Meet the

Branch Managers

We love our pets as much as our clients.

Meet the furry friends who keep us all in line.

Get to know our branch managers

These are the furry friends who make frequent appearances in the background as they watch us closely during calls and while we’re dreaming up new adventures.


Owner: Nick Kanthadai

Spoiled 6 lb Yorkie that is 90% cat & 10% dog.


Owner: Cara Weese

Piper is a playful basset and loyal pup to her mama.

Molly & Maggie

Owner: Lauren Hosimer-Simpson

When the first one is an angel and you decided to get a second one…


Owner: Pam Carey

Maddie enjoys torturing her humans by being the weirdest dog of all time.


Owner: Pam Carey

Finney revels in looking out windows on all sides of the house and barking at EVERYTHING.


Owner: Laura Curtis

A spoilt only child who gets all the attention and treats... all of the time...but he is so worth It!

Amanda Rhodes


Owner: Amanda Rhodes

I'm the sweetest, cuddliest, loudest potato (and definitely a mama's girl)

Amanda Rhodes


Owner: Amanda Rhodes

What do you mean I'm 12? I don't act like it.

Amanda Rhodes

Schrödinger "Ding"

Owner: Amanda Rhodes

I ate through the box they brought me home in with all my attitude.

Amanda Rhodes


Owner: Amanda Rhodes

Don't tell anyone but I have never once received the shared cat braincell


Owner: Courtney Cerniglia

Old Lady who loves pizza and barking at nothing.

Jennifer Bucci


Owner: Jennifer Bucci

I live for food and am the ruler of all things the light touches.


Owner: Sara Hernandez

Big fan of toys, playing fetch, and treats.


Owner: Richard Feist (Colin owns me really)

The vet described Colin after one visit as, “ A highly strung individual”

Brian Roff


Owner: Brian Roff

Fast growing puppy! Loves playing fetch, playing with her best dog friends, and chasing leaves.

Brian Roff


Owner: Brian Roff

King of all cats.

Brian Roff


Owner: Brian Roff

Elder animal member of the house. This kitty loves taking it slow and sleeping.


Owner: Erin Duncan

The tiniest idiot in all the land


Owner: Erin Duncan

Lives for cuddles and playing fetch


Owner: Erin Duncan

Basically Nibbler from Futurama.


Owner: Sarah Smith

You don’t own the corgi; the corgi owns you.


Owner: Andy Marquette

Has to be the center of attention at all times (when not sleeping)


Owner: Chris Russo

Will do anything for food, but will play fetch for free

Kelly Ryan


Owner: Kelly Ryan

Loves dinner time, playing in trash, and yelling


Owner: Nathalie Coles

Loves spending time at home, sunbathing and getting up to no good


Owner: Nathalie Coles

King of the house, demands treats and cuddles 24/7

Kayla Border


Owner: Kayla Border

Old man who loves naps, head scratches, and blepping

Kayla Border


Owner: Kayla Border

Always has something to say. Hobbies include cuddles and interrupting Zoom calls.


Owner: Cate Godley

The prettiest princess who only accepts affection on her time, but please be prompt when affection is expected.


Owner: Cate Godley

First dog to be officially diagnosed with MPES - Manipulative Puppy-dog Eye Syndrome

Winnie & Lulu

Owner: Jen Henderson

My double-trouble girls who look forward to 2nd, 3rd and 4th breakfast and lots of flying mousees everyday!

Jordyn Jaffer


Owner: Jordyn Jaffer

Ellie is the most aggressively friendly dog you will meet who loves to run away whenever possible.

Jordyn Jaffer


Owner: Jordyn Jaffer

Queen Olivia rules the Jaffer household from her perch as the old lady of the family.

Jordyn Jaffer


Owner: Jordyn Jaffer

Although it may take you a year to actually meet him due to hiding, Aster is the sweetest and most talkative cat you can meet.


Owner: Dan Jaikes

Finn loves playing fetch and barking at every cat and dog in the neighborhood.


Owner: Daniela Donato

Currently on a mission to break the world record for consecutive naps. Treats accepted as bribes.

Homer & Scuba

Owner: Ambre Juryea-Amole

Low-and-slow professional sleepers


Owner: Edgar Sanchez

Destroy my backyard and bark/howl at neighbors.


Owner: Danny Petrucci

Favorite hobbies: Reminding mama and papa it's time to be fed, playing fetch with his favorite ball (stripes) and supervising of household chores.


Owner: Marianne Spindel

Favorite Hobbies: Sleeping


Owner: Marianne Spindel

Favorite Hobbies: fetching the ball out of the pool, catching popcorn, barking at anything that moves outside


Owner: Marianne Spindel

Favorite Hobbies: chewing up everything and chasing the cats.

Gris & Lilly

Owner: Marianne Spindel

Favorite Hobbies: Destroying furniture and plastic bags