Campaign Naming Generator


Make campaign naming conventions a breeze

You know the pain, the Salesforce campaign field has an 80-character limit, but you have so much that you want to include in the campaign name for tracking purposes! The type of asset, the campaign year, the name of the webinar or event it is tied to, the list goes on. So your team creates a campaign naming convention to ensure that the data fits within the character limit, includes all the details you need, and is standardized for reporting.

Your team sets out with the best intentions but then you start to see that a letter or a dash is missing from certain campaign names and some team members started shortening or changed one of the abbreviations and now you are not seeing all the data when filtering by campaign name in a report.

We know the pain, because we have been there too. This is why we said, “No more!” and created the Campaign Naming Generator. 

  • Using the form below, enter your campaign details: year, month, region, type and description.
  • You will then see your standardized campaign name generate in the Result field it’s that simple.
  • Then copy and paste your generated campaign name into Salesforce and enjoy a fast and clean campaign naming solution.

Meaningful impact for your team

Save time with an efficient campaign naming solution.

Rather than having to manually go through and remember what the abbreviation was again for an eBook or a webinar, you have a tool that does the work for you. All you have to do is provide the details.

Access accurate report data when filtering by campaign name.

Say goodbye to the frustration of chasing down campaigns due to inconsistent naming conventions when filtering for reports. Breathe easy with a tool that provides clean and consistent campaign name data.

Get started with generating your first campaign name