Sercante Completes Salesforce Accelerate Build Incubator Program
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January 27, 2020

Sercante Completes Salesforce Accelerate Build Incubator Program

Last week marked the end of the Accelerate Build program, and looking back it has been quite the journey. We not only learned a bunch about building apps with Salesforce, we also learned a lot about how to work with various teams in Salesforce.  We’re really grateful to Salesforce and the AppExchange team (particularly Mike KreadenEmilie Jessula, and Hana Mandapat) for the opportunity to participate in this program and look forward to sharing more about our app soon.

A bit more about the Accelerate Build program

The Salesforce Accelerate Build program is an incubator that supports companies from idea to app, fast-tracking their journey to the AppExchange.  Sercante participated in Cohort 7 for North America, along with these other amazing companies:

Starting in October, we had monthly workshops in San Francisco where all 10 companies in the program got together to  do hands on exercises as well as learn from speakers from both within Salesforce and partners in the AppExchange community. In between the monthly workshops, each week there were 2 webinars covering both business and technical topics.

Overall, there was a ton of information and it did feel like it was like drinking from a fire hose (in the best possible way). Luckily all the content was recorded so that we can revisit as needed.

A new product was born

We came into the Accelerate Build program with a product idea in mind, and 50% of the build complete.  In our November workshop, we had a lightbulb moment around a second product idea related to the reporting challenges Marketers face for ROI calculations.  After discussing and evaluating with some of the tools we were introduced to in the program, we decided to make this the first product to pursue.  We submitted the app for Security Review over the winter holidays and we hope to get word on it fairly soon.

A sneak peek: Automated Opportunity Contact Roles

Rather than waiting for sales to add contact roles (spoiler alert: they won’t), our app allows you to automate the process by creating business logic for when to automatically add Contact Roles to Opportunities.

You can set intelligent criteria for when to link targeted Contacts, ensuring your Campaigns finally get the sourced and influenced revenue credit they deserve. No manual data entry for sales, no fuss, and you get the data you need for better reporting.

More to come on this soon…

Want to learn more about Accelerate? 

The Accelerate program is currently recruiting for its next cohort.  Learn more about the program on the FAQs page.

Update: As of February 12, 2024, we have three products live on the AppExchange, including Automated Opportunity Contact Roles which was introduced on February 5, 2020.  Read more about it here.