Merivis Honors Sercante with 2022 Partner of the Year Award
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October 10, 2022

Merivis Honors Sercante with 2022 Partner of the Year Award

Merivis, a nonprofit organization that helps military veterans and their spouses launch new careers working with CRM technology, is honoring the Sercante team with their 2022 Partner of the Year Award. We’ve been working with Merivis over the past two years to provide $180,000+ in pro-bono support as the organization continues to grow.

The partnership started when we first signed on to help Merivis optimize their Salesforce and Pardot orgs. Since then, we’ve expanded the partnership to include leading training courses offerings in addition to assisting the organization with the operational side of marketing so they can maximize their fundraising campaign efforts.

“Sercante swooped in to fill technological gaps and get us ready for a bright future,” said Merivis Executive Director Kate Perez about the partnership. And that’s what prompted the team at Merivis to choose Sercante for the Partner of the Year Award.

Partner of the Year Award Announced During Annual Merivis Summit

The entire Sercante team gathered to accept the Partner of the Year award virtually, and the announcement was made during the anual Merivis Summit in June 2022.

Merivis Meetup Dreamforce ’22

However, Dreamforce presented the opportunity for Merivis and Sercante to come together in real life. Sercante hosted a Home for Marketers retreat space the whole week of Dreamforce, which was September 19-22 in San Francisco, CA. The team at Merivis jumped at the opportunity to hold an in-person meetup during Dreamforce so members of the organization could find eachother and connect with the Sercante team.

Kate Perez took the opportunity to formally present the Partner of the Year Award to Sercante founder and CEO Andrea Tarrell during the Merivis Meetup.

“I’m just happy that we’re able to help Merivis grow as an organization so they can help more people transition into new careers after years of military service. And having the opportunity to work with Kate and her team is an added bonus. So, we’re beyond thrilled to be recognized with this award,” said Sercante Founder and CEO Andrea Tarrell.

Get Involved with Merivis

We highly recommend supporting Merivis however you can. Whether you’re a military veteran or someone who supports them or a member of the Salesforce community, there are a few ways to get involved with Merivis.

Donate to Merivis

Merivis relies on donations and volunteers to keep everything running smoothly. So, making any type of donation goes a long way. You can choose from several different donation levels depending on your level of commitment.

Learn more about making a donation to Merivis here.

Join a Merivis Cohort

Here’s how military veterans can get in on the action.

You can apply to join a Merivis training cohort if you are a current service member, veteran, or military spouse. If approved, you’ll get between two to five weeks of virtual training, which typically requires 5-10 hours of commitment per week.

Visit this page to learn more about joining a Merivis training cohort.

Be a Volunteer Coach

Volunteering is a great way to give back while learning more about yourself and the community. Merivis has a few ways to participate in the program as a volunteer:

  • Salesforce Coach and Content Lead – Mentor Merivis program members either in a group or individually.
  • Volunteer Instructor – Certified Salesforce professionals who volunteer to lead training sessions are essential to the Merivis program.
  • Resume and Mock Interviews – Veterans entering the workforce get help from volunteers to perfect their resume and practice interviewing skills.

Complete the form here to apply to volunteer for Merivis. You’ll bring more professionals into the Salesforce ecosystem while enabling military veterans to launch new careers — and probably meet incredible people while learning new skills along the way.

Tell Us About Your Experience

Volunteering to teach others how to work in Marketing Cloud or other Salesforce clouds not only cements concepts in your mind, but it also provides a vital lifeline to people looking to break into the ecosystem.

Have you volunteered your Salesforce skills for a nonprofit organization or user group? Tell us what you learned from the experience in the comments section.