Campaign Influence Starter Pack


Begin your journey to the Marketing ROI promised land

Native Salesforce Campaign Influence reporting, coupled with some fancy out-of-the-box influence models (first touch, last touch and even distribution), promises to be a gateway for marketing to see the actual revenue impact that their campaigns have. The problem is that a lot of us just don’t know where to start, or could use a little inspiration.

Enter the Campaign Influence Starter Pack from Sercante.

  • Access the report and dashboard package that came from identifying a pattern of useful elements after configuring Campaign Influence for thousands of teams.
  • Collaborate with your Salesforce Administrator to install the package for free.
  • Obtain the metadata from our GitHub account to add it to your Salesforce org.

Meaningful impact for your team

Visualize which campaigns are influencing revenue for smarter marketing spend.

The starter pack includes reports showing marketing influenced closed won opportunities as well as data about deals in the pipeline. Easily be able to understand marketing’s impact on revenue to prioritize your budget on top-performing campaigns.

Save time with the starter pack to advance on your reporting journey.

Use the starter pack as inspiration to add your own filters and customizations, so you can get answers to your unique questions and feel confident with data-driven decision-making.

Campaign Influence Dashboard Lightning
Campaign Pipeline
Campaign Influence Touch Model
Campaign Influence Won