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Maximize your investment and reach your goals with a Salesforce health check.

Build a roadmap with our strategic account audits

Over time, your system gets cluttered as new users join and data builds up. Important settings and tools that were set up correctly can become disorganized. Or, maybe you were off to a rocky start after implementation, and now you’re feeling it. A Salesforce account audit is a health check that pinpoints all the red flags.

Whether you want to check if you're using the platform to the best of its ability or you inherited the system and want to know its current state, an audit is the key to realizing the full potential of your technology investment. An account audit will set you up with a road map of strategic initiatives and quick wins you can focus on to meet your business targets.

The perfect first step before making major changes

You’ll get stability and security for your org over the long run when we go behind the scenes and compare your setup to our Salesforce audit checklists. During an account audit, we’ll peak inside your org to spot issues so you’re set up to make the most of your technology. It’s a crucial part of any new process or tool implementation.

Account audits process

The main thing you’ll notice after working with us is that we take the time to get to the bottom of exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. Experience an audit that takes a holistic approach connecting your goals to the technical configuration of the technology. The end result is a road map of strategic initiatives and quick wins that can be done to maximize your system’s functionality for what you want to achieve.




Road Map

Q&A Time: Account audits

You’re probably wondering these things about Salesforce health checks.

So here you go.

Yes. Using an account template as a base of comparison, we will take note of whether your org is set up using Salesforce and industry standards. We’ll share that checklist with you after the account audit. 

Absolutely. Think of the audit as popping the hood on your car with an expert who can evaluate its setup from a technical and strategic perspective to share what’s going well and what could use some attention for lasting impact.

Using benchmarks to understand the state of your marketing automation can help with monitoring progress and setting goals. If a type of report like this is something you are interested in, we can provide this additionally after aligning with which metrics matter to you the most.

You bet. At the end of the audit, you’ll get a road map of quick wins to focus on for short-term impact with the platform and more long-term strategic initiatives to work on to accomplish your objectives. Our team can then collaborate with you to provide the best level of support to help you on the path to continued optimization.

Customer Case Story

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Our account audit sweet spots

Maximizing the impact of the multi-cloud Salesforce platform through strategic account audits

Sales Cloud audit

Maintaining a healthy CRM foundation

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement audit

Setting up marketers to create seamless digital experiences

Marketing Cloud Engagement audit

Optimizing for meaningful customer journeys

Marketing Cloud Intelligence audit

Driving the right data connections to visualize impact

Campaign data audit

Ensuring accurate campaign measurement to make informed decisions

Data Cloud implementation audit

Doing things right the first time

Why you should get a Marketing Cloud Intelligence audit

If you have technologies on the Salesforce platform we can audit them, which yes, this includes Marketing Cloud Intelligence. Wondering why you might need an audit for this platform? Find out from our Marketing Analytics Program Manager, Aaron Stayman, with this blog post.