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Houseful, an industry leader in residential property software, partnered with Sercante to launch a self-service product selection journey for their recurring developer customers to maximize the time of their Account Management team and deliver a seamless customer experience.


Houseful wanted to create a self-service journey to better serve recurring customers at scale.

Houseful, a UK-based leader in the residential property software industry, provides data and insight for developers, property owners, and those searching for their next home. Owning and operating many well-established brands, including Zoopla, Hometrack, Prime Location, Mojo Mortgages, Alto, and Calcasa, they create the connections for better property decisions. 

The Houseful team discovered that their recurring developer customers, who build new homes, would often use the same set of products each time they wanted to list and promote their latest property listing. 

  • Overseeing the success of these repeated customer journeys took a great deal of time from the Account Management team and Houseful wondered if there was another way they could continue to provide an exceptional customer experience, but have it require less time from their team for a more scalable process. 
  • They decided to explore the idea of creating a self-service journey that could take these recurring customers through the product selection process and uphold an excellent customer experience.
The Partnership

Jason Gregory, Senior Marketing Manager at Houseful was introduced to Sercante and felt that they understood the business and was genuinely invested in their success.

Zoopla, one of Houseful’s brands, had already worked with Sercante to create an automated journey to drive user adoption for a software upgrade for their clients and internal teams.

  • Jason Gregory, Senior Marketing Manager at Houseful, was introduced to Sercante and shared how they wanted to develop a way to provide a self-service journey for their recurring customers. He felt that Sercante understood their business and was genuinely invested in their success.

“It’s wonderful knowing that we have Sercante on-hand to help us navigate the complexities of our business and come up with the right solutions to better understand our customers and prospects.” – Jason Gregory, Senior Marketing Manager, Houseful

Client feedback

“Sercante feels like an additional member of the team. Their reliable and trustworthy expertise is so valuable and they have put in the time and effort to understand our business and the challenges that we face. We have a really great working relationship.”

Jason Gregory


Using Marketing Cloud Account Engagement’s Engagement Studio they built a series of automations to guide customers through the selection process.

Building an Automated Self-Service Journey

Sercante and the Houseful team along with Houseful’s other third-party vendors, partnered together to design and configure the self-service journey. 

  • Using Marketing Cloud Account Engagement’s Engagement Studio, they built a series of emails and automations to guide customers to the self-service portal, and then help them independently find the right mix of products to list and promote their property.

Creating Abandoned Cart Automated Follow Up

To close the loop and continue to guide customers through the selection process, Sercante and Houseful collaborated to set up abandoned cart journeys with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

  • They configured segmentations that would trigger email follow ups for customers who had added products to their cart, but did not complete the selection process. 
  • The other audience segment was for customers who had put products in their cart, but did not complete the selection process and their quote was due to expire. 
  • The automations were crafted to ensure the right message was delivered to the right person at the right time, and tailored to their specific product selection journey.

“Having an expert like the Sercante team there to guide us and think through the strategy holistically, so that we could build these complex automations was very helpful and effective.” – Jason Gregory

The Result

Houseful launched a seamless self-serve customer journey program providing a scalable personalized process that guides recurring customers through listing and promoting their latest developments.

Houseful launched the self-service customer journey program using the structure configured with Salesforce and Account Engagement. 

  • From these efforts, they have been able to free up the time of their Account Management team, so they can continue to focus on high-impact initiatives and provide excellent customer experiences. 
  • At the same time, Houseful’s repeat customers can be guided through a seamless self-serve experience when listing and promoting their latest developments.

The Partnership Continues

The collaboration continues between Sercante and Houseful as the team desires to advance their visibility of how customers are engaging with each marketing touchpoint and better understand how this translates into business impact. 

  • Houseful is working with Sercante to build out custom B2B Marketing Analytics dashboards that will help them to better understand the different areas of their business and how their overall customer base engagement is trending month over month. 

“I know it’s going to be super valuable”, Jason Gregory added, “because it is going to help us get really close to better understanding exactly what engagement with content and email marketing looks like and then we’ll be able to identify where there are opportunities.”

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