Salesforce Flow Basics For Marketers Workshop

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Wednesday, October 16, 2024





12PM – 3PM ET (3 HOURS)


$450 USD

This course will help you get a strong understanding of Flow, building best practices, and provide you with resources to explore how you can leverage Flow to create an impact in your organization. 

While building a record-triggered flow together, we will cover fundamental vocabulary, functionality, and ways to help bring flow into Account Engagement. Students will walk away with a good understanding of Flow and best practices in order to be able to carry conversations with their Salesforce admins regarding this feature and describe how it can benefit their department.

This workshop will include time for Q&A at the end with our experts giving you all the essential tips, tricks, advice, and best practices you need to take your skills to the next level.

This Salesforce Flow training course is intended for: Salesforce admins, Account Engagement admins, Account Engagement users, marketing operation managers & executives who want to learn the basics of building a record-triggered flow

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Course Info

Salesforce Flow Basics for Marketers Workshop
  • How to build a record-trigger Flow
  • Overview of Salesforce Flow terms and functionality
  • Understand Flow best practices and how they can benefit your team
  • How to test and troubleshoot your Flows
  • Review Flow Actions For Account Engagement app
  • You will need access to Salesforce (Developer or Trailhead Playground), and Account Engagement to participate in the course
    • Salesforce administrative access (or equivalent) is ideal
    • Account Engagement adminstrative access (or higher) is ideal (if applicable)
  • A working camera and mic to participate through Zoom video chat
  • Willingness to learn and participate
  • 3-hour time commitment
  • Wednesday, October 16

All Workshops are from 12 – 3 pm ET, unless otherwise noted.

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Finally a course where you actually build Flows!”

Natalie Kellogg
Salesforce Flow Basics For Marketers Workshop Student

Q&A Time: Getting started with workshop training

You’re probably wondering these things about Salesforce training. So here you go.

Seats for this workshop start at $450 USD per seat unless otherwise stated on this page due to a special promotion.

Depending on student participation, this workshop normally runs for 3 hours.

All prerequisites for this workshop are listed in the prerequisite section of this page. It is expected that students will have their account to run training in.

You can connect with your instructor regarding questions you may have during the workshop. If you or your team have further needs, please contact us for other support options.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Sercante training team at [email protected] or via our contact us form. We’ll be happy to help!