The “Death of Cookies” & the Impact on Martech

Speaker: Krystle Solomon, Marketing Automation Strategist

Description: There’s been a lot of talk (and fear) about the “death of cookies.” Some even suggest it will end Marketing as we know it.  In this session, we’ll talk about what’s changing, what isn’t and how marketers can navigate this rapidly evolving landscape.
While the shift toward greater user privacy may change a few things, we don’t see it as an end — just another evolution in how we make the magic of marketing work.

  • The differences between third and first party cookies
  • The driving force behind these changes are happening
  • Impact on key stakeholders — including publishers, ad tech, and brands
  • New technologies and how they help fill this new gap
  • What Marketers can do today
  • What we should stay on the lookout for

Watch the recording: