Salesforce Managed Services

Get extra hands to keep things moving forward without increasing your staff size.

Grinding daily to drive value for the long haul

One of the big ‘gotchas’ that keeps teams from moving forward with new operations strategies is the need for people with niche skillsets. Sure, you can get a consultant to implement a tool for you. But do you have people on staff who can run it every day and be proactive providing strategic insight? If the answer is no, then managed services can fill that gap for your team.

Managing day-to-day

system operations

It’s the best of both worlds. The right Salesforce managed services partner has your back when it comes to new features, what to look out for in upcoming releases, and strategic guidance. We’ll build a roadmap together based on your priorities and a backlog of items that may be under your radar.

Managed services process

The main thing you’ll notice after working with us is that we take the time to get to the bottom of exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. And then you start to see that we’ve been through this before. You’ll have the opportunity to build on the things we’ve done to delight our past clients while challenging our team of experts to go even further.





Q&A Time: Salesforce managed services

You’re probably wondering these things. So here you go.

You can pick a billing method that works for you. Choose a retainer to get extra hands in monthly hour increments. Or get a support block that’s good for one year after the signing date for more flexibility.

Heck no. And that’s the best part. Use your retainer or support block to get access to our entire team of Salesforce and operations strategy rockstars.

You can always revisit the partnership when renewal time comes, and we give you quarterly business reviews so you always have a pulse on the value of the partnership.

INSURICA delivers personalization with modernized processes

INSURICA partnered with Sercante to develop a custom sales planning tool, migrate their acquired business units onto Salesforce, and advance their segmentation in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. As a result, the team was able to build engagements tailored to each customer, such as their Motor Carrier Health Report, winning them Best in Show at the 2022 MarDreamies.

Our managed services sweet spots

Extend your team with that special sauce, so you create seamless digital experiences with lasting impact.

Daily monitoring and administration

Checking the pulse when you’re on other things

Customization & integration development

Connecting all the processes, no matter what

Ongoing platform optimization

Maintaining the upward current at all times

User & permission management

Granting access and keeping orgs tidy

Proactive release management

Staying ahead of platform enhancements

Security & compliance auditing

Covering your backs and keeping data safe

Deciding if it’s time to bring in an analytics partner

Our managed services can span across your business for end-to-end funnel experiences and even help you with reporting on everything to visualize the results. Wondering if it’s time to bring in a partner for your analytics? Check out this blog post from Cara Clanton Pope, our CRM Analytics program manager, to find out.