Advanced Zoom Webinar


Automate registration, attendance, reminders and follow up

The reason you have Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is to automate your marketing activities; to make it the central hub for your marketing tech stack. And if Zoom Webinars are part of that larger tech stack, you probably want to use Account Engagement to promote your webinars, capture leads, track attendance, and handle communications (confirmation, reminder, and post-event emails).

Using the native Zoom/Account Engagement connector, you simply can’t do that. At least not in the personalized, prospect-centric manner that you need. That’s why we created this advanced Account Engagement Zoom Connector. With our Connector, you can:

  • Connect your Zoom Webinar with Salesforce Campaigns to automate the process of adding registrants
  • Follow prospects on their webinar journey from invited to registered to attended/no-show; with the Connector handling all status updates
  • Automate sending personalized email (that include the prospects’ unique Zoom Webinar links) for Registration Confirmation, Webinar Reminders, and post-event Thank Yous (including links to recordings, if available)
  • Create default email templates to use for all of your webinars and assign custom templates for special cases

Meaningful impact for your team

Accurately track the impact of your Zoom webinars in Salesforce.

Be able to integrate your Zoom Webinar with Salesforce campaigns to automatically add prospects as they register in real-time.

Effectively standardize communication with email templates for all your webinars.

Create default email templates for all your webinars and automate sending personalized emails for registration confirmation, event reminders, and post-event follow-up to make sure emails are on-brand and sharing the right message.

See the integration in action

Watch this video featuring a demo of the Advanced Zoom Webinar Integration for Account Engagement that was showcased during our virtual MarDreamin conference.

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