Being generous with our time through volunteer work is a core value at Sercante.

Sercante Solution Engineer, Hayley Tuller, has taken that generosity to a new level. Her volunteer work in the Salesforce community earned her the 2020 Merivis Volunteer of the Year Award.

Merivis Co-Founder and Executive Director Kate Perez presented Hayley with the award during a virtual keynote presentation on May 26 at the 2021 Merivis Summit.

Easing veteran transitions to Salesforce careers through Merivis

Hayley Tuller Sercante

2020 Merivis Volunteer of the Year Award recipient and Sercante Solution Architect Hayley Tuller

Hayley is a U.S. Navy veteran who currently resides in Jacksonville, Fl. After retiring from the Navy, she attended college in her 40s to launch her career in tech.

The military provided Hayley with plenty of resources to succeed while in the service. But she had trouble adapting to life after her service was over. 

“As a transitioning veteran, it’s tough,” Hayley said. 

Merivis provides resources for veterans and military spouses pursuing careers in cloud computing to make it easier to transition to civilian life and work. Veterans join cohorts through the program to learn specialized skills and earn certifications so they have the credentials and confidence for careers in technology.

Hayley joined Merivis to provide the essential lifeline to others that she wished she had when she finished school.

“I saw in Merivis a way to get involved to ease that challenge for people. If I could spare people that struggle, or at least a part of it, then it was 100% worth it,” Hayley said.

Veterans and their spouses join Merivis to get training and support on specific cloud-computing topics. 


Merivis Volunteer Coach Program

Hayley serves as a volunteer coach for Merivis. 

As a volunteer coach, she provides personal guidance and professional advice to cohort members. 

“I work with transitioning vets and military spouses working toward a Salesforce certification and a job in the ecosystem. I coach them on the technical stuff as well as mentor them through their job search,” she said.

Since 2018, Hayley has supported Merivis cohorts as a veteran already working in the Salesforce ecosystem. She helps cohort members work through Salesforce coursework so they can build technical solutions and pass Salesforce certification exams. 

“I’ve gotten to counsel lots of folks through the cohort program into jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem. The idea is pairing vets with another vet — we know what it’s like,” said Hayley.

However, she said the relationships she has formed through Merivis are the most valuable aspect of her involvement with the organization.

“[Volunteering with Merivis] is the closest I’ve ever found to that type of camaraderie outside of the service.”

All Salesforce professionals are welcome to join Merivis and serve as volunteers. Click here to apply to be a volunteer coach with Merivis. 

Merivis Summit 2021


Guiding Salesforce Trailblazers

Giving back to the community is a core value the Sercante team shares with Salesforce. Everyone knows Salesforce Trailblazers for sharing helpful tips so we can all succeed together. 

The Salesforce team’s dedication to giving back by participating in Merivis programs earned the 2020 Merivis Partner of the Year Award. Like Hayley, the Salesforce team provides resources to veterans transitioning into careers in cloud computing.

Merivis presented all 2020 awards at the annual Merivis Summit. 

Merivis Summit 2021, presented by Accenture, was the first virtual event of its kind for the organization.