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2022 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award Winner: Sercante & The Home Depot

Sometimes the answers busy sales teams need already exist within their tech stacks. The Home Depot Retail Media+ team knew selling ad space on The Home Depot website had great potential, but the revenue stream wasn’t flowing as freely as they knew it could.

That’s when the team looked to Sercante for guidance. They wanted to understand how to increase ad revenue from the company’s retail sales website using Salesforce CRM features that were already available to them.

Here’s how Sercante and The Home Depot partnered to significantly increase ad revenue from HomeDepot.com while simultaneously increasing the CRM database and enabling sales forecasting that wasn’t possible before. The collaborative solution earned a 2022 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in the Retail category.

Challenge Accepted: Untapping Existing Salesforce CRM Resources

The teams at Sercante and The Home Depot had clear goals in mind when they partnered with one another to fully utilize the resources available to them. 

The primary goal was to tap into the underutilized ad revenue stream from the company retail sales website at HomeDepot.com. However, the teams had several challenges to overcome before they could reach that goal.

Although other divisions of the company were already longtime Salesforce customers, the Retail Media+ team was newer to the platform and, as a result, many standard Salesforce features weren’t being utilized. Additionally, the first round of org customizations supported disconnected sales processes that weren’t adaptable to their quickly-evolving systems and growing team. 


The Solution: Coordinating Existing Features to Unify the Sales Process

Sercante and The Home Depot Retail Media+ team partnered to create a flexible and scalable solution that supported a unified sales process while making better use of the technology tools available.

Bringing the team together in a single, unified sales process was crucial for ensuring efficiency, transparency, and accuracy. And a key element to achieving this was ensuring that the right team members got the right tasks at the right time for both Account management and to keep an Opportunity moving forward from stage to stage. 

The two teams brought about this solution by implementing powerful, but sometimes overlooked, Sales Cloud features. These included:

  • Customizing the Opportunity Path to reflect every step in a Retail Media+ Opportunity from New to Closed and then, to ensure that end users know the purpose of each stage and what info and tasks are needed within each, they called out the most important data points using Key Fields and provided explainer text in the Guidance for Success sections.
  • Implementing the use of Activity Management for end users, which creates a single source of truth for tracking the many tasks needed to support the Retail Media+ sales cycle.
  • Setting up Account Teams to automate record visibility and to further solidify and add transparency to users’ roles and responsibilities across the rapidly growing CRM database and team.
  • Creating Flow automations that are powered by Opportunity Path settings and Account Teams to automate task assignments, improve the visibility of key data, and loop in the right person at the right time so deals progress without a hitch.

Improving Documentation Processes

While implementing the upgrades outlined above, Sercante’s Salesforce consulting team also spent a significant amount of time establishing a standardized documentation process for The Home Depot Retail Media+ team, which was essential for two reasons. First, simply put, it’s best practice to document every customization and change made inside a Sales Cloud org and even more crucial when an org is evolving quickly. Second, the Retail Media+ team projected a significant amount of team growth in the near future and needed to be able to quickly onboard new end users.


Results: Increasing Revenue, Growing the CRM, and More

Overall, the project included several moving parts and required careful planning from multiple teams. And these results not only confirmed it was energy well-spent, but also far exceeded everyone’s expectations:

  • The Home Depot Retail Media+ team saw a revenue increase of 44% YoY.
  • The team enabled sales forecasting that wasn’t previously possible.
  • They increased the CRM database by 400% YoY.
  • They’re able to set up Salesforce Accounts for suppliers before or within a week of activation.
  • They enabled improvement on revenue that was previously swept to margin YoY.

2022 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award Winner: Retail Category

The collaboration between the Sercante team and The Home Depot Retail Media+ team in this story was so powerful that it became an award-winning solution. The teams were selected to share a 2022 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in the Retail category. 

The 2022 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award recipients were honored by Salesforce at an award reception that took place during Dreamforce 2022 in San Francisco, CA. 

Check out all of the 2022 Partner Innovation Award Winners here.

Replicate These Solutions in Your Salesforce Org 

When looking to make Salesforce a single source of truth about your customer, it’s critical to track the right data, at the right time, and make it visible to the right people. 

The opportunity management solutions we implemented lean on best-practice functionality. That includes features like Account Teams, Activity Management, Flow, Opportunity Path and Key Fields that companies large or small can learn from to better manage their pipeline. 

With easy setup for the admins and end users, their use of opportunity management is sustainable and scalable and showcases Salesforce standard functionality at its best. 

Ready to implement solutions like these in your own Salesforce org? We know you can do it! And we’re always here if you need help along the way. Drop us a line to get in contact with us.

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Mardreamies 2022 Award Winner Story: Personalization Perfection

The MarDreamies awards celebrate solutions marketing and sales professionals built to reach their goals using Salesforce. These solutions are especially impressive because they each rose to solve a specific challenge while utilizing technology to automate their way to greatness. 

Winners of the MarDreamin’ awards get bragging rights for their team and company, a sweet prize pack, and a fancy trophy to remind them how awesome they are every day. And the MarDreamin’ team announced the MarDreamies winners during the After-Party, which took place November 3, 2022. 

Check out this blog post to get details about the full MarDreamin’ conference — including information about watching all session and keynote replay videos.

MarDreamies Award Categories

The MarDreamies awards are divided into five categories to honor the teams behind the magic:

  • Personalization Perfection: Right-time, right-message marketing
  • Social Impact: Creating positive change through Pardot
  • Grassroots Innovation: Scaling small business with Pardot
  • Extending Pardot: API-driven solutions
  • Best in Show

You can find all the details about what went into choosing the award winners in this blog post.

2022 MarDreamies Award Personalization Perfection Category Winner: Zoopla

Here’s the solution that won the MarDreamies 2022 award for the Personalization Perfection category, which recognizes teams that deliver right-time, right-message marketing campaigns. The MarDreamies Personalization Perfection Award went to Zoopla and was submitted by Rebecca White.

What does Zoopla do?

Zoopla is a property website and app based in London, England. It is part of Zoopla Limited, which was founded in 2007. 

The website and app have over a million properties to browse along with helpful tools and reliable house price estimates.

Personalization Perfection Project Details

Zoopla needed to drive user adoption for a major software upgrade with their clients and internal teams, and they needed it to be completed fast. It was a task that needed to be automated due to the scale of the project. And the teams couldn’t let anyone slip through the cracks.

The team created a flow of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) Engagement Studio Programs (ESPs) that used third-party and Salesforce data to send clients and internal teams through personalized next steps based on their stage in the journey, as well as reminders using unique upgrade dates. 

The ESPs ensured any changes in client information were reflected in the messaging and when they were delivered, they also updated campaign member statuses that helped departments understand where members were in the journey.

Personalization through automation was the key to success

Upgrading such a large client database in a short period of time was the key problem that inspired this initiative. With so many variables, stages and a reliance on third-party and Salesforce data, there was no possibility that this could have been done manually. But, having limited internal resources and having previously used spreadsheets and other offline resources meant there was also the opportunity to change the way internal departments worked.

Using data from third-party platforms and Salesforce, ESPs seamlessly moved clients through the upgrade stages, monitoring their actions and adapting messages when needed. It wasn’t just clients receiving the right messaging at the right time, ESPs sent internal updates (campaign statuses) to each department, some of which had been used to only working with spreadsheets. This initiative streamlined the way Zoopla worked and gave them time back knowing that automation was now working for them.

Challenges they overcame along the way

A key challenge was seamlessly piecing together the stages that relied on external data. ESPs also needed to react to client changes and still send the correct information. An average CTR of 5% shows messages are resonating with clients.

Taking a complex journey and ensuring internal teams knew what was happening and what action they needed to take was a hurdle. But, Salesforce reports, tasks and campaigns are now part of their day. 100+ Salesforce tasks have been created to help teams take action.

Results from the project

Pardot allowed Zoopla to create nimble automations that reflected the original goal of automating the upgrading process. Engagement Studio Programs (ESPs) and the Pardot connector allowed them to not only personalize messaging at a time right for clients but also deliver relevant information to internal teams. That ensured they could monitor the campaign in real time and provide a feedback loop to marketing, while Salesforce API integration allowed custom information from the upgrade portal to flow through to Pardot and the ESPs.

Using Personalization to Complete Essential Business Tasks

We often think of personalization in marketing as something that changes marketing assets based on customer personas. However, personalization is something that is essential when a company needs to get things done that affect their ability to operate. This project helped the Zoopla team to get clients and internal teams upgraded to the new Zoopla CRM. And they accomplished this through an automated process that ensured everyone felt supported and nobody was left behind.

Check out this blog post to learn more about the MarDreamies awards. Or, share a few words to congratulate the winners using the comments section below.

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Mardreamies 2022 Award Winner Story: Social Impact

The MarDreamies awards celebrate solutions marketing and sales professionals built to reach their goals using Salesforce. These solutions are especially impressive because they each rose to solve a specific challenge while utilizing technology to automate their way to greatness. 

Winners of the MarDreamin’ awards get bragging rights for their team and company, a sweet prize pack, and a fancy trophy to remind them how awesome they are every day. And the MarDreamin’ team announced the MarDreamies winners during the After-Party, which took place November 3, 2022. 

Check out this blog post to get details about the full MarDreamin’ conference — including information about watching all session and keynote replay videos.

MarDreamies Award Categories

The MarDreamies awards are divided into five categories to honor the teams behind the magic:

  • Personalization Perfection: Right-time, right-message marketing
  • Social Impact: Creating positive change through Salesforce marketing tools
  • Grassroots Innovation: Scaling small business with Salesforce marketing tools
  • Extending Pardot: API-driven marketing solutions
  • Best in Show

You can find all the details about what went into choosing the award winners in this blog post.

2022 MarDreamies Award Social Impact Category Winner: Lexipol

Here’s the solution that won the MarDreamies 2022 award for the Social Impact category, which recognizes teams that utilize Salesforce to affect positive social change. The MarDreamies Social Impact award went to Lexipol, which was submitted by Miriam Childs and Julie Rasco.

What does Lexipol do?

Lexipol serves more than 2 million public safety and government professionals with a range of informational and technological solutions to meet the challenges facing these dynamic industries. The company strives to make communities safer through the development of content and technological solutions that empower local government leaders.

How does Lexipol use Salesforce to reach their goals?

The team at Lexipol is technologically savvy and uses the Salesforce platform in a unique way to support the company’s mission. Specifically, the marketing team uses Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) to communicate with their audience while tracking campaign success so they can adjust their strategy when needed.

Enabling first responders to access essential mental health resources

In recent years, suicide has been the leading cause of death for police and firefighters—ahead of line-of-duty deaths. Research has shown that 75% of first responders have unresolved emotional issues from stress on the job, with 70% concerned about the cultural stigma around asking for help. This is preventable, but agency leaders often don’t know the risks of ignoring wellness or have the expertise to develop wellness resources first responders will trust and use.

Using Pardot to provide wellness education for first responders

In December 2020, Lexipol acquired Cordico, a wellness solution for first responders and public servants. Since then, and specifically over the last 18 months, Lexipol has utilized Pardot to create an ongoing campaign to accomplish several goals. 

Their goals are to:

  • Build awareness of the Cordico solution.
  • Educate first responders on the importance of both physical and mental wellness.
  • Break down the cultural stigma around mental health that exists in public safety.
  • Introduce key wellness topics that disproportionately affect them.

Because of the stigma surrounding wellness in public safety, education is critical. Both the Cordico wellness solution itself and the campaign surrounding Cordico focus heavily on education. Lexipol provides resources including tip sheets, Q&As, webinars and case studies that highlight critical behavioral health issues affecting first responders. These resources, shared through email campaigns and landing pages, clearly demonstrate the need for wellness, an often-avoided topic in public safety.

MarDreamies award-winning campaign results

Wellness is a challenging topic, and first responders require specialized resources and communication. Lexipol has delivered over 65,000 emails featuring case studies and other resources, and our wellness webinar invitations have generated 1,500+ leads. Over the last 18 months, since creating the quarterly Cordico wellness newsletter, subscribers have grown by 101%. Across the board, these campaigns have influenced 100+ won opportunities, meaning more agencies with the right resources.

Salesforce tools and features used in the solution

Pardot was critical in targeting the correct audience and tracking successes: List and automated emails, dynamic segmentation and engagement studios were key to Lexipol’s strategy. 

Integration with outside apps, including GoToWebinar, along with Pardot files and landing pages, were central to gathering leads. A/B testing allowed the team to hone in on the most effective topics and phrasing. Scoring, grading and connected campaigns informed the sales team of interaction data to convert prospects to customers.

Using Tech to Deliver Essential Resources to People Who Need It Most

The team at Lexipol is using the Salesforce platform in innovative ways to reach their goals. Leveraging Pardot as a communication engine, the team at Lexipol has found success in building awareness about the resources available to their core audiences. As a result, they are creating positive social change in the world by bridging the gap between first responders who work with people in the most critical moments in the lives of the people they serve and essential wellness resources that can keep them feeling their best.

Check out this blog post to learn more about the MarDreamies awards. Or, share a few words to congratulate the winners using the comments section below.

Original article: Mardreamies 2022 Award Winner Story: Social Impact

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Mardreamies 2022 Award Winner Story: Extending Salesforce

The MarDreamies awards celebrate solutions marketing and sales professionals built to reach their goals using Salesforce. These solutions are especially impressive because they each rose to solve a specific challenge while utilizing technology to automate their way to greatness. 

Winners of the MarDreamin’ awards get bragging rights for their team and company, a sweet prize pack, and a fancy trophy to remind them how awesome they are every day. And the MarDreamin’ team announced the MarDreamies winners during the After-Party, which took place November 3, 2022. 

Check out this blog post to get details about the full MarDreamin’ conference — including information about watching all session and keynote replay videos.

MarDreamies Award Categories

The MarDreamies awards are divided into five categories to honor the teams behind the magic:

  • Personalization Perfection: Right-time, right-message marketing
  • Social Impact: Creating positive change through Pardot
  • Grassroots Innovation: Scaling small business with Pardot
  • Extending Pardot: API-driven solutions
  • Best in Show

You can find all the details about what went into choosing the award winners in this blog post.

2022 MarDreamies Award Extending Salesforce Category Winner: Nebula Consulting

Here’s the solution that won the MarDreamies 2022 award for the Extending Salesforce category, which recognizes teams that build API-driven marketing solutions. The MarDreamies Extending Salesforce award went to Nebula Consulting, which was submitted by Kyle Blacker and Sarah Kelleher.

What does Nebula Consulting do?

Nebula Consulting started out in 2012 as a core Salesforce consultancy practice. Since then, the team has added Pardot, Communities and CPQ to their skillsets. However, Nebula Consulting’s focus then remains the same today — helping companies to grow their revenue. 

To do this effectively, they believe that first and foremost the company’s consultants must truly understand the sales & marketing process.  That drives them to only hire the very best people with relevant real-world experience. That’s why they truly believe that there is no team better to work alongside your own.

Extending Salesforce Award Project Details

The team at Nebula Consulting built Enhanced Engagement History, which is a component that’s available to all Pardot users via their listing on the Salesforce AppExchange.

The Enhanced Engagement History component allows users to view and inspect Prospect activities, regardless of which Pardot Business Unit (PBU) the user is logged into. It also allows users to interact with the activities, to view the emails sent and engaged with, without ever needing to leave the record page.

The standard Engagement History component displays activities from one Business Unit at a time depending on the BU a User was last logged into. Users are required to switch PBU just to see if there had been any cross-activity or if Users aren’t aware of this then they will see inaccurate data. Users can see an email had been engaged with, but not what the email was.

Why Nebula build the Enhanced Engagement History component

The initial concept of the product came from a problem a customer of Nebula was facing. What initially started out as a single consultant’s task evolved into several members of different teams collaborating. 

After the solution for the customer was deployed, we identified areas where this solution could be improved and developed further in a managed package to distribute via the Appexchange. We became an ISV partner as part of this process which was a complete new way of doing business for us.

Challenges the team overcame

During the initial concept phase, the team at Nebula wasn’t sure whether data from multiple PBUs could be collated into one place. In discovery and testing, they found the API in general to be a challenge; making sure to return correct information, remove unwanted data and optimize accordingly. 

Results of the project

The Enhanced Engagement History app provides time-saving and productivity benefits, not only providing greater visibility for Salesforce users without the need to switch PBU, but also in returning data using the API quicker than the standard component.

The majority of the component uses the Pardot API, however various security features using Apex were implemented. For example, ensuring that if a user doesn’t have access to a Lead, then they still can’t see that Lead. There are security checks in the background. In addition, with the flexibility of Salesforce we developed this as a Lightning Web Component that is customizable.

Finding innovation while meeting client needs

The team at Nebula Consulting found an innovative way to meet their client’s expectations. And they found a way to build on that solution so other Pardot customers can use it. 

Enhanced Engagement History reveals marketing engagement across multiple Pardot Business Units to give users rich insights to make data-driven decisions and drive meaningful customer conversations. It’s a solution that embodies the spirit of extending Salesforce, which is why it was chosen for a 2022 MarDreamies award.

Check out this blog post to learn more about the MarDreamies awards. Or, share a few words to congratulate the winners using the comments section below.

Original article: Mardreamies 2022 Award Winner Story: Extending Salesforce

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MarDreamin’ 2022: Recap and How to Watch Replays

Wondering if we recorded MarDreamin’ 2022 sessions and keynotes? Well look no further. We have all the MarDreamin’ replays you seek.

MarDreamin’ is a Salesforce community conference that unites marketers for four days of virtual learning, networking, and fun. It’s jam-packed with so much content that it’s impossible to watch it all live. 

Luckily for you, all sessions were recorded with the exception of one. We’ll give you an overview of the highlights and top it off with information about watching all the MarDreamin’ replays.

How to watch all MarDreamin’ replays

Eh, we’ll get straight to the best part. Visit this page and complete the form to get access to all MarDreamin’ 2022 sessions and keynote replays. 

Every session and keynote is in there with the exception of one. The Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) Roadmap session was not recorded. 

However, Salesforce delivers a few of these Marketing Cloud roadmap sessions each year. Keep an eye out for the next one by clicking here to become a The Spot subscriber. The monthly newsletter includes a calendar of upcoming events like these periodically scheduled Salesforce roadmap sessions.

MarDreamin’ 2022 Overview

The conference took place November 1-4, 2022, inside the Goldcast virtual summit platform. More than 2,500 attendees signed up for the MarDreamin’ event from 65 countries. 

 It included three learning tracks based on which tools attendees use and a fourth that served as a catch-all for strategy and career sessions. 

The tracks were:

  • Marketing Cloud Engagement
  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)
  • Salesforce platform & Analytics
  • General/Administrative

Here’s what went down each day of MarDreamin’ 2022.

MarDreamies Award Winners 2022

Marketing teams deserve recognition for the not-always-glossy work they do behind the scenes to build, manage, and report on marketing campaigns. And that’s the goal of the MarDreamies Awards.

Here’s who won the 2022 MarDreamies Awards, which were announced during the MarDreamin’ After-Party on Day 2 of the conference.

  • Honorable Mentions
    • Roycon
    • InterWorks
  • Personalization Perfection: Right-time, right-message marketing
    • Zoopla
  • Social Impact: Creating positive change using Salesforce marketing tools
    • Lexipol
  • Grassroots Innovation: Using Salesforce marketing tools to scale small businesses
    • FTD
  • Extending Salesforce: API-driven marketing solutions
    • Nebula Consulting
  • Best in Show
    • Insurica

Learn about the 2021 winners in this blog post.

MarDreamin’ Day 0 Overview (Pre-conference Training Workshops)

The unofficial first day of MarDreamin’ was for people who purchased passes to attend the pre-conference training workshops. It included nine course sessions and one panel session from which attendees could choose to watch live. 

MarDreamin’ training workshop courses

These are the courses you may have missed:

  1. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) Fundamentals
  2. Marketing Cloud Engagement Fundamentals
  3. Intro to B2B Marketing Analytics
  4. Back to Basics: How To Maximize Your Efforts Through Automation in MCAE (Pardot)
  5. Kick Off Your First Welcome Series with Journey Builder (Marketing Cloud)
  6. Connected Campaign and ROI Reporting Strategies for MCAE (Pardot) and Sales Cloud
  7. Building Dynamic B2B Customer Journeys Within MCAE (Pardot)
  8. Getting Started With Lead Routing in MCAE (Pardot)
  9. Going Beyond B2BMA: Use CRM Analytics to Create Custom Dashboards

Seasons of Change: Trends, Tips and Tricks to Thrive In the Salesforce Ecosystem [PANEL]

The Day 0/Workshop Day panel session included diverse perspectives from people with valuable insights into working in the Salesforce ecosystem. Attendees heard from Vicki Moritz-Henry, Erick Mahle, Renee Davis, Kate Perez, and Joanna Rotter.

mardreamin' replays

Here’s a little gift for you… go watch the replay of this panel session by clicking here to get free access to all MarDreamin’ sessions. Sign up, and then you’ll find it in the list of all session replays.

MarDreamin’ Keynote and Panel Session Highlights

The week of MarDreamin’ balanced inspirational and skill-building content for marketers with a bit of fun mixed in. Because, you know, that’s what MarDreamin’ is all about.

These are the keynote and panel session highlights. You can watch full replays of all sessions and keynotes (with the exception of the Pardot Roadmap session) for free by completing the form on this webpage.

Keynote – Belonging: How to Build a Support Network & Find Your People

It can be a lonely existence for marketing technologists and changemakers trying to transform their organizations.  If we do our job right in the world of marketing automation, our jobs look easy — and we don’t always get the respect, appreciation, and support we need from others when that happens.

mardreamin' replays

This keynote kicked off MarDreamin’ by talking about the power of networks and community.  We talked about how to give and get support, navigate the various groups in the ecosystem, and how we can all be a part of building community in and outside of our teams.


  • Andrea Tarrell, Sercante
  • Guilda Hilaire, Salesforce
  • Kirsten Schlau, Sercante
  • Najee Bartley, BBVisions Media
  • Tyler McCord, Fusion Alliance
  • Toni V. Martin, Systems To Success

Exploring B2B Marketing Trends and Best Practices With Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Learn how our panelists have built and put into play dynamic processes in their organizations using Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) to improve their B2B Marketing. In this session, we will also explore Pardot’s newest features and how to use them within your own organization to maximize your output.


  • Jen Kazin, Greenkey
  • Erin Duncan, Sercante
  • Natalie (McAllister) Jackson, CBIZ
  • Ruth Bolster, Salesforce

Does It Integrate With __? Tips To Getting The Most Out Of Your Integrations (In Pardot)

Learn from our panelists on how to improve the efficiency of your marstack by leveraging integrations across your marstack and what to do when things “don’t integrate as we expected”. In this session, we will also explore a roadmap of how to tackle a new integration project and how to leverage the Pardot API to access data beyond Salesforce. This will be a good guide of what a marketer needs to know when talking to technical folks. 


The Road To Email Compliance: The Basics, Challenges, and Gotchas

Learn how our panelists implemented marketing compliance solutions in their own organizations. In this session, we will explore the basics of different options you have as an Administrator to capture and process marketing consent and what are some lessons learned from the process by our panelists.

  • Ben Lamothe, BDO Digital
  • Hannah Horning, Archerpoint
  • Krystle Solomon, Sercante
  • Angelica Cabral, Sercante
  • Bonnie Mulholland, CINT

Bring the Magic to B2B Marketing with Genie and Account Engagement

Learn how Salesforce Genie allows marketers to meet customer demands amid privacy changes and asks to do more with less. We will share how Account Engagement’s new API enhancements and extensibility features lay the foundation for bringing the magic to B2B marketing.

Plus an exclusive fireside chat with Jay Wilder, VP, Product Marketing, Marketing Cloud at Salesforce and Eric Zenz, SVP, Product Management, Marketing Applications at Salesforce.


  • Neha Shah, Salesforce
  • Andrea Tarrell, Sercante
  • Nathan Maphet, Salesforce
  • Eric Zenz, Salesforce
  • Jay Wilder, Salesforce

Supercharge Data-Driven Experiences with Customer Data Platform

Top brands are using Customer Data Platform (CDP) to make every customer interaction smarter, easier, and more efficient. Learn how to unify data to build a single source of truth and drive personalization at scale.


  • Jenny Smith, Salesforce
  • Jill Katz, Salesforce
  • Andrew Lee, Salesforce

MarDreamin’ Session Highlights

The MarDreamin’ 2022 conference welcomed over 60 speakers who delivered 55 speaking sessions. The content of the sessions ranged from Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement and Account Engagement to Analytics, the Salesforce platform and general marketing strategies.

You can find information about each of the session tracks and what they included by following the links below.

Here are a few screenshots and descriptions from key MarDreamin’ sessions. Remember, you can watch all session replays by clicking on this link and completing the form.

7 Tips To Bridge The Gap Between Sales And Marketing

It’s time for sales teams and marketers to realize they’re all working toward common goals — to keep customers happy and smash revenue targets. And we all know that sales and marketing teams that work together do more with less and shine brightly in the customer’s eyes.

In this session, get 7 actionable insights to use when building relationships between sales and marketing teams through shared technology tools. You’ll learn how to make the best decisions for your tech stack and how to encourage open communication between the teams.

This presentation is especially valuable for companies currently implementing Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot), but it is also relevant for teams with existing implementations.


Sharon Taylor, PMMI Media Group

Breaking Borders: Going Global With Marketing Automation

Over the last few years, Salesforce has cemented Pardot / Account Engagement its as a strong competitor in the enterprise B2B Marketing Automation space, moving away from a historically SMB focus. But, when your teams are based across the globe, how can you really build a successful multi-regional marketing strategy?

Join this session to learn how to:

  • Structure and organize a global MA platform
  • Balance global collaboration with regional independence
  • Run a well-organized operation
  • Empower your people
  • Leverage the full suite of tools in MC Account Engagement for a truly global marketing automation strategy


Sarah Kelleher, Nebula Consulting

Reporting Capabilities Differences SFDC vs B2BMA

This presentation will be focused on when to use what tools including use cases and best practices. Determine what each system is best at reporting on (and when you might need to move on) is top of mind for marketers and leadership teams. We’ll dive into de-mystify reporting across platforms.

Featuring: Dominique Beaudin, Sercante

10 Steps To Fully Maximize Your Pardot Investment

So, you’ve signed on to become a Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) customer. Now what?

This session covers 10 steps to get you from beginner to where you want to be with Pardot marketing automation.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify where you are in your usage of marketing automation
  • Visualize a clear roadmap to fully maximize the system
  • Understand how to use automation or a faster sales cycle
  • Increase the tool’s return on investment (ROI)


Ryan Cammisa, Cloudtegic

A Beginner’s Guide To Administering Marketing Cloud Engagement

This session is for anyone new to the world of Marketing Cloud administration. You will learn about the foundational components of administering and managing a Marketing Cloud Engagement environment.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Users
  • Business Units
  • Security
  • Process Automations
  • FTP Data

You will walk away with knowledge to effectively manage your Marketing Cloud Engagement org.


7 Tips for Securing Marketing Cloud Engagement in a Hybrid Work Environment

Two big takeaways from the pandemic era are that workers can be productive when working from home and that the vast majority expect to continue to work remotely (at least partially).

While there are plenty of benefits associated with a hybrid work environment, security is not typically thought of as one of them.

In this session we’ll discuss the security capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and how they can be used to secure your environment — no matter where your team is working from.


Mike Morris, Sercante

Why Salesforce Admins Should Get To Know Marketing Cloud

Salesforce as a platform continues to evolve and enhance its capabilities. It is made up of a few clouds and the lines between them continue to blur.

Marketing Cloud has traditionally been the furthest removed from its sibling “core” clouds. However, this is changing. Two of the bigger initiatives that are driving Marketing Cloud closer and closer to the other clouds are CDP and Personalization. Both these tools will have large impacts on our CRM data.

Learn about these initiatives and why Salesforce admins should get acquainted with Marketing Cloud.


Chris Zullo, Allcloud

Embrace A First-Party Data Strategy For Sales And Marketing

Third-party cookies are being phased out by most web browsers in the next year, and marketers must adapt to a new environment. In the new normal, using first-party data can become a true competitive advantage.

Natasha and Jaime will show you how to build a first-party tracking cookie strategy across your whole tech stack, relying on Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and MuleSoft as a foundation. We will present engagement strategies for mobile using event data, and show valuable examples of ROI strategies you can take to the boardroom.


  • Jaime Lopez, Aiven
  • Natasha Martin, Love’s Travel Stops

How the Right Message Can Increase Conversions

Discover the strategies and best practices that world-class marketing teams leverage to send the right message and increase conversion. We’ll also reveal how to prepare your team for the future of audience segmentation, and how to build a tech stack that will get the job done.


Jonathan Van Driessen, DESelect

How To Bring Pardot Capabilities Into Salesforce Flow

The Marketing Cloud Account Engagement V5 API allows external systems to work with Pardot data. But, what if that “external system” is actually our Salesforce Sales Cloud instance?

We have the Salesforce Connector to get things done between Pardot and Sales Cloud. And, thanks to the V5 API, we can extend that functionality by treating Sales Cloud as an external system.

This session will walk you through Flow Actions for Pardot, which is an app you can install in your org to get started with Salesforce flows for Pardot activities. You’ll leave with an understanding of how to install the app and use it to bring a range of Account Engagement (Pardot) capabilities into Salesforce Flow designer.


Turn Marketing Into a Recession-Proof Competitive Advantage

Get five marketing strategies to work smarter and rise above your competitors, even during economic downturns. We’ll equip you to execute ABM, nail nurture campaigns and prove your worth.


Rich Feist, Sercante

Angelica Cabral, Sercante

MarDreamin’ Day 2 Session Highlights

Here are a few screenshots from sessions that took place on MarDreamin’ Day 2.

Building Connected Pardot Campaigns: 6 Steps For Success

When a new marketing campaign is about to drop, marketers are usually rushing to get things set up in Pardot and live asap. However, this usually results in key elements being missed and ultimately impacts reporting for connected Salesforce campaigns.

In this session, Triana will talk you through a campaign setup checklist that will help ensure your data aligns correctly in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) and Salesforce and you don’t miss a thing!

Steps include:

  • Salesforce Campaign setup
  • Mapping out the campaign journey
  • Aligning marketing assets to your campaign
  • Considerations for offline activity
  • UTM tracking Testing that your setup is tracking correctly

Featuring: Triana Jarman, MarCloud Consulting

Building An ABM Strategy With What You Have

There are a lot of tools that promise account-based marketing (ABM) success. But you can implement an effective ABM strategy with the tech stack (and team!) you have.

In this session, we will review how to build out an ABM strategy with Salesforce and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot). We’ll uncover ways to get sales and marketing aligned so you can deliver the right-channel messaging to the right-person at the right-time.

Topics covered include:

  • Creating your target account list and key buyer groups with sales using account persona insights, scoring, and grading.
  • Determining the best mix of channels, engagement points, and building personalized assets with HML and dynamic content.
  • Measuring the success of your strategy with engagement history and campaign influence.

Featuring: Kelly Ryan, Sercante

Using Account Engagement (Pardot) Engagement Studio For Complex Lead Routing

Engagement Studio, which lives within Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot), is a powerful tool with seemingly endless use cases and customization possibilities. Did you know that you can even use Engagement Studio to create complex lead routing processes?

We’ll walk you through a real-life example of an automation setup using Engagement Studio that takes the guesswork out of sorting through marketing leads. Learn how you can achieve a similar setup in your own Pardot instance that automatically sorts leads and identifies the hottest ones for sales to contact.

We’ll show you how to handle complex lead routing in Engagement Studio including assigning ownership based on:

  • Customer data points
  • Customer engagement activity
  • Business criteria
  • And more


Sarah Empson, ADT Commercial

All About the External Actions

External Actions is a new, exciting Account Engagement feature that will supercharge your automations by enabling custom actions that make an external callout from within Engagement Studio as part of the prospect journey, opening up possibilities like sending an SMS text.

Come join my session to learn all about External Actions and walkthrough a few advanced External Action scenarios:

  • Leveraging External Services to create an Integration to Twilio SMS.
  • Execute sub-flows as part of your marketing journey.
  • Create a prospect webhook to trigger a Zapier Zap.


Christopher Cornett, Salesforce

Salesforce Flows 101 For Marketers

Have you heard of Salesforce flows? Have you seen what they can do? If not, you are not alone. Flows have taken the Salesforce ecosystem by storm.

Join us as we walk you through an introduction to Salesforce Flow 101 that is tailored to the needs of marketers. We’ll cover terminology and show you quick wins to implement in your org (with the support of your Salesforce admin) to reduce friction between sales and marketing teams. You can also supplement your marketing automation with the flow ideas we will showcase during the session.

Key areas we will cover include:

  • Setting up qualification questions using on-screen flows
  • Transferring data from one field to another on the same/different object(s)
  • Triggering field updates based on specific actions


Heather Rinke, Sercante

The Age of RevOps: Reinventing Lead Lifecycle Management

The modern B2B buyer is growing frustrated with your sales cycle. Your prospects expect a truly frictionless, B2C-like buying experience in every SaaS evaluation. If your SaaS company isn’t engaging with leads in a timely, personalized way, you risk losing 20-30% of your revenue. 

In the emerging world of RevOps, current lead management approaches fail to meet your buyer’s expectations. Only with a cloud-first approach to automation can you better capture and engage prospects in real-time and deliver the experience they crave. 

Join this session to learn more about a modern approach to lead lifecycle management that results in higher conversion, a seamless buying experience, and a faster path to revenue.


Chris Ferraro, Tray.io

Houston, We Have A Problem: Avoiding Pardot Personalization SOS Scenarios

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) is full of features that can help you personalize different types of experiences within the tool. From Dynamic Content to Handlebars Merge Language to Snippets — these features lean on the strong connection between Salesforce and Pardot (data) to power these functions. What happens when the data fails you or these features don’t play along with one another?

Join us for this discussion and show and tell about personalization in Pardot. We will focus on key use cases where these features could fail AND how to prevent this from happening in the first case.


Marcos Duran, Sercante

MarDreamin’ Day 3 Overview 

And here are a few session highlights from the third and final day of MarDreamin’ 2022.

How To Deploy Data For Success, Scale And Customer Experience

Learn the tools, techniques and strategies to make your Salesforce Marketing Cloud data more effective, efficient and easy to use. At the same time, you’ll maximize your efforts, make the most of your data, and delight customers.


Jason Cort, HowToSFMC.com

Pardot Business Units: Pros, Cons, And Gotchas

We are all now getting used to working with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) business units, but most of the implementations we’re seeing are still one business unit. However, many companies are now looking at this as a “what if?” They’re asking questions like “shall we?” or “should we be looking at more than one business unit?”

There are many pros and cons to making this decision, and we will walk through them and discuss. We also have a couple of shiny gotchas to look at and consider before making the leap to multiple Pardot business units.


Tracy Keeling, Capgemini

The Trifecta of Website Event Management

Your website is your digital front store. The experiences your prospects have and how your team interacts with their engagement is crucial in setting yourself apart from your competition. With form completion at an all time less than 1% events are getting harder to gather engagement on, especially via the traditional method of email, landing page and form. 

What if you could engage with your prospects on your website, in real time? Get registration from an interaction without having to pull out the dusty traditional email? 

In this session, you will learn how to deliver fresh event options to your audience on your site via chat. See how conversion rates excel and also allow for new fresh bespoke experiences so that return visitors always have something new to engage with.


Jennifer Lynn Schneider, Qualified

Using Einstein AI Within Account Engagement

It’s time to put Einstein to the test to feel the benefits of using data-driven insights to power your sales and marketing efforts. This session will help you understand how artificial intelligence (AI) tools can show you which prospects are most engaged and the campaigns that were most successful.

You’ll walk away with a better understanding of:

  • How the different Einstein features work within Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)
  • The value of using these features
  • Best practices from Salesforce customers


Jeffrey Stollenwerk, Salesforce

How To Audit Subscriber Activity For Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder’s reporting interface gives users the ability to view high-level statistics on journey performance and the overall volume of subscribers to reach each activity. However, the ability to gain a granular view of the specific step that subscribers are currently at within each journey is limited from the Journey Builder interface. This lack of visibility poses issues from both a reporting and auditing/troubleshooting standpoint.

In this session, we will show you a method of setting up journeys and querying data views that allows marketers to keep track of the steps that subscribers have completed within a Journey, all within a single Data Extension.


  • Austin Kirby, Media.Monks
  • Claudia Hoops, Media.Monks

Everything Marketers Need to Know About Web Tracking Cookies

There’s been a lot of talk about the death of web tracking cookies. Some even suggest it will end marketing as we know it. We’re here to assure that it’s just another evolution in how we make the magic of marketing work.

In this session, we’ll talk about what’s changing, what isn’t, and how marketers on the Salesforce platform can navigate this rapidly evolving landscape.

Topics covered:

  • The differences between third- and first-party web cookies
  • The driving force behind these changes and why it’s a win for user privacy
  • Impact on key stakeholders
  • New technologies and how they fill this gap
  • What marketers can do today to take charge


Krystle Solomon, Sercante

Watch MarDreamin’ replays and get ready for the next one

So, there you have it. MarDreamin’ 2022 is in the books. And thank goodness we recorded the whole thing. 

Until next year, you can consume all MarDreamin’ replays from previous years to get caught up. Visit this webpage and complete the form to get access to all the videos.

And make sure you get on the mailing list so you’re the first to know when we announce the call for speakers, sponsors, and MarDreamies Award submissions for 2023.

Let us know what you liked or want to see more of next year in the comments section.

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MarDreamin’ 2022 Demo Jam Recap: Products to Extend Salesforce

The final day of MarDreamin’ 2022 kicked off with the third-annual Demo Jam, which is like speed dating for SaaS/technology product solutions. Each participant shows the audience what there is to love about the products they’re selling, and then the audience votes to select a winner.

MarDreamin’ is a Salesforce community conference for the marketer. So, this Demo Jam’s focus was on products that play nice with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement and Account Engagement (Pardot).

Each participant had three minutes to present their product demo. Then, demo jam attendees weighed in with their votes after all company representatives finished their presentations. We crowned the MarDreamin’ Demo Jam Champion at the end thanks to everyone’s votes.

2022 MarDreamin’ Demo Jam Winners

This year, we had a tie and named two MarDreamin’ Demo Jam winners. The two winners are Stensul and Sercante Labs. 

Both Sercante Labs and Stensul were neck-and-neck in the end, and the hosts had to call it a tie when a few last-minute votes left both companies with the same number of votes at the end.

MarDreamin’ Demo Jam rules

Each participant had 3 minutes to demo their product and wow the audience. Then at the end of the Demo Jam, the audience voted for their favorite product through an online poll.

2021 MarDreamin’ Demo Jam participants

Richard Feist and Angelica Cabral from Sercante shared Demo Jam hosting duties and provided welcome comic relief while giving away swag to attendees throughout the competition. 

Here’s who presented their products to compete for the best Salesforce Marketing Cloud-integrated  solution:

How the products from the Demo Jam can make your life easier

Each of the presentations at the MarDreamin’ Demo Jam included demonstrations of products that ease pain points for people who work in marketing roles and use Salesforce. 

Here’s a summary of each one and a replay of each demo:


Standing at the center of Salesforce CRM, LeanData’s family of solutions orchestrate and automate the go-to-market process to help revenue teams close more deals and drive more revenue, faster.

Click here to request a demo from LeanData’s suite of products.

Sercante Labs

Sercante has grown and built a reputation for helping marketers succeed on the Salesforce platform. We do that through our consulting services, topical training, and by sharing thought leadership content. With Sercante Labs, we take that one step further and aim to build products, wizards, and tools that help marketing & sales pros kick ass.

Sercante Labs products are born out of challenges we see our customers routinely facing and usually start with an idea submission from our team or someone in the community. If you have a request or a “wouldn’t it be nice if…” idea, let’s chat!

Click here to chat with a Sercante Labs expert.


The Stensul™ email creation platform dramatically reduces email creation time — by up to 90% — so teams can better focus on improving email performance. Stensul streamlines collaboration and simplifies the creation process for all marketers, so they can create emails that drive stronger results. 

Stensul integrates with all leading ESPs/MAPs as well as workflow platforms, image libraries, live content, link tracking, and messaging platforms. Top brands that trust Stensul to solve their most demanding email problems include Accolade, BMW, Cisco, Codecademy, Electric, Equifax, Lucidworks, MURAL, and Yahoo.

Click here to get an email efficiency analysis from Stensul.

Stack Moxie

Anyone who has managed a complex tech stack has experienced how minor inconsistencies can wreak havoc across integrated systems.

Typos, spelling errors, permission sets, and other simple problems can break systems sync, preventing proper lead routing, which stops the sales team from knowing when great leads are interested in your company.

Stack Moxie’s army of robots work on your behalf to make sure each lead promptly reaches its destination as expected. If errors arise, the robots proactively notify you so problems can be mitigated quickly.

Click here to request a personalized demo.


DESelect helps marketers unlock the full power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud without needing to write SQL. Using DESelect’s simple drag-and-drop solutions, users can create complex audience segments quickly, easily integrate new data sources, accelerate campaign execution, and reduce costs by ending technical dependencies. 

Since launching in 2019, DESelect has raised $5.5+ million, built an international team, and helped customers like T-Mobile, Volvo, Cazoo, Emerald, and Merlin.

Click here to book a demo.


Tray.io is a low-code automation platform that can easily turn unique business processes into repeatable and scalable workflows that evolve whenever business needs change. Powering RevOps at Mixpanel, AdRoll and other industry leading enterprises, Tray helps you accelerate revenue and win more deals.

Click here to start your trial.

Why were these companies’ products featured?

The companies featured in the MarDreamin’ Demo Jam are all essential to the success of this conference each year. That’s because they are companies that sponsor the conference. 

The MarDreamin’ team can’t bring all this free content to you without the help of these sponsors. So, be sure to check them out using the links above as a ‘thank you’ to them for their sponsorship.

How to join next year’s Demo Jam

Hey, product marketing friends — you’re probably  kicking yourself and wishing you could have had your company’s tools featured in the Demo Jam. 

It’s all good. You can get ahead and reach out to the MarDreamin’ team now by clicking on this link. Complete the form on that page so you can lock in your sponsorship for 2023.

Learn more about extending Salesforce

We hope you’ve found something helpful through the demos or have sparked ideas to implement integrations in your tech stack. Remember to watch the 2021 Demo Jam Replay and read the 2021 Demo Jam Recap to see the demos from last year and keep it going. The 2020 Demo Jam Replay is also available here.

Have something in mind that you wish Salesforce could do but you haven’t found the solution yet? Tell us about it in the comments below or reach out to Sercante Labs to see if we can help. And remember to check out each of the Demo Jam participating companies!

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Podcast Preview: NextThingNow with Guest Andrea Tarrell

We all know constant changes are inevitable in the realm of marketing technology. So, having a pulse on what’s coming and what we know to be true is essential. 

ICYMI – Sercante Founder and CEO Andrea Tarrell recently joined the UpperRight team on the NextThingNow podcast to share her thoughts on the future of MarTech and the next big things coming to the Salesforce marketing community.

Here’s a quick preview of the podcast episode and links to listen so you can be in the know.

What is the NextThingNow podcast?

The MarTech landscape is complicated. NextThingNow podcast aims to demystify the craziness by talking to experts from across the ecosystem. 

Hosts and co-founders of UpperRight Adam Levelle and Alan Schulman ask questions that go beyond stock answers to real solutions to benefit listeners who work in the marketing technology space. 

Adam Lavelle
Alan Schulman

Words of Wisdom from Special Guest Andrea Tarrell

We all know constant changes are inevitable in the realm of marketing technology. So, having a pulse on what’s coming and what we know to be true is essential. 

In this episode of the NextThingNow podcast, you’ll learn what the future looks like for marketers on the Salesforce platform from Andrea’s perspective.

With the pandemic in the rearview mirror and big Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform changes on the horizon, Andrea covers the major themes she’s following to stay ahead of the curve. She also talks about her career progression, how Sercante came to be, and what’s in store for Sercante clients and friends in the coming months.

And of course, Andrea’s inherent real-talk cheekiness makes an appearance.

Listen to Andrea on the NextThingNow podcast

You have so many options to listen to the NextThingNow podcast. So, get on that!

Here’s how to listen.

Go give it a listen while you churn out your marketing magic. And then tell us about your greatest takeaway from the podcast episode in the comments section below.


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Salesforce Community Events for Marketers: October & November 2022

Attending Salesforce Trailblazer community events for marketers is a great way to learn a new skill, expand your professional network, and stay up to date with Salesforce news and best practices.

Geography is no longer a barrier to attending Salesforce user group meetings, we’re seeing an uptick in virtual meetings for regional groups that are inviting speakers who live outside the group’s base region. At the same time, the world is opening up again to in-person meetings, too.

What that means for all of you is that it’s a wonderful time to be part of the Salesforce community.

October & November 2022 Salesforce community events for marketers

There’s a nicely balanced mix of in-person and virtual events coming up in October and November 2022 that you’ll probably want to attend. Here’s a list of the ones we’re watching.

October 12, 2022 | How to De-Duplicate Records in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Workshop | Virtual

Sign up to attend 

This workshop event is hosted by Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developers Group, and it covers options/practices for deduplicating data in SFMC.

October 13, 2022 | London Marketer Group (Marketing Cloud) October Meeting | virtual

Sign up to attend

In this session, we will be taking a look back at Dreamforce 2022, take a look at the October Release, and also ponder what is next after the retirement of Social Studio. 

Owais Khan

October 14, 2022 | Pardot and Customer Lifecycle Marketing | virtual

Sign up to attend 

Learn with Owais Khan, a regional Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (AKA Pardot) expert, where we delve into the topic of customer lifecycle marketing and how any business can use marketing automation to influence the behavior of your own customers.

October 19, 2022 | BLDR (Development Tool & Package Deployment for SFMC) Deep Dive | virtual

Sign up to attend

BLDR is a CLI Application and Package Registry for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Join Anthony Zupancic, the creator of BLDR, to learn how to get started!

October 20, 2022 | Engagement Reporting 101: Top 5 Must-Have Report Types for Pardot | virtual

Sign up to attend 

Learn how to harness the power of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly, Pardot) and Salesforce with engagement reports to better understand who your most active, engaged prospects and accounts are, what they are engaging with, and how your campaigns are performing.

October 22, 2022 | North Africa Dreamin’ | Casablanca, Morocco

Sign up to attend

Join us in Casablanca to boost your knowledge with international experts and meet the main Salesforce players in Morocco, Africa and Europe.

October 25, 2022 | Using Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Dataroma) to know your customer better | virtual

Sign up to attend 

Arthur Backouche will discuss Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Dataroma) standard and advanced features for customer profiling, intelligence and visualisation that can be used to help you know your customer better.

October 25, 2022 | 

Bienvenido al mundo de Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement)

 | virtual

Sign up to attend

Este será nuestro primer evento organizado por el primer Community Group de Pardot de habla Hispana en Latinoamérica. Es tiempo de conocernos, conocer tus expectativas y hacer de esto algo mucho más grande.

October 26, 2022 | B2B Marketing/Pardot User Group Virtual Happy Hour | virtual

Sign up to attend

Join us and discuss all things B2B marketing (Pardot, Salesforce, DemandGen, Content Marketing etc.). Come ready with any marketing questions or issues you may have. This group of experienced professionals is ready to help!

October 26-28, 2022 | Florida Dreamin’ | Orlando, Florida, USA

Sign up to attend

Florida Dreamin’ is a community-led Salesforce conference designed to bring you relevant content, training, and opportunity right to your region.

October 27, 2022 | Account Engagement (Pardot) and Salesforce Working Together | virtual

Sign up to attend

Let’s discuss how Pardot and Salesforce synchronize! Join this interactive session to test your knowledge of how Pardot and Salesforce work together.  Topics include the basics of the Pardot/Salesforce sync, the connector, why and when records sync, and syncing times. We will also cover highlights of the Winter ’23 Release.  See you soon!

November 1, 2022 | How Salesforce Marketing Cloud works with Sitecore | virtual

Sign up to attend

Sitecore Content Hub integrates with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to help marketers create, manage and personalize their content across multiple channels. With one click, content created in Sitecore can be published directly to the right audience in the Marketing cloud. Salesforce customers can create and publish campaigns using their CRM data in real-time with immersive content from Sitecore

November 2-4 | MarDreamin’ | virtual

Sign up to attend

Get ready for a 3-day virtual conference focused on all things marketing on the Salesforce platform. You’ll learn about topics like Salesforce, Pardot, Marketing Cloud, and third-party integrations and tools.

November 5, 2022 | Dreamin’ Kosovo | Prishtina, Kosovo

Sign up to attend

Dreamin’ Kosovo is a European Salesforce conference, organized in cooperation with LDA Balkan. 

November 8, 2022 | Building a Cross-Team Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Machine | virtual

Sign up to attend

Get ready to learn about ABM from 14x certified Senior Program Manager at Salesforce, Taylor Grimes! ABM is a hyper-personalized, coordinated effort between revenue teams (marketing, sales, and service). If you are unsure how to get started or need help optimizing your efforts, this is the session for you! Taylor is going to give you the guide to achieving ABM and reaching your ROI goals.

November 10, 2022 | Salesforce Marketing Cloud Introduction: Overview and Dreamforce ’22 | virtual

Sign up to attend

Salesforce Sawai Madhopur Marketer Group is presenting the first virtual session for all beginners/marketers. Join us to get an overview of Marketing Cloud. Also, get the recent updates about Dreamforce ’22. Enjoy the learning ride.

November 12 | Women in Tech Dreamin’ | Jaipur, India

Sign up to attend

Reports give you access to your Salesforce data. You can examine your Salesforce data in almost infinite combinations, display it in easy-to-understand formats, and share the resulting insights with others.

Feel the benefits of Salesforce events for marketers

Bottom line, get yourself out there and sign up for Salesforce community events. We promise you’ll connect with likeminded people, expand your skills and knowledge surrounding the Salesforce platform, and probably share a few laughs.

Did we miss your event? While we make every effort to find all the events marketers on Salesforce care about, we’re human, ya know. 

Share the details of your event in the comments below and we’ll add it to our list! Or tell us which event you’re most excited about.

Are you a subscriber? Subscribe to our newsletter to get this calendar of events sent to your inbox each month.

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2022 MarDreamies Awards: An Inside Look

The MarDreamies Awards are a big deal for marketers on the Salesforce platform. That’s because they’re the ONLY award of their kind to honor marketers for building innovative solutions using Salesforce tools.

That’s right. It’s the only opportunity Salesforce customers and consultants who wear marketing hats have to showcase and get recognized in a public forum for their brilliant work.

And we marketers are used to being low on the priority list when it comes to getting recognized for the work we do. Well, the MarDreamin’ team is working to turn that around.

Here’s the lowdown on the 2022 MarDreamies Awards.

From ParDreamies to MarDreamies

Yes, we know this is a weird year for the conference formerly known as ParDreamin’. 

With Pardot rebranding to Account Engagement and moving under the Marketing Cloud umbrella, it was only fitting to expand the conference to be inclusive to all marketers on the Salesforce platform.

This year, the MarDreamin’ team is excited to bring content from marketing pros across Salesforce to provide actionable insights and hands-on learning for every type of marketer.

Hence, the conference was renamed MarDreamin’ and the MarDreamies awards are following that same format.

How to win a MarDreamies Award

So how do you get your hands on one of these babies? 

Think about your proudest marketing moments from the last year. Then, jot down your answers to the following questions:

  • What challenges were you looking to solve? 
  • How did you get there? 
  • And what were the results?

Use the form on this page to share your solution stories with the team. Remember, you can include media with your submission. For instance, including a PDF with screenshots of the solution or a short video where you talk about the work you do (doesn’t need to be perfect) can help your submission to stand out.

MarDreamies Award entries are due by Oct 26, 2022.

MarDreamies 2022 Award Categories

Here are the award categories for 2022:

  1. Personalization Perfection: Right-time, right-message marketing
  2. Social Impact: Creating positive change using Salesforce marketing tools
  3. Grassroots Innovation: Using Salesforce marketing tools to scale small businesses
  4. Extending Salesforce: API-driven marketing solutions

The team will also choose a Best in Show winner from any category. You can enter as many times as you like. However, each entrant can only win an award in one category.

Who should enter to win?

The MarDreamies Awards are open to anyone who uses Salesforce tools for marketing purposes. That includes Salesforce customers, consultants, administrators, analysts, and anyone in between.

Winning a MarDreamies Award is a great way to showcase your work to your company as a whole. In addition, when you win a MarDreamies Award, the company or client for which you did the work is a winner, too. The MarDreamin’ team highlights the winners’ companies or clients when they announce the winners.

Benefits of winning a MarDreamies Award

MarDreamies Award winners get a sweet trophy to remind them of their hard work and dedication in addition to a super secret prize package.

Who won the awards in 2021?

You can read about all of the 2021 ParDreamies Award winners in this blog post. Look for links to the full stories for each award winner. 

There are dedicated blog posts for each 2021 winner that include video interviews to walk you through the winning solutions.

Who are the MarDreamies Award judges?

The MarDreamin’ team includes a panel of judges who selected the speaking sessions for 2022 using a blind selection process. They’ll also serve as MarDreamies Award judges using the same blind selection process, which means they won’t see identifying details about the submissions when they review the entries.

The panel of judges is made up of volunteers from the Salesforce ecosystem who are not part of the Sercante team.

How to find out who wins

Wait, so you want to know who the winners are?

That’s cool. Just show up for the MarDreamin’ After-Party, which is taking place Thursday, Nov 3, 2022, from 4:30 to 6 pm ET. Register for MarDreamin’ so you get alerts when the party details are announced.

Did we miss your question about the MarDreamies Awards?

What did we miss? We hope this gives you a better understanding of the MarDreamies Awards and how to enter to win. But let us know in the comments if you have any questions.

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Merivis Honors Sercante with 2022 Partner of the Year Award

Merivis, a nonprofit organization that helps military veterans and their spouses launch new careers working with CRM technology, is honoring the Sercante team with their 2022 Partner of the Year Award. We’ve been working with Merivis over the past two years to provide $180,000+ in pro-bono support as the organization continues to grow.

The partnership started when we first signed on to help Merivis optimize their Salesforce and Pardot orgs. Since then, we’ve expanded the partnership to include leading training courses offerings in addition to assisting the organization with the operational side of marketing so they can maximize their fundraising campaign efforts.

“Sercante swooped in to fill in technological gaps and prepare us for a bright future,” said Merivis Executive Director Kate Perez about the partnership. And that’s what prompted the team at Merivis to choose Sercante for the Partner of the Year Award.

Partner of the Year Award Announced During Annual Merivis Summit

The entire Sercante team gathered to accept the Partner of the Year award virtually, and the announcement was made during the anual Merivis Summit in June 2022.

Merivis Meetup at Dreamforce ‘22

However, Dreamforce presented the opportunity for Merivis and Sercante to come together in real life. Sercante hosted a Home for Marketers retreat space the whole week of Dreamforce, which was September 19-22 in San Francisco, CA. The team at Merivis jumped at the opportunity to hold an in-person meetup during Dreamforce so members of the organization could find eachother and connect with the Sercante team.

Kate Perez took the opportunity to formally present the Partner of the Year Award to Sercante founder and CEO Andrea Tarrell during the Merivis Meetup.

“I’m just happy that we’re able to help Merivis grow as an organization so they can help more people transition into new careers after years of military service. And having the opportunity to work with Kate and her team is an added bonus. So, we’re beyond thrilled to be recognized with this award,” said Sercante Founder and CEO Andrea Tarrell.


Get involved with Merivis

We highly recommend supporting Merivis however you can. Whether you’re a military veteran or someone who supports them or a member of the Salesforce community, there are a few ways to get involved with Merivis.

Donate to Merivis

Merivis relies on donations and volunteers to keep everything running smoothly. So, making any type of donation goes a long way. You can choose from several different donation levels depending on your level of commitment.

Learn more about making a donation to Merivis here.

Join a Merivis Cohort

Here’s how military veterans can get in on the action.

You can apply to join a Merivis training cohort if you are a current service member, veteran, or military spouse. If approved, you’ll get between two to five weeks of virtual training, which typically requires 5-10 hours of commitment per week.

Visit this page to learn more about joining a Merivis training cohort.

Be a Volunteer Coach

Volunteering is a great way to give back while learning more about yourself and the community. Merivis has a few ways to participate in the program as a volunteer:

  • Salesforce Coach and Content Lead – Mentor Merivis program members either in a group or individually.
  • Volunteer Instructor – Certified Salesforce professionals who volunteer to lead training sessions are essential to the Merivis program.
  • Resume and Mock Interviews – Veterans entering the workforce get help from volunteers to perfect their resume and practice interviewing skills.

Complete the form here to apply to volunteer for Merivis. You’ll bring more professionals into the Salesforce ecosystem while enabling military veterans to launch new careers — and probably meet incredible people while learning new skills along the way.

Tell us About Your Experience

Volunteering to teach others how to work in Marketing Cloud or other Salesforce clouds not only cements concepts in your mind, but it also provides a vital lifeline to people looking to break into the ecosystem.

Have you volunteered your Salesforce skills for a nonprofit organization or user group? Tell us what you learned from the experience in the comments section.

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