Email Digest for Account Engagement


Your Account Engagement activity summarized in an email digest

Imagine having a birds-eye-view of your Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) activity in an easy-to-read report sent right to your inbox every week. It’s possible with this email digest.

Get up to speed on your Account Engagement activity fast and see your latest email statistics and prospect activity, along with a week-over-week comparison of the numbers, all compiled in a comprehensible report. Use the data to stay on top of your system and campaign management. Bring it to your marketing huddle and celebrate wins, collaborate on an approach for new inbound accounts, and quickly spot any data irregularities for proactive resolution.

  • See email performance at a glance with a break down of your emails sends, delivery rate, opens, clicks, and unsubscribe rate.
  • Receive the latest prospect activity including form submissions and form error rates, new prospects, and new visitors.
  • Spot data trends and irregularities with a week-over-week comparison of your email stats, form submissions, new prospects, and new visitors.

Meaningful impact for your team

Efficiently access your marketing automation activity data in one place.

No more having to hunt down all the numbers in separate places. Access all your Account Engagement activity with this email digest sent right to your inbox in one easy-to-read report.

Easily spot trends, red flags, and proactively collaborate with your team.

Use the report to reflect and collaborate with your team. Identify growth opportunities, double down on what's working, and make smart data-informed decisions.

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