Join the Sercante Team!

Sercante’s mission is to make marketers successful on the Salesforce platform.  This usually includes (but is not limited to):

  • Pardot implementations & managed services
  • Advanced process integration with Salesforce and 3rd party platforms that add value to the marketing/sales tech stack
  • Campaign strategy & ideation
  • Personalization & segmentation strategy
  • Design & development of emails, landing pages, and other assets
  • Reporting & analytics on every marketing touchpoint that contributes to a sale
  • Training, education & documentation

We’re on a mission to grow. The most important ingredient in that is awesome people. We want the best of the best talent in the ecosystem. So, if you’re a Pardot pro who’s looking for a career shakeup… We’d love to chat.

Open Positions

Interested in joining the team, but not quite feeling those roles?

While we’re specifically seeking people for those seats on the bus, we are also non-specifically hunting for awesome people anywhere we come across them. So… let’s talk.

If you think there would be a mutually beneficial opportunity to connect, please reach out to us at [email protected].