Prospect Updater for Pardot

Your automated path to cleaner data

Prospect Updater can help you fix, enhance, and enrich prospect data to keep things running smoothly (think: less sync errors) and expand your ability to make smart, automated decisions about your prospects based on more, and more reliable, data.

It’s similar to Eloqua’s Contact Washing Machine app, though a lot more powerful. In fact, it’s more like a full Laundromat.

The main features fall into three buckets:

  • Manipulate field data in ways that you can’t with Pardot
  • Update data using rules you set up in a simple Google Sheet
  • Clean and enrich data BEFORE it reaches your Form Handlers

Some example use cases:

Sync Errors from bad State/Country Picklist Values

This one hurts just thinking about. Salesforce is VERY specific when it comes to correct state and country values and Pardot… well, not so much.

You surely know the pain of trying to match all of the variations of spelled out, abbreviated and “what the heck is that” state and countries values to Salesforce’s clean, strict list. This is actually the very first use case we solved with the Prospect Updater. You maintain a list of various spellings and abbreviations for states and countries (don’t worry, we have a big list you can start from) and Prospect Updater will check your database frequently for bad values and will replace them, automatically.

This, combined with the form handler data cleaning, can almost ensure that you never have to deal with this sync error again.


One thing is constant on the internet: SPAM bots will find you. Or just some joker decides that they want your white paper but doesn’t want to give you their real info so you have a lot of “Mr. PleaseDontEmailMe” with email “[email protected]”.

With Prospect Updater’s ability to use a Google Sheet to find field values on a prospect record and take action, you can create a growing list of common SPAM terms and patterns and use it to create a “Potential SPAM” list for a human to do a quick review and then delete to get all of that garbage out of your org.

According to SiriusDecisions, “The longer incorrect records remain in a database, the greater the financial impact. This point is illustrated by the 1-10-100 rule: It takes $1 to verify a record as it’s entered, $10 to cleanse and de-dupe it and $100 if nothing is done, as the ramifications of the mistakes are felt over and over again.”

Enrich Form Handler Data

You need to IMMEDIATELY assign new prospects when they come in through a certain set of form handlers – These are very important and they need to get to sales. The problem is the data Salesforce uses to route new leads is frequently inconsistent or incomplete.

Prospect Updater can act a as data-cleaning and enriching layer between your data source and your form handler. It will run the data through your pre-determined data rules and even connect with your favorite data provider to enrich the data quickly and push that clean, complete data to the Pardot Form Handler which can then execute on the completion actions and get that useful data to sales ASAP.

Account Based Marketing

Suppose you want to take a specific action only when you get new leads from a list of target accounts. With Pardot, you either need to either use up all of your automation rules or create a giant engagement studio program just so you can try to find “email contains [targetAccount].com”.

With Prospect Updater, you just keep a Google Sheet up to date and Prospect Updater will correctly flag every matching Prospect.

See your use case above? Or wonder if Prospect Updater can handle your unique case? Fill out the form below and let’s chat!