Salesforce Consulting

For Nonprofits & Higher Education

Build strategic foundations to elevate your nonprofit's or educational institution's impact.

Digital strategies leading to radical outcomes for nonprofits on Salesforce

Having a strategic Salesforce consulting partner is a huge advantage for any nonprofit. You're driven by passion, but need technology that empowers, not hinders. That's where we come in. We're not just Salesforce consultants — we're strategic partners committed to your success. We believe in building a solid foundation first, aligning your goals with a data-driven strategy before recommending the perfect Salesforce tools. This ensures seamless digital experiences that deliver meaningful outcomes.

Nonprofit Salesforce Implementation or Migration

Your organization is making the decision to implement Salesforce and want experts who can set it up right the first time and train your team. We’ve got your back.

Measuring Effectiveness and Campaign Reporting

Every team needs to measure their results. We’ll show the impact of your efforts no matter the tools you’re working with.

Taking Your Strategies to the Next Level

Your organization is trusting you to make the right decisions and get the most value out of your investments. We’ll set you up for success now and in the future.

Salesforce tools for nonprofits and education

Strategic Salesforce consulting that grows with your organization or institution

Marketing Cloud

Automate with Marketing Cloud Engagement & Account Engagement.

Nonprofit Success Pack

Use a data model built for fundraising and program management.

Nonprofit & Education Clouds

Work in a system tailor-made to help you reach your goals.

Data Cloud

Achieve a unified view of your data across your organization.

Salesforce Analytics

Make well-informed decisions from accurate reports.

Salesforce CRM

Ensure timely, accurate, and personal engagements every time.

Big-picture Salesforce consulting nonprofits can trust

Changing the way your team operates can have a domino effect across the entire organization. That’s because you have about a million moving parts in your organization. Teams collaborate on day-to-day tasks. Divisions pass information between them to give volunteers, donors, students, or other stakeholders what they need when they need it. And leadership drives growth goals by always looking ahead. 

With a team of strategic advisors who work across all divisions of your nonprofit or educational institution, from marketing, fundraising, or recruitment to operations, IT, and finance, you can get ahead of those initiatives and understand who to bring in and when to take action.

Our sweet spots with Salesforce consulting for nonprofits and higher education

All of our engagements go exactly like this: we listen, we plan, and we do. Whether it’s implementing your reporting solution, building customized Salesforce reports and dashboards, or training your team, we listen to your objectives, create a plan for how to accomplish them, and then we get it done, all while serving as your strategic guide along the way.

Implementation & Migration

Get set up for success and the foundation for growth.


Be enabled to navigate and manage your technology systems like a pro.


Connect your systems to seamlessly manage operations.

Account Audit

Understand your current system setup and discover quick wins to maximize your insights.

Managed Services

Get day-to-day done without adding team headcount.

Creative & Marketing Services

Use our experts to develop marketing strategies and supporting assets.

Auditing & training Georgia Symphony Orchestra for nonprofit impact

Georgia Symphony Orchestra (GSO) wanted to optimize their Salesforce capabilities, ensuring reliable data for reporting, campaign initiatives, and business development. Facing challenges due to limited resources and lack of in-house expertise, GSO sought help to harness the full potential of their Nonprofit Success Pack investment.

Q&A Time: Nonprofit & education edition

You may be wondering these things, so here you go.

Using the technology you have, whether it’s Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, Engagement, Personalization, or a customer data platform, we can use the features to craft personalized engagements across your channels for an end-to-end customized journey.

Using reporting and analytics to track touchpoints throughout the funnel, we can identify common journeys and trends that lead to customer conversion.

The CRM can serve as your one source of truth, but we understand that not all of your systems may be integrated to share data. We can design a data management process to help your team get access to real-time reports to make well-informed decisions.

Using benchmarks to understand the state of your technology systems can help with monitoring progress and setting goals. If a type of report like this is something you are interested in, we can provide this additionally after aligning with which metrics matter to you the most.


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