Our Work Case Studies

Every team has a story to tell. Here's how we create seamless digital experiences for meaningful outcomes.

Stories of real impact

From marketing strategy to Salesforce implementations and everything in between, get inspiration from these clients who bring us their biggest challenges and always come out on top.

Case Studies

  • Georgia Symphony Orchestra – Auditing & training for nonprofit impact

    Discover how we partnered with the Georgia Symphony Orchestra (GSO) to optimize their Salesforce capabilities, ensuring reliable data for reporting, campaign initiatives, and business development. Facing challenges due to limited resources and lack of in-house expertise, GSO sought help to harness the full potential of their Nonprofit Success Pack org. Sercante empowered GSO to use Salesforce as their single source of truth through a comprehensive audit and tailored training.

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  • INSURICA – Modernizing insurance experiences

    Embark on INSURICA's journey of digital transformation with Sercante, leading to personalized client experiences and streamlined operations. As the 29th-largest privately held insurance agency in the U.S., INSURICA sought to modernize its sales and marketing management, faced with disparate systems and complex data visibility issues. Together, Sercante and INSURICA overcame these challenges by establishing a unified CRM, custom sales planning tool, and advanced segmentation capabilities.

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  • The Home Depot – Unifying sales in retail

    The Home Depot's Retail Media+ division collaborated with Sercante to optimize their Salesforce platform and unlock untapped revenue streams. Facing the challenge of underutilized Salesforce features and disconnected sales processes, the teams worked together to configure existing tools for a unified sales process. The Home Depot saw remarkable results through strategic customization and implementation of powerful Sales Cloud features, such as Opportunity Path, Activity Management, and Account Teams.

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  • Veterans Guardian – Delivering personalized veteran journeys

    Veterans Guardian partnered with Sercante to elevate customer experiences through Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization. Seeking to prioritize personalized experiences for veterans navigating VA benefits, Veterans Guardian faced the challenge of integrating Personalization into their website redesign quickly. Together, they implemented Personalization, revamped Marketing Cloud journeys, and optimized communication processes.

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  • Houseful – Increasing efficiency in real estate

    Houseful, a leader in residential property software, partnered with Sercante to launch a self-service product selection journey, revolutionizing customer experiences for recurring developer clients. Faced with the challenge of streamlining customer journeys and reducing Account Management team workload, Houseful sought a scalable solution. Through Sercante's expertise and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement's Engagement Studio, they crafted automated journeys guiding customers through product selection seamlessly.

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  • TSI Incorporated – Optimizing lead management in manufacturing

    TSI Incorporated, a leader in engineering and manufacturing measurement instruments, partnered with Sercante to optimize their lead management process. Facing the challenge of enhancing visibility into their pipeline and streamlining lead management, TSI turned to Sercante based on their previous successful collaborations. Together, we built a new sales user experience, revamped territory assignment and lead routing, and created a customized conversion process.

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