Connected Campaigns & Campaign Influence Reporting

What’s the deal with attribution models, anyway?

Marketers have been talking about revenue attribution for the last decade.

But for most organizations, this stops with “talk.”

We all like the idea of being able to link marketing campaigns to hard revenue numbers, but our disparate systems and measurements make that incredibly hard to deliver.

Campaign influence reporting finally makes revenue attribution doable for a typical marketing team — all with tools native to the Salesforce platform. This comes together in first touch, last touch, or any custom attribution models your team needs to analyze the impact of your marketing spend.

Layer that on top of the foundation of Salesforce/Pardot Connected Campaigns and you’ve got a recipe for analytics greatness.

We’ll help you:

  • Clean up and standardize your existing Salesforce and Pardot Campaigns

  • Guide you through the process of enabling Connected Campaigns

  • Run through the details of Campaign Influence, why it matters and help you flip the switch

  • Build reports and dashboards to finally start showing end-to-end ROI

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