Marketing Technology Integrations & APIs

We’ve all seen the chart, there are a lot of marketing technology tools out there

And, while marketing automation is the core of your marketing technology stack, sometimes you need a point solution to take things to the next level in a very specific area.

As you add on marketing technology products, we help you integrate them into your overall process – whether that’s configuring tools and ensuring they’re feeding data to Salesforce correctly for reporting/analytics, building custom integrations, or leveraging the Pardot API to do some ninja-level data backflips.

For example, we’ve built custom processes for:

  • A/B testing in Engagement Studio

  • Managing control groups to measure campaign success

  • Data cleansing & merging duplicates

  • Calendly integration

  • Conversational marketing, chat bot, and live chat integrations

  • Sending SMS & texts through Engagement Studio

  • Integrating print fulfillment in Engagement Studio

  • Connecting with Salesforce OEM/platform licenses

  • Tracking subscription processes centrally from multiple marketing automation platforms

  • Adding data to Pardot via FTP


This is stuff most other partners won’t touch – but that we could geek out on for days.

Let’s get nerdy