Implementations & Migrations

When you do things right the first time, everything falls into place seamlessly.

Magic happens beyond the initial setup

You’ve decided to lock in with your tech stack because you know how powerful these platforms can be. We commend you on the smart moves you made with your decisions. But do you know how to get this technology to sing? You need the strategy planning, configuration, and adoption support so you can realize the full potential. That’s where we come in.

Set the stage

for success

Sync errors, questionable reporting metrics, tools that sit untouched. You name it, and we’ve fixed it. But things don’t have to go down like that. Instead, you can work with multi-cloud Salesforce implementation partners who know how to make the most of your investments from the start.

Predicting the implementation dominoes

Anyone can come in and migrate your system using the one-size-fits-all bag of tricks. But we take it further. Clients bring us implementation projects all the time. We’ve learned through those experiences and can see around corners. That helps us to proactively plan for issues that would otherwise become stumbling blocks later in the project. We top it off with our proven methods for requirements gathering, design, and implementation.

Implementation & migration process

Pick from our quick-start packages as well as custom projects depending on your unique Salesforce implementation or migration service needs. Each project starts with a business process review so we can be sure we’re on target for your organization’s goals. You’ll also get a data, asset, and workflow migration plan. Finally, we’ll equip your team through training so we can pass the torch to steady hands, and we’ll create a future state roadmap together to get ahead of what’s next.





Q&A Time: Implementation & migration

You’re probably wondering these things. So here you go.

This answer depends on how much data and how many assets we need to migrate over. We’ll tailor the timeline to provide a smooth transition without interruptions to your business.

Yes, your team can be as involved as much or as little as you would like. You’ll get training and instructions with our experts as your guide to execute steps successfully. Or you can take a hands-off approach by letting us do the heavy lifting.

You got it. Put our engineers on the case to see if integrations already exist or to determine if you need us to build you something custom.

You may not have the bandwidth on your team to continue platform administration, maintenance, and strategic road mapping after implementation. We’ll work with you to choose the right amount of support so you realize lasting success.

Customer Case Story

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Our implementation & migration sweet spots

Tap into multi-cloud expertise to set up your systems and train your team for success.

Salesforce implementation

Build the CRM foundation.

Automation migrations

Bring legacy workflows into the present.

Marketing Cloud implementation

Stand up shiny new marketing orgs.

Analytics implementation

Get more out of your reporting.

Account Engagement migration

Migrate business units or slide in from another platform.

Personalization implementation

Tap into real-time engagement tools.

Personalization implementation tips

Explore use cases and prepare for Marketing Cloud Personalization success with these tips from Sarah Smith on The Spot blog.