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Veterans Guardian partnered with Sercante for a Marketing Cloud Personalization implementation and to revamp their customer journey segmentation to create customized experiences that delivered the right message, to the right person, at the right time.


Veterans Guardian wanted their website to reflect their priority of providing seamless personalized experiences.

Veterans Guardian, a private consulting company partnering with veterans to help them attain the VA benefits they have earned, was experiencing a period of growth and wanted to prioritize advancing the way they provide personalized experiences.

  • Always desiring to give veterans the best experience with their process, the Veterans Guardian team places a high importance on personalization and wanted their website experience to reflect this. 
  • They had implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud and wanted to install Personalization (formerly Interaction Studio) to their website to create customized experiences that also coincided with their customer journey. 
  • Veterans Guardian was also going through a website redesign at the time and needed to get up and running quickly.
The Partnership

A peer of Joanna Murphy, Marketing Director at Veterans Guardian, recommended Sercante.

Joanna Murphy, Marketing Director at Veterans Guardian, sought out to work with a partner who could help them with this project as she knew their team did not have the bandwidth to achieve their goal in the amount of time they needed.

  • One of Joanna’s peers recommended Sercante for the project, and Joanna reached out to learn more. After meeting with the team, she decided to move forward.

Client feedback

“With this Personalization project, we can tailor messaging on our website to each stage of the customer journey. Customer experience is paramount for us and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization allows us to enhance it by providing the right message at the right time to the right audience. This implementation has also given us a competitive edge. In these early stages we are sure our personalized homepage banner will notably increase engagement and drive higher conversions — it’s been a game-changer for us!”

Joanna Murphy
Veterans Guardian


The team implemented Marketing Cloud Personalization

Sercante, Joanna, and the Veterans Guardian marketing and development teams partnered together to implement  Personalization on their current website at the time and then began preparations for implementing the tool into the new website. 

  • Through the installation, Sercante provided their expertise and training to the Veterans Guardian team to help them better understand the technology and how it fit into their overall strategy.
  • The team set up initial Personalization web campaigns on the current site (at the time) along with reporting and tracking mechanisms, so they could understand the campaign results and apply what they learned to optimize their campaigns for the new site.

“It introduced a data-driven, customer-centric strategy that proactively customizes our website interactions, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction.” – Joanna Murphy, Marketing Director, Veterans Guardian

As Veterans Guardian wanted to carry their personalization advancements through the rest of the customer experience, their collaborations with Sercante spanned into other projects. 

  • The two teamed up to revamp their Marketing Cloud journeys. 
  • They collaborated to make personalization enhancements and advanced automation processes to their key customer journeys to optimize the communication process.
The Result

Veterans are taken through seamless engagements personalized to their needs, no matter where they are in their process.

With the implementation of Personalization and the revamp of their Marketing Cloud journeys, Veterans Guardian has advanced their customer experience.

“SFMC Personalization sets us apart from the competition, we are able to give all website visitors an awesome and relevant experience…every single time, no matter where they are in their journey.” – Joanna Murphy

  • Having elevated their communication efforts at the first stage of the journey on the website and throughout the subsequent stages with their Marketing Cloud journeys, Veterans Guardian has experienced improved engagement. 
  • After the revamped Marketing Cloud Journey segmentation, their Open Rate increased by 30.84%, and Unique Clicks increased by 38.15%.

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