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Sercante Receives SI Trailblazer Fund From Salesforce Ventures

Today marks a major milestone for Sercante. We are pleased to announce Sercante is the recipient of the SI Trailblazer fund from Salesforce Ventures, a fund to accelerate the growth of next-generation consulting firms. 

This funding opens new opportunities to amplify our partnership with Pardot and gives us the ability to expand our team across all departments, increase investment in R&D, and continue to grow our international footprint. 

“This additional funding comes at a pivotal time to fuel our accelerated growth plans, deepen our product development efforts with Sercante Labs, and overall support our clients as they navigate digital transformation, Pardot, and Salesforce.”

Andrea Tarrell, CEO & Founder of Sercante

As we look back, when Sercante was a small Pardot-focused blog and a handful of brilliant minds, we never imagined we would be here three short years later. We have now grown to over 40 full-time consultants, developers, designers, and architects spread across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to support businesses globally. See Our Journey This Far

Words can’t describe how much we appreciate the awesome people that have chosen to give their time and talents to Sercante, the amazing clients that continue to push this limits of the platform, the team at Salesforce who cultivate a strong ecosystem… and of course, the amazing Pardot community who constantly cheers each other on and has each other’s backs. You all have a part in Sercante’s growth and we know that we would not be receiving this honor without your support over the years. So we want to thank you and let you know that we are as dedicated as ever to making marketing & sales teams are wildly successful on the Salesforce platform. 

Bonus Points – We’re Hiring! 

We’re on a mission to grow. The most important ingredient in that is awesome people. This is an exciting time to join the team and embark on this journey with us as this is just the beginning of plenty more awesomeness to come. We are currently looking for talented individuals to join our team in various roles to help man our ship including Pardot Pros, Salesforce Developers, Copywriters, and Technical Leads. We’re moving really fast and have a pretty unique culture. It’s not for everybody — but for those that fit, it’s a growth opportunity like no other.  So, if you’re a Pardot pro who’s looking for a career shakeup… We’d love to chat.

Open Roles on Our Team

We are currently recruiting for the following roles:

Interested in joining the team, but not quite seeing a role that calls to you? We are also non-specifically hunting for awesome people anywhere we come across them. So… let’s talk. Best way to get in touch is [email protected]

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Can’t Sign In To Pardot: Salesforce SSO Now Required

As Salesforce continues to rolls out Pardot SSO across all accounts, many Pardot users are now being greeted with the following error message when trying to login to Pardot:

“Can’t sign in: Salesforce single sign-on (SSO) is required to log in to Pardot. If you don’t have Salesforce login, contact your Pardot admin.” 

What Does This Mean 

Back in June 2020, Salesforce announced they were discontinuing Pardot-Only Users & moving to SSO. Beginning on February 15, 2021 and coinciding with the Spring ’21 release, Pardot’s user authentication system has been discontinued and all users will be required to use Salesforce single sign-on (SSO). All Pardot users not enabled with Salesforce SSO by Spring ‘21 will lose the ability to log into Pardot until they are connected to a Salesforce user. This affects your users with Pardot-only access, your integrations that use the Pardot API, as well as the Pardot WordPress plugin. 

How To Fix It – Get Back Into Pardot

Simply put, in order to get back into your Pardot org, you will need to go through the process to setup Pardot Single Sign On for both human users and API users. To do this, you will need to connect all Pardot users to Salesforce users, enable SSO and configure User Sync. 

But wait, do I have to purchase Salesforce licenses? It Depends. Salesforce provides 100 “Identity User” licenses that can be used to create Pardot-only Salesforce user records (those users not needing Salesforce access). If this number is not enough, additional licenses will need to be purchased.

Pardot User Migration Steps: 

  1. Identify Pardot only users
  2. Identify users that are tied to an API integration. Set aside temporarily. These users need to be managed differently.
  3. Identify users that do not have a Salesforce user record and create a record for them.
  4. Map each Pardot user to the corresponding Salesforce user
  5. Enable SSO for those users.
  6. Update API users to be SSO compliant (steps 3-5) and update API Integrations to use SSO users
  7. Enable Salesforce User Sync
  8. Confirm users can access Pardot via their Salesforce credentials

We Can Help – Setting Up Pardot SSO

If you need help with getting Pardot SSO setup, we would love to review the Pardot User Migration guide with your team, discuss any nuances specific to your org, and develop a plan to minimize impact on your plans this year. Let’s Get Started 

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