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INSURICA, the 29th-largest privately held insurance agency in the country, partnered with Sercante to digitally transform their sales and marketing operations and create customized client experiences that aligned to their specialized offerings.


INSURICA desired a modernized internal sales and marketing management solution

As INSURICA has grown significantly through acquisitions and expanding service offerings to their clients, they desired a modernized internal sales and marketing management solution that would also reflect this level of growth and be aligned with their unique business processes.

  • Multiple divisions were using their own sales and data management process and software, along with their own operational structure.
  • Masses of data were spread across disparate systems which made visibility across the business complex.
  • They were using Salesforce as their CRM and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement for their marketing automation solution, but they did not have the structure in place to fully leverage the software.
The Partnership

Andy Paden, VP of Marketing at INSURICA, met with Sercante and was impressed by their dedication to understand the business.

Jeff Nickles, Vice President of Innovation and Data at INSURICA, discovered Sercante and shared the firm’s capabilities with Andy Paden, Vice President of Marketing at INSURICA.

  • Nickles and Paden decided to move forward with the partnership to help them take their operations to the next level.

Client feedback

“Sercante’s value to us is rooted in their investment of time and energy to get to know us. To know and understand the nuances of our value proposition and our sales process. This has been the ‘magic’ of the relationship.”

Andy Paden


The team established a unified CRM and leveled up their segmentation.

To digitally transform their sales and marketing operations, the teams took a three-tiered approach of building a custom sales planning tool, migrating and centralizing data, and advancing their configuration with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.

  • Developed a custom sales planning tool tailored to INSURICA’s sales outreach and provided training to empower the team for successful adoption.
  • For the divisions using a different CRM, Sercante performed a CRM migration for these business units to Salesforce for a unified single source of truth.
  • Configured Marketing Cloud Account Engagement with a master form solution, so the marketing team could easily segment their audience across industries, services, and locations.
  • The teams also partnered on campaign strategy and planning along with integrating third-party tools to create personalized newsletters by industry and branch.
The Result

INSURICA advances their customer experiences with personalized engagements.

Because of the agency’s partnership with Sercante, INSURICA modernized their sales and marketing processes and now have operational frameworks aligned to their unique business needs.

  • INSURICA achieved a unified CRM database for visibility across the enterprise.
  • The digital transformation allowed them to create new personalized innovations for clients.
  • Building their Motor Carrier Health Report and their customized Performance Plan, they advanced their customer experiences to be tailored to each individual, which aligned more with their specialized offerings.

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