Sercante Launches Rebrand and New Website
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February 26, 2024

Sercante Launches Rebrand and New Website

After months of hard work and anticipation, we’re over the moon with joy to announce the official rebranding of Sercante and the launch of our new website. This is huge news for our clients and partner companies, including Salesforce. That’s because our rebranding and new website make it super easy to tap into our team’s expertise and ride along with our wave of forward momentum.

Our rebranded mission, the statement that guides us through our day-to-day, is to use Salesforce to create seamless digital experiences with radical impact. Looking toward our long-term goals, our vision is a tech-driven future where real connections thrive

These vision and mission statements are the foundation for our entire rebrand. The whole reason we landed on them is that this is where we’ve been heading for quite some time. Our clients know us for these things already, and our team lives our vision and mission daily. Today, we’re finally acknowledging those principles that guide us through and reflecting on them through our communications.

Sercante VP of Marketing Sarah Kloth Comments on the Rebrand

To explain the inspiration behind the rebrand, Sercante VP of Marketing Sarah Kloth said:

“We have seen so many rapid changes in the tech we use in a few short years — product changes, company shuffles, and the growth of AI, to name a few. The tech continues to evolve faster than ever before, and that’s exciting. Some things are going to get harder for customers as they navigate the changes, but others will get easier as AI technology develops. 

What’s not changing is the need for strategy. That’s why it’s more important than ever for us to be a strategic partner to our customers. Helping them navigate new technologies. Creating the best experience for their clients, no matter the technology. Acting as a true partner and extension to their team. This is why we are committed to focusing on seamless digital experiences and creating radical impact for our customers.” 

Sercante Rebrand: What it means

Let’s back it up and take a closer look at our vision so you can understand how we got there. The trends we’ve seen with our clients have shifted our mindset from primarily marketing-focused, project-based requests to high-impact long-term engagements that involve multiple departments affecting businesses as a whole. As a result, we’ve rebranded all things Sercante to meet our clients where they’re at — using Salesforce to create seamless digital experiences.

Brand attributes that come from our roots

These are the non-negotiable attributes that have always defined our team. We’ve always known that this is who we are as a company. We’re finally acknowledging and defining them to add consistency throughout our communications. 

Our rebrand was centered on these characteristics:

  • Human/Personable / Fun
  • Collaborative / Partners
  • Strategic / Consultative
  • Flexible / Agile / Get it Done Attitude
  • Brains, Heart, and Hustle

As well as our core values:  

  • Extreme ownership
  • Simplifying complexity
  • Wayfinding
  • Generosity
  • Relentless zeal

These North Stars have lit the path for Team Sercante since we launched in 2017. We’ll continue to follow those core values as our company story evolves. 

How we approached our rebrand

When asked about the work that went into the rebrand, Sercante Founder & CEO Andrea Tarrell said: 

“What we found there is our customers value road maps to what’s next, someone to navigate what’s possible, and make that possible a reality. But the second part that we really took time to dive into was thinking about what has gotten us to this point. We didn’t want to run in a totally new direction and lose sight of what brought us here. Instead, we did some self-reflection to determine the non-negotiables of our brand and what we couldn’t forget about. We realized that we’re not just technical, but we’re marketers at heart. And there are certain attributes that define us and will continue to represent us into the future.”

Mission Statement

We use Salesforce to create seamless digital experiences with radical impact

Working with us is frictionless, and that translates through the digital experiences we create through Salesforce consulting. 

We make that happen by looking at the foundations first — the strategies behind the tools. That way, we can identify the past of least resistance before traveling down the wrong roads. 

Through all of our engagements, the people we touch feel positive impact that lasts because we aim to cut friction from digital experiences and fuel positive impact.

Vision Statement

A tech-driven future where real connections thrive

The idea behind our vision is this. Technology changes constantly, but the need for strategy is static. Strategy guides us as we navigate new waves in the technology sphere. With a team focused on forming strategies that are real enough to come true, our vision is to identify the simplest paths forward so we can realize what’s possible.

Implementing all the tools doesn’t equal instant success. It’s the strategic approach and human connection that delivers. Digital is the future and digital strategies are the key component to making IRL experiences better for everyone. 

Brand Pillars

These are the foundational elements that articulate the essence, values, and unique attributes of our brand. They represent the core principles and characteristics we defined after our rebranding research.

Keep it real.

We’re a team of doers. We’ve launched campaigns. Led migrations. Strategized events. And built all the assets. So, we eat this stuff up no matter how complex, specific, or repetitive the requirements. 

We’ve been there and we get it. And we give it to our clients straight ‘cuz we know they always spot the fluff.

Own it.

Automation is hard. Luckily, we’ve been at it for a while. We know how to deliver on our promises. 

Clients don’t always know where they wanna go, but we get things to click for them. We nurture clients’ needs like they’re our own. And we’re always on top of tasks — even when the project is in a different court.

Make it easy.

We totally get how complicated things can be when data flows between systems — especially when there’s legal stuff involved.

We translate those complexities into snackable project bites with labels you can read. And we’re always looking for simpler ways to reach the end goal.

Seek the unknowns.

New methods of doing things fuel us. Unique use cases. Radical integrations. We lean into challenges and set standards in the industry. 

One day we’re pulling our heads together. And the next we’re talking to product managers and testing hunches. No matter what, we find a way.

New Sercante website experience

With that in mind, website visitors are now going to feel delight in the seamless digital experience of our new website (that’s connected to our Salesforce instance, of course). It’s straight to the point, bold and fun, and makes it easier to build real connections for radical impact. 

Key features of the new website

We’ve built an entirely new site from scratch to make it super easy for visitors to get what they need and understand how we can help them. 

Easy-to-navigate service offerings

Our new website has space for all the services we have at Sercante, which includes a few new ones that we didn’t have dedicated space for on our old website. 

A few consulting services highlights you’ll find:

All the contact options

Getting in touch with us is super easy, and we’ve included a few options to get visitors where they’re trying to go. 

  • Contact Us Page – Each page has links to our main contact form, and that form triggers an automated Slack notification so we can get back to you ASAP. Seriously — we’re known for following up at lightning speed.
  • Live Chat Assistant – You’ll also see our live chat pop up in the corner when you visit the site. Use it to schedule time with us so we can talk through whatever you need.
  • Salesforce Training Inquiries – You can sign up and pay for training courses directly on the course pages. 
  • Sercante Labs Apps – It’s easier than ever to use our Sercante Labs tools. Each paid solution includes a form you can use to let us know you’re interested. Our team will reach out to you right away so you can understand the tools and get started quickly.

Streamlined navigation

  • Who We Are – See where we came from, who’s on the team, what makes us tick, and what we’re up to through company news updates.
  • What We Do – Understand the technology platforms our team specializes in and the services we offer for those tools.
  • Our Approach – These are our service specializations and the types of consulting engagements we offer.
  • Our Work – We love reveling in our clients’ successes. Read their stories here.
  • Resources – Sharing what we know so we all grow is our passion. This section includes our Salesforce training courses, (ungated!) webinars, apps we built through Sercante Labs (including FREE ones), and a link to our blog that’s called The Spot.
  • Careers – Get a feel for what it means to be a Sercante dragon and browse open roles.

All-new look, feel, and messaging

We did a bit of exploration to put more definition behind our brand attributes and translate that as new brand colors, imagery, and company messaging. That included getting customer feedback to understand how our clients see us and internal exercises to understand what attributes truly define our team. Then we applied that research to develop our new brand and used that as a guide as we designed each webpage and developed copy for it.

Moving into the future with strategic foundations for radical impact

We’ve evolved quickly since Andrea Tarrell founded Sercante in 2017. Our new brand and website solidify that evolution so we can focus on what matters most for our clients and partners — meaningful outcomes and radical impact. The people who are on our team are forming real strategies, and our vision is to identify the simplest paths forward so we can see what’s possible.

We hope you’ll keep those ideas in mind as you explore our newly designed website and interact with our rebranded content and messaging. Remember, you can always send us a message to explore new possibilities and uncover your path to radical impact.