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TSI Incorporated, an industry leader in engineering and manufacturing measurement instruments, partnered with Sercante to streamline their lead management process and increased their responsiveness to better serve prospects and customers by 35%.


TSI desired better visibility into their pipeline and a streamlined lead management process.

Serving a global market, TSI Incorporated engineers and manufactures measurement instruments to help make the job easier for aerosol science, and evaluating air flow, indoor air quality, fluid dynamics, and biohazard detection.

Being founded in 1961, with headquarters based in the U.S. and field offices across Europe and Asia, TSI has grown as a large organization and established a worldwide presence in the markets they serve. It became time for the team to make sure that their internal processes were optimized for growth to serve their global customer base.

  • The TSI team desired insight into their sales process and the deals that were in the pipeline. 
  • They also wanted to make sure that their lead handover process was streamlined, so that qualified leads could be routed to the right salesperson quickly, for a timely response to prospects, and to prevent deals from falling through the cracks. 
  • However, any changes that needed to be made had to be a simplified and concise process, so Sales could continue to operate with efficiency and get leadership the insights they needed.
The Partnership

Having had a great experience with Sercante on previous projects, they decided to partner with them again.

TSI had worked with Sercante on several other projects in their Marketing Cloud Account Engagement platform, and had such a great experience, that they decided to partner with the team to optimize their lead management process.

“We had done several projects with Sercante in Account Engagement and had such a great experience, we preferred to work with them over other consultants.” – Ross Wieber, Lead Business Analyst, TSI Incorporated

Client feedback

“Sercante delivered results above and beyond our expectations. Their team has valuable expertise in all things Salesforce ecosystem. Their communication is clear and reliable, and they truly care about their projects. We will definitely be continuing our relationship!”

The TSI Incorporated Team


The team built a completely new sales user experience.

Meghan Ferrie, Salesforce Administrator, and Ross Wieber Lead Business Analyst at TSI, partnered alongside the Sercante team to build a completely new sales user experience. 

  • Their custom ‘Sales Inquiries’ object which is what sales was using to take action on product inquiries, was reconfigured to provide a single interface to track the next step when interest is expressed in one of their products. 
  • Utilizing Salesforce Flows to execute the automations needed to handle inquiry and processing all triggered from a Marketing Cloud Account Engagement form submission. 

Enhancing territory assignment and lead routing

TSI’s SAP system contained their territory assignment and routing rules. The team needed to turn to this aspect of the project next to advance the lead handover process. 

  • They worked together to design and refactor all the automations that were happening between their SAP system and Salesforce that handled the sales inquiry creation and processing. 
  • This included querying the SAP system for territory assignment and routing the lead to the correct sales team member.

Creating a customized conversion process

The team then focused on creating a customized conversion process that handles whether the inquiry is related to a new or existing prospect or customer, including duplicate handling, custom actions, and record updates in Salesforce that ties the inquiry directly to the Sales process. 

  • The existing background processes were also overhauled and replaced with a more streamlined, reliable and scalable process.

Lastly, the sales team needed to be able to report on their inquiry process to track deals entering the pipeline. 

  • Sercante along with Ferrie and Wieber partnered to create Salesforce Reports and Dashboards to track more than 30 KPIs.
The Result

TSI increased their ability to act on the right inquiries at the right time, providing a better experience for prospects and customers.

As a result of refactoring and redesigning the automations between the SAP system and Salesforce and creating a streamlined sales user interface with the Sales Inquiry object, Sales’ ability to act on the right leads at the right time increased by 35%! 

  • The team had an optimized process for their sales team to respond to inquiries faster to better serve their prospects and customers. 
  • From their work on the reporting side, the sales team and TSI’s leadership gained visibility into their sales process and pipeline that they never had before.
  • Now the sales team can act on inquiries and track deals more effectively to overall provide a better experience for their prospects and customers.

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