Account Engagement Fields for Multiple Business Units


Restore data visibility in Salesforce

When doing a Cross Business Unit implementation (syncing multiple prospects to a single Contact/Lead), the syncing for Account Engagement package fields need to be disabled in some of the business units which means that the ability to view this data is lost in Salesforce. Some of these package fields include the prospect’s Account Engagement campaign, score, conversion date, and last activity, vital data that tell’s the prospect’s engagement story with your organization.

With Account Engagement Fields for Multiple Business Units you can:

  • Regain data visibility in Salesforce using a new “Marketing Profile” record for each Business Unit the prospect is in
  • Use the new profile to store and display values for most of the Account Engagement package fields
  • Maintain your view of the prospect’s journey in Salesforce when doing a Cross Business Unit implementation

Meaningful impact for your team

Continue to qualify leads in Salesforce without missing a beat!

Your team is used to using data such as a prospect’s grade and score in Salesforce to qualify leads, but after moving to Business Units, this data is often lost. Get data restored with this app and continue lead qualification to reach the right prospects at the right time without interruption.

Maintain your view of the prospect journey for a single source of truth.

Package fields such as a prospect’s Account Engagement campaign, their score, conversion date, and first and last activity help to tell a story of the prospect’s relationship with your organization, but this data can get lost from Salesforce during a Cross Business Unit Implementation. Regain this data in Salesforce and continue to have a collaborative view of a prospect’s journey.

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