Find My iFrame: quickly find the pages with iFrames you need to change

It can be hard to find or remember all of the places you’ve embedded an iFrame in the past. Instead of searching yourself, take a break and let our tool do the work for you! Fill out the form below and we can quickly find all of your web pages that have embedded iFrames with a particular iFrame source. 

How it works:

  1. You fill out the form below
  2. We scan through your sitemap.xml, collecting all the web pages to check
  3. We look for iFrames in each web page, then check the iFrame source to see if it is a match for the criteria you specified
  4. We collect the results and email you a report that contains all the web pages checked and whether each page has an offending iFrame or not

Find My IFrame

We use the sitemap as a listing of all the webpages that we need to scan for iFrames!
When we find an iframe, we look for at the value of the "src" and see if we find text containing what you provide.

Need help figuring out how to make necessary changes once you have your report? We are here to guide you.

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