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Digital strategies for a human touch

Strategy forms the foundation of everything you do. It's what drives you toward your goals and maintains that success over time. But it can become an afterthought. Or worse, strategies can change without talking to the people they impact. This is where having a strategic Salesforce consulting partner is a huge advantage.

Advisors and strategists

on your side

Changing the way your team operates can have a domino effect across the entire organization. That’s because you have about a million moving parts in your organization. Teams collaborate on day-to-day tasks. Divisions pass information between them to give customers what they need when they need it. And executives drive growth goals by always looking ahead. 

With a team of advisors providing business strategy consulting who work across marketing, sales, service, and operations, you can get ahead of those initiatives and understand who to bring in and when to take action.

Sales, marketing, & service: business strategy consulting

The challenges you bring to us likely aren’t new. Businesses of all sizes — from startups to enterprises — face similar battles. Many turn to technology to fix underlying problems. But the smartest business leaders know a company is only as strong as its strategies. Building that strategic foundation for sales, marketing, and service teams is where our sweet spot lies.

Q&A Time: Business strategy

Business strategy consulting answers that advise for meaningful impact.

Using the technology you have, whether it’s Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, Engagement, Personalization, or a customer data platform, we can use the features to craft personalized engagements across your channels for an end-to-end customized journey.

Using reporting and analytics to track touchpoints throughout the funnel, we can identify common journeys and trends that lead to customer conversion.

The CRM can serve as your one source of truth, but we understand that not all of your systems may be integrated to share data. We can design a data management process to help your team get access to real-time reports to make well-informed decisions.

When your business is growing, you may need to migrate whole teams, content hubs, and processes onto your current systems. We can help you think through the best way to do this and get your team up and running efficiently.

TSI increases their responsiveness by 35%

TSI Incorporated, an industry leader in engineering and manufacturing measurement instruments, partnered with Sercante to streamline their lead management process and increased their responsiveness to better serve prospects and customers by 35%.

Common business strategy services

Strategic consulting that grows with your business.

Sales & marketing alignment

Respond to the right people at the right time.

Customer journey mapping

Create seamless digital experiences.

Campaign strategy

Launch campaign journeys that are aligned to your goals.

Data architecture

Achieve a unified view of your data.

Reporting structure

Make well-informed decisions from accurate reports.


Delight your customers with tailored engagements.


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