Cheers to 3 Years! Sercante Marks 3rd Birthday
Sercante Marks 3rd Birthday
November 18, 2020

Cheers to 3 Years! Sercante Marks 3rd Birthday

The Sercante Team celebrating its 3rd birthday as a business.

I don’t usually celebrate birthdays.  Mostly because mine is January 2nd — the day when the entire globe goes on a diet and sets New Year’s resolutions (lame).

But when it comes to Sercante?  Now that’s a birthday I’ll gladly celebrate.  Even the one in the dumpster fire that is 2020.

It’s been a strange year filled with strange headlines.  We’ve battled a super virus and murder hornets. We saw communities come together to speak up and say that yes, Black Lives Matter. We navigated a historic U.S. election and mourned the loss of political and cultural icons.

2020 has been anything but boring.  Yet looking past the headlines… it seems to me that we are surrounded by silver linings, including:

  • Opportunities to spend more time with family and loved ones
  • Businesses doubling down on digital transformation
  • Marketing taking a more strategic role as a revenue driver
  • A heightened awareness of the role that small businesses play in the economy
  • Virtual work becoming the rule, not the exception
  • Greater appreciation for physical health and mental wellbeing
  • An opportunity to re-imagine industry events and make learning more accessible across the globe
  • Delta extending Medallion Status for another year (whew, close one)

The challenges posed by 2020 have also made me so incredibly proud of my team and the way they’ve rallied to support each other, our clients, and the Pardot community.  A few highlights from the past year, if I can brag on the Sercante crew for just a moment:

  • Achieving 88% year over year growth, in the midst of a global pandemic
  • 6 team members being named 2020 Marketing Champions
  • 7 team members giving back as User Group Leaders
  • Working with customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Finland, Switzerland, Belgium, Romania, Israel, Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand
  • Living our 5 core values of Extreme Ownership, Wayfinding, Simplifying Complexity, Generosity, and Relentless Zeal (also our secret core value, Rule No. 6)
  • 4 speakers at Snowforce 2020… one of the very few community events that managed to pull their gathering off before the virus hit
  • Taking the 1% Pledge and serving dozens of non-profits at a discounted rate
  • Introducing a COVID-19 and Veteran Scholarship program that has allowed over 50 students to participate in our Pardot Admin Bootcamp, free of charge
  • Being recognized as a Gold/Crest Partner
  • Earning the Pardot “Master Navigator” designation (one of only 3 companies to earn this distinction!)
  • Growing to become the 3rd largest woman-owned business in the Salesforce ecosystem
  • Launching the Campaign Influence Starter Pack & the Automated Opportunity Contact Roles App
  • Publishing Postman Collections to help accelerate learning about the Pardot API
  • Planning a Virtual Ed Summit to help our higher ed clients navigate change
  • Launching ParDreamin’, the first ever virtual Pardot conference

If I had to pick one word to describe how I feel about 2020, it would be “grateful.”

Words can’t describe how much I appreciate the individuals that have chosen to give their time and talents to Sercante, the amazing clients that continue to push this limits of the platform, the team at Salesforce who cultivate a strong ecosystem… and last, but definitely not least, the Pardot community who constantly cheers each other on and has each other’s backs (I’m looking at you @ifeellikemacmac@JenTalkTech2Me@jennamolby@theashleyanger, and too many other awesome people to count).

Can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.

P.S. — sign up for ParDreamin‘.

P.P.S — we’re hiring. 🙂