Product Manager, Labs

Remote Position – Any Location with Great Wifi Works!

About the Gig:

As a Product Manager for Labs, you will use your extensive Pardot, Salesforce, and marketing technology background to help guide the product direction and focus of our Labs department. You will determine what product ideas to explore, build go-to-market strategy for the products we build, create enablement materials, and work closely with our development team to create and execute on a product roadmap.

A Day-in-the-Life:

The main responsibilities of the Labs Product Manager are to capture ideas for products that extend the use of Pardot for customers, create and maintain a system to evaluate those ideas, determine and execute on a go-to-market plan for any ideas that turn into products, and ensure proper reporting on the success of the products.

This role will have a billable time target by supporting the broader Sercante services projects that relate to Labs and/or future projects.

A Successful Labs Product Manager will:

  • Create the following for every Product Idea that passes the evaluation process:
    • Test messaging
    • Test pricing
    • Enablement material for Sercante Delivery and Sales Teams
    • KPIs and report results to the leadership team
  • Build a robust marketing and sales plan, utilizing internal resources as needed for support
  • Execute on the go-to-market plan and pivot/adjust the plan as needed (just like you’re running a startup company!)
  • Foster relationships with clients and partners to help gather feedback on product/market fit and messaging effectiveness
  • Work with our delivery teams to bring our products and product ideas to the right customers
  • Work with the sales team to bring products into their prospect meetings
  • Collaborate frequently and closely with the Product team to ensure feature and product roadmap is reflective of, and supports, the go-to-market plans
  • Manage Idea Intake process and communicate status (along with accept/rejection) to idea submitters
  • Evaluate product ideas
    • Understand the potential market
    • Evaluate the value of the idea and if it addresses the stated pain points well enough to be of value
    • Research potential competitive solutions
    • Work closely with the Product team to understand the level of effort to get to an MVP
    • Determine product path: freeware or subscription product, and if it should be on the Appexchange or available as a stand-alone product

To throw your hat in the ring, send an email to [email protected].