Creuz Your Data


Split values for use in reporting, segmentation & rule criteria

Need values formatted correctly to use in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement dynamic lists or Salesforce report filters? This app is for you!

  • Eliminate hours wasted on formatting data for list rule criteria and report filters.
  • Quickly split data, replacing commas with semicolons and vice versa. 
  • Change country abbreviations to country names with just the click of a button.

Meaningful impact for your team

Save time when creating filters for reports.

Salesforce uses commas to add more than one value to a filter on a report. Use the data manipulation feature in Creuz Your Data app to copy your list of values and quickly split data, and replace semicolons with commas.

Be more efficient when segmenting your audience.

Do you already have a list of values in a Salesforce report and want to copy it to create dynamic list criteria for segmentation in Account Engagement? Switch the commas to semicolons with Creuz Your Data instantly!

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Start using Creuz Your Data

Streamline data manipulation for your daily operations. We recommend using the sample data provided to take it for a test drive, so you can see what is possible with your lists.