Our Story

Seeking what’s possible

From boutique shop to global partner.

\Ser • can • te\

[Sər-cän-te] noun
  1. Serĉante is an Esperanto word that means ‘seeking.’ That’s what our clients do.
    They’re looking for a better way forward. One that makes sense for everyone
    involved while they look toward what’s next.

The story goes​

Ancient Salesforce mythology says the Pardot name came from simple beginnings. Co-founders Adam Blitzer and David Cummings sat down with Google Translate and plugged in the phrase “to market” in every language until they found one they liked and that had an available domain. They landed on Pardot, which is Latvian.

Googling relentlessly until you find inspiration? Now that’s a creative process we can get behind.

Our founder, Andrea Tarrell, was negotiating the terms of her first big project, which was a Pardot project, late on a Friday afternoon. After coming to an agreement, they said: “Okay great. Please give us your EIN and LLC name by the end of the day.” Andrea stopped in her tracks. She needed to name this new venture — and fast.

That’s when the espresso-infused Googling began. She followed Blitzer and Cummings’ lead and plugged a word into Google Translate. The word she chose was ‘seeking.’

The reason why seeking fit the bill: there are so many companies who buy technology and feel stuck. They see the vision of what marketing automation can do for their business, and they’ve fallen in love with a different version of their future.

But the distance between “what is” to “what could be” seems enormous. Companies come to Sercante searching for a way to bridge that gap.

The first translation for “seeking” with that stickiness… that je ne sais quois… that roll off your tongue thing… was in Esperanto. And that’s why we’re Sercante.

TLDR: Sercante means seeking in Esperanto.

These values guide our team


Sharing means we all grow, and believing in abundance is a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Boldly going where nobody has been — it’s a walk in the park to us.

Relentless zeal

Expect smiling faces ready to lead all those Monday morning meetings.

Simplifying complexity

Simple doesn’t mean easy. It means we find the clearest path every time.

Extreme ownership

The ball is always in our court — even when it’s not.

A force to reckon with in the Salesforce arena

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The Sercante journey:
A constant evolution

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Finding our voice

First full-time employees join Sercante


Forming our team

Andrea Tarrell dreams up Sercante

The Spot for Pardot is born