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When you're brainstorming your goals, tackling challenges, and figuring out your next move, you want someone in your corner who really gets it. That’s where we come in — we listen to everyone involved, sketch out a solid plan, and make sure it's locked down tight for your business. Whether you're a startup or a big-time player, we've got the architecture acumen to design and build solutions that'll streamline your digital game.

Breathe easy with reliable and secure design & architecture

Our ultimate goal as Salesforce architects and designers is to create and build tailored and scalable solutions that elevate you and your team, providing the best digital experiences for you and your customers.

Our approach to design and architecture

You may be having difficulty finding the next best steps in your path with a complex set of technology systems and multiple stakeholders to consider. Share where you are in your journey with us and we’ll listen to understand your current state, dream of the possibilities together, and then architect a solution that makes your vision a reality.

Below is an outline of our approach which aligns with Salesforce’s Well-Architected Framework to build you a solution that is “trusted, easy, and adaptable.”





Q&A Time: Design & Architecture

Do any of these questions look familiar? You’re in good company. As Salesforce architects, we’ve heard these questions asked many times. These are our findings after working with thousands of organizations and experiencing these situations during our time spent working on the client side.

Migrating and consolidating data can be complex. Partner with us and we will listen to understand your company goals and processes, the objectives, and design a migration plan that aligns all teams without any interruption to the business.

Your team’s time is very valuable and should not be taken up by repetitive and mundane tasks. Allow us to architect automated solutions that free up your team’s time, so the main focus can be driving revenue and serving your customers.

Integrating all your technology systems and data sources into a single complete customer view is powerful, but needs to be done with care and the right strategy. Bring your goals to our experts and we will design an integrated solution that gives you a complete view of your customers to better inform decision-making and optimize your digital experiences.

Harmonizing data across all your technologies can seem overwhelming especially when you are trying to follow secure data practices and control who has access. Share your challenges with us and we can partner alongside you to create a data strategy and a data governance process that is reliable, secure, and scalable.

Our marketing experts can help assist with campaign and UTM data tracking to capture each touchpoint of the customer journey, so you know which channels are driving the most leads.

A story of increasing responsiveness by 35%

TSI partnered with Sercante to streamline their lead management process. After optimizing the inquiry routing process with their CRM and SAP systems and designing a completely new sales user experience, the team increased their responsiveness to better serve prospects and customers by 35%.

Salesforce architect and design services

As your business changes, our design and architecture services expand to meet your needs.

Data centralization

Establish a single source of truth across your business.

Customer 360 view

Achieve a unified view of your customer data.

Automated solutions

Maximize your team’s time for greater impact.

Reporting process

Get access to the data you need.

CRM overhaul

Optimize your system to better suit your business.

Lead & account management

Serve customers better with streamlined processes.


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