Custom Integrations

Connect all the things with Salesforce integration services and let the impactful experiences flow like water.

Salesforce API integrations that bridge system gaps

One major challenge teams run into when rolling out new processes is the moment they realize there's no built-in way to link new tools with old-school systems. Or sometimes they’re all set to sign on with a third-party vendor only to find that a native integration with Salesforce doesn’t exist (yet).

We’ve seen it a ton of times. We’ll take you where you need to go with our Salesforce integration services.

Salesforce integration services

Get the dream team on it when you need custom integrations or want Salesforce APIs to do ninja-level data backflips. Our Salesforce API integrations are so smooth that even Salesforce taps our team for help with their API integrations. You’ll stay focused to keep going while we handle integrations with enterprise resource systems, systems of record, e-commerce applications, event and ticketing tools, marketing tools, and niche third-party specialties.

Salesforce API and custom integration process

The main thing you’ll notice after working with us is that we take the time to get to the bottom of exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. And then you start to see that we’ve been through this before. You’ll have the opportunity to build on the things we’ve done to delight our past clients while challenging our team experts to go even further.





Q&A Time: Custom integrations

You’re probably wondering these things. So here you go.

That’s totally up to you. Have us build it so you can run with it, or we can create an engagement plan that includes ongoing maintenance and updates.

Yeppers. We have a special love for building integrations for our product partners, and we’re an official Salesforce product developer outsourcer (PDO).

Of course. We’ll navigate through your security and compliance musts so you can be sure sensitive information stays within the impenetrable walls of your org.

You’ll get everything you need to understand the inner workings of the integration solution we build for you as well as hands-on training for your team.

A story of increasing responsiveness by 35%

TSI partnered with Sercante to streamline their lead management process. After optimizing the inquiry routing process with their CRM and SAP systems and designing a completely new sales user experience, the team increased their responsiveness to better serve prospects and customers by 35%.

Our custom integrations sweet spots

Doing what we do best.

Native platform integrations

Connecting Salesforce and other native applications

AppExchange listing navigation

Expanding market reach without all the in-house legwork

iPaaS strategies

Harnessing integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solutions like Zapier

Integration ideation & design

Bringing connectivity visions to life and beyond

Custom coding

Tailoring integrations through code solutions

Legacy system integrations

Building paths to sync data between Salesforce and niche systems

Custom integrations that lead to personalization perfection

Read about how our customer, Zoopla, won the Personalization Perfection award for the 2022 MarDreamies after integrating their upgrade portal with the Salesforce API to send custom information to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement to power their tailored journeys.