Prospect Updater


Your automated path to cleaner data

The Prospect Updater app can help you clean, fix, enhance, and enrich Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) prospect data to keep things running smoothly (think: less sync errors). Expand your ability to make smart, automated decisions about your prospects based on more reliable data.

It’s similar to Eloqua’s Contact Washing Machine app, though a lot more powerful. In fact, it’s more like a full Laundromat.

The main features fall into three buckets:

  • Manipulate field data in ways that you can’t with Account Engagement
  • Update data using rules you set up in a simple Google Sheet
  • Clean and enrich data BEFORE it reaches your Form Handlers

Practical ways to clean and enrich Account Engagement data

Sync errors from bad state/country picklist values

Eliminate sync error pain. Start with our list of various state spelling and abbreviations and Prospect Updater will check your database frequently for bad values and replace them automatically!


Remove the SPAM garbage from your org. Prospect Updater can find common SPAM terms and patterns that you identify on a prospect record, so your team can do a quick review and then delete to get rid of the dirty data.

Enrich form handler data

Get the right prospect data to sales faster. Prospect Updater can act as a data-cleaning and enriching layer between your data source and your form handler. Running data through your rules and connecting to your preferred data provider.

Account based marketing

Track inbound leads on target accounts more efficiently. Keep a Google Sheet up to date of your targets and Prospect Updater will automatically flag every matching Prospect with no automation rules involved.