Does it ever seem like there is always data missing when you look to see which campaigns have contributed to closed won deals? Now there won’t be with reliable Opportunity and Campaign association through automatic Contact Role creation.

Know when marketing influenced deals have entered the pipeline with accurate Campaign & Opportunity association to understand funnel progression and forecast campaign impact.

Know when marketing influenced deals have entered the pipeline with accurate Campaign & Opportunity association to understand funnel progression and forecast campaign impact.

Campaign Influence Starter Pack

Need better insight into the marketing team’s impact on revenue? Get stood up fast with this reports and dashboard starter pack.

Pricing: Free

Available on: Download on Github

The starter pack includes reports showing marketing influenced closed won opportunities as well as data about deals in the pipeline. Easily understand marketing’s impact on revenue to prioritize your budget on top-performing campaigns.

Get access to your own marketing leader dashboard that shows which campaigns have contributed to closed won opportunities, to provide precise data for your stakeholders.

Use the starter pack as inspiration to add your own filters and customizations. That way, you can get answers to your unique questions and feel confident with data-driven decision-making.

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Creuz Your Data

Need to split a big list of values for use in Pardot dynamic lists or Salesforce report filters? Then this app is for you.

Pricing: Free

Available on: Sercante Website

Salesforce uses commas to add more than one value to a filter on a report. Use the Data Manipulation feature in Creuz Your Data to copy your list of values and quickly split data, and replace semicolons with commas.

Do you already have a list of values in a Salesforce report and want to copy it to create dynamic list criteria for segmentation in Account Engagement? Switch the commas to semicolons with Creuz Your Data instantly.

Changing country codes to country names to have consistent data always takes longer than you think. Save time with Creuz Your Data and do it with the click of a button.


Email to PDF creates shareable HTML and PDF files from emails that are created in any marketing automation system and sends them back to you as attachments.

Pricing: Free

Available on: Sercante Website

When team members want to review your marketing emails, but they don’t want to be included on your test lists, use Email-to-PDF, to instantly send it to them in a version that maintains your formatting while they download for review.

Trying to share an email with coworkers without including them on the marketing test list? Instead of forwarding and risking display errors or having to take multiple screenshots of your email, create a downloadable PDF in one easy step.

When coworkers ask for a copy of your email, forwarding it to them and then having to explain the proper formatting takes time. Fiddling with multiple screenshots wastes effort. Next time, send them a PDF with Email-to-PDF and preserve precious minutes.

Postman Collections

Shorten your ramp-up time discovering the Account Engagement API with our pre-built collections.

Pricing: Free

Available on: Download on GitHub

Advanced system integrations eliminate siloed databases and automate time-consuming processes. Get to know the Account Engagement API faster with Postman Collections to launch system integrations sooner.

Give your team a playground for exploring and working with the Account Engagement API. That way everyone can learn and identify new opportunities to advance your operations.

Use Postman Collections to make requests and increase your knowledge of the Account Engagement API. Discover how it works and start encountering new ways to use it to achieve business goals.

Flow Actions for Account Engagement

Let automated flow actions do the heavy lifting with routine data and admin tasks. The you can shift your focus back to maximizing impact.

Pricing: Free

Available on: Salesforce AppExchange

Use Flow Actions to automatically update data and handle admin tasks such as creating static lists and creating, updating, or deleting custom redirects.

Build assets in your flow of work when you initially design the campaign. Create custom redirects right from a Campaign screen to expedite the process.

With Flow Actions, you can use any Salesforce object, even custom ones, to trigger updates to a Prospect record. Maintain accurate data with automatic updates.

Account Engagement Fields for Multiple Business Units

Missing key prospect data in Salesforce after a cross-Business Unit implementation? We’ve got you covered.

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Available on: Download on Website

The Account Engagement package fields work well when you have a Contact/Lead syncing to a single Business Unit, but you usually have to disable this functionality when doing a cross-Business Unit implementation. Use our solution to restore most of the package field data in Salesforce and get your data back on track.

Your team uses data that includes prospect score and grade in Salesforce to qualify leads, but after moving to Business Units, this data is often lost. Get data restored with this app and continue lead qualification to reach the right prospects at the right time without interruption.

Package fields such as a prospect’s Account Engagement campaign, their score, conversion date, and first and last activity help to tell a story of the prospect’s relationship with your organization, but this data can get lost from Salesforce during a cross-Business Unit implementation. Regain this data in Salesforce and continue to have a collaborative view of a prospect’s journey.

Email Digest

Better manage your marketing automation system and campaigns with your Account Engagement activity data sent right to your inbox in an easy-to-read report.

Pricing: Free

Available on: Salesforce AppExchange

Get up to speed on your Account Engagement activity fast and see your latest email statistics and prospect activity. You’ll also get a week-over-week comparison of the numbers, all compiled in a comprehensible report.

No more having to hunt down all the numbers in separate places. Access all your Account Engagement activity with this email digest sent right to your inbox in one easy-to-read report.

Use the report to reflect and collaborate with your team. Identify growth opportunities, double down on what’s working, and make smart data-informed decisions.

Campaign Naming Generator

Quickly create consistent campaign names with standardized, best-practice naming conventions for clean data and efficient processes.

Pricing: Free

Available on: Sercante Website

You provide your campaign details such as the year, type, and description, and the tool generates your campaign name instantly. That way, it’s easy to have consistent naming conventions every time.

Rather than having to manually go through and remember what the abbreviation was again for an eBook or a webinar, you have a tool that does the work for you. All you have to do is provide the details.

Say goodbye to the frustration of chasing down campaigns due to inconsistent naming conventions when filtering for reports. Breathe easy with a tool that provides clean and consistent campaign name data.

Find My iFrame

Quickly find all your web pages that have an embedded iFrame with a particular iFrame source.

Pricing: Free

Available on: Sercante Website

Save hours when you need to locate where your embedded forms are on your site.

Locate embedded iFrame code quickly to update formatting and tracking code.

Keep track of where forms are located on your site to make future changes swiftly.

HTML to Email Text Converter

Simplify your life using our HTML to Email Text Converter for fast and effortless conversion from HTML to plain text. Improve email deliverability and cater to users who prefer plain-text formats.

Pricing: Free

Available on: Sercante Website

Creating a plain-text version of your HTML email can boost the likelihood of it landing in recipient inboxes rather than getting flagged as spam.

Most email service providers offer users the ability to receive plain-text emails only. Some users still prefer to read plain-text versions of emails for several reasons. Use the HTML to Email Text Converter tool to quickly create a text version from HTML code and avoid missing your recipients.

Avoid manually writing a plain-text version of your HTML emails. This tool has been developed to easily convert HTML for links, bullets, etc., to a clean and simple text version.

Your Custom App Here

Your needs are always evolving, and sometimes a custom app can bridge the gap between possibilities and existing functionality. Start a conversation with us to see if a custom app or solution is what you need to supercharge your impact and reach meaningful outcomes.

You may have a clear picture of what you want to do, but the path to get there seems fuzzy. Partner with our strategic discovery experts to clearly define the right solution for your team.

Our team has worked with thousands of customers from startup to enterprise, developing proven solutions that create smooth digital processes. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing you can trust us with your organization.

Working to build your own custom solution can be time consuming and require a great effort from your team. Allow us to do the heavy lifting to free up your team with a proven development process. Then they can focus on driving impact and expedite your solution’s launch time.