Pardot Postman Collections: Get a quick start playing with the API

Getting started with any API can be intimidating as there is so much to learn and each API is different in its own way. Shorten your ramp-up time with our Postman Collections for Pardot.

This Postman collection helps you get started with exploring the Pardot API.

  1. Import into Postman
  2. Set your Postman Environment up
  3. Get going with requests!

In addition to the Postman collection, you will need to do some Salesforce configuration to be able to make API requests. Take a look at our blog post for setting up Salesforce for exploring the Pardot API with the OAuth 2.0 Username-Password flow. For building production level code though, we highly recommend using the JWT Bearer flow instead.

Need more than a bunch of requests in a tool? We can help you kick start your development efforts so that you can focus on your tool and not have to worry about the intricacies of Pardot.

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