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Salesforce Connections 2022: A Conference Preview

Salesforce Connections is a digital marketing and commerce two-day conference that takes place annually. 

It’s happening in person in Chicago, Illinois, from June 7-9, 2022. And you’re invited (to attend virtually if you can’t be there in person, of course).

You may be sitting there thinking to yourself,

These things always take a whole bunch of effort to attend. And I’m not sure what I actually get from it.

We’re here to tell you that the benefits of attending these big tech industry events are gifts that keep on giving. 

I know so many people who made connections with other Trailblazers at Salesforce events that lead to job opportunities, collaborative partnerships, and client contracts (if you’re on the consulting side). And some of these happened years after the initial connections took place!

What is Salesforce Connections?

Salesforce Connections is a two-day conference that’s chock full of educational and inspirational content that’s geared toward marketers who use the Salesforce platform to reach their goals. 

Not to be confused with the series of the same name on Salesforce+, it happens annually and brings together all the big names you’ve learned to associate with Salesforce and marketing.

Salesforce Connections 2022 is happening June 8-9 in Chicago at McCormick Place.

Who attends Salesforce Connections?

Salesforce Connections is where all types of marketing and commerce professionals can learn how to use technology effectively and discover the latest innovations as they look toward the future. 

The event grew steadily from a humble 600-person conference to one that welcomed about 13-15,000 attendees in recent years (with the exception of the pandemic years). We expect to see a similar number of in-person attendees this year.

If you’re a marketer or work in a marketing operations capacity for a company or organization that’s on the Salesforce platform, then Salesforce Connections is a conference that can open doors for you. 

This conference is for anyone who supports marketing and commerce efforts using Salesforce tools like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud (including all products under the Marketing Cloud umbrella, like Pardot), Customer Data Platform (CDP) Slack, and CRM Analytics (Tableau).

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How do I attend Salesforce Connections?

You have two ways to attend Salesforce Connections — in person or virtual.

In person in Chicago, IL

If you can attend the conference in person, then you (or your employer) will have to shell out $999 for the Full Conference Pass. (register here)

Attending the conference in person is the way to go if you can swing it (or get your company to send you). 

In-person attendees have access to: “the main show, luminary session, breakouts and theater sessions, hands-on workshops, Circles of Success roundtable discussions, and networking with your Community and Trailblazer Celebration event, as well as daily a.m. and p.m. breaks and lunch.” 

You have over 180 sessions to sort through and build your agenda. And don’t forget about the after parties!

Salesforce reserves a block of hotel rooms near the conference location, but you have to get on it before the May 13, 2022, deadline. You’ll see information about reserving a room when you complete the registration process.

Virtual from anywhere in the world

You still have access to high-impact content — even if you’re taking the low-stress/low-cost route by attending Salesforce Connections from home.

Tune into Salesforce+ June 8-9 to catch highlight videos from the event.

Salesforce Connections 2022 Agenda

Yeah, yeah. We know you want to attend Connections to learn and whatnot. But have you SEEN the parties and networking events?

You can sort through the 180+ session descriptions and filter by product, role, and industry. And here are a few highlights we’re looking forward to.

Marketing Cloud Innovation and Releases: Live

In 2022, marketers have more tools than ever to exceed customers’ sky-high expectations. Learn about the most impactful Marketing Cloud innovations to date, and see what’s coming next.

Thursday, Jun 9 | 2:00 PM – 2:20 PM CDT | Lake Erie Theater

Session Description

Build Marketing Integrations with Account Engagement V5 API

Account engagement has a new API built from the ground up with ease of integration in mind. Build marketing assets, manage your campaigns, and create custom activities easier than ever.

Thursday, Jun 9 | 11:00 AM – 11:20 AM CDT | Lake Michigan Theater

Session Description

The Party at Connections 2022 Musical Guest: OneRepublic

I usually have something to say about all the Salesforce musical guests, but this one is new to me. I’ll be tuning in with all of you to check them out. (It’s not them. I apparently don’t know any pop music made after 2005.)

In the past, Salesforce Connections has welcomed talented musicians like Gwen Stefani, Train, and They Might Be Giants. And, I’m sure this will be one for the books!

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Into the Night: An After Party for Salesforce Marketers

If you’re attending Salesforce Connections 2022, then you have to get on the list for Into the Night: An After Party for Salesforce Marketers.

Taking place June 8 immediately following The Party at Connections, you can continue the party into the night with good vibes and new friends.

It’s taking place on the 22nd floor rooftop terrace of the VU Rooftop Bar, which is a few minutes’ walk from the convention center. Keep the party rolling with a live DJ, open bar featuring exclusive rooftop cocktails, breathtaking star-gazing over the Windy City, and a tapas menu developed by the James Beard-nominated restaurant group.

Space is limited and the party is a hot ticket. So, RSVP to secure your rooftop spot!

See you at Salesforce Connections!

While 2 days and $999 plus hotel costs may seem like a huge investment, the benefits you’ll get from attending Salesforce Connections extend far beyond the educational aspects.

Attending these Salesforce conferences is a great way to stake your claim as part of the greater Salesforce ecosystem and get to know your peers. We’re all very friendly. I promise.

Tell us if you’re going to Salesforce Connections this year in the comments!

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Community Events for Marketers on Salesforce

Attending Salesforce Trailblazer community events is a great way to learn a new skill, expand your professional network, and stay up to date with Salesforce news and best practices.

We were definitely missing in-person events during the dumpster fire that was 2020-2021. But something great happened, which is shining through as the silver lining to the situation.

Trailblazer Community groups chugged on by introducing more virtual events. And that opened the doors to people from all over the world to attend regional user group events. 

Now that geography isn’t a barrier to attending Salesforce user group meetings, we’re seeing an uptick in virtual meetings for regional groups that are inviting speakers who live outside the group’s base region. At the same time, the world is opening up again to in-person meetings, too.

What that means for all of you is that it’s a wonderful time to be part of the Salesforce community.

Upcoming events marketers on Salesforce will want to attend

There’s a nicely balanced mix of in-person and virtual events coming up in May and June 2022 that you’ll probably want to attend. Here’s a list of the ones we’re watching.

May 13, 2022 | Recorido de marketing B2B usando Pardot | Salesforce Marketer Group (Marketing Cloud), Mexico City, MX

This is a big one for Spanish-speaking marketers. Marcos Duran of Sercante is teaming up with the Mexico City Salesforce Marketer Group to provide an introductory tour of Pardot for Spanish-speaking Marketing Cloud users. 

Sign up to attend

May 16, 2022 | Marketing careers path with Pardot and Marketing Cloud | Salesforce Marketer Group (Pardot), Dubai, UAE

Join the third Dubai Pardot user group meeting to get the insights on Salesforce marketing careers path with Andrea Tarrell; CEO of Sercante, her Pardot Product Director; Erin Duncan and her SFMC Product Director; Kirsten Schlau.

Come and meet some new fellow trailblazers and find out what updates you get to look forward to!

Sign up to attend

May 17-19, 2022 | Tableau Conference | Las Vegas, NV, US

Experience the magic of Tableau Conference, and see why it’s the destination to celebrate the power of data with the world’s largest data community.

Learn from peers and experts. Get inspired by data success stories. Discover how data-driven insights can take your business to new heights. Kick back and have fun with the DataFam. It all happens at Tableau Conference, however you choose to attend.

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May 24, 2022 | In Person Happy Hour! | Salesforce Marketer Group (Pardot), Austin, US

Austin, Texas, area Salesforce community members, let’s all meet up at The Grove in downtown Austin. The group will cover heavy appetizers and first drink for the first 12 people.

Parking is nearby or a valet in front of the restaurant is available.

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May 25, 2022 | Einstein on SFMC what do people think? | Salesforce Marketer Group (Marketing Cloud), Dublin, IE

Let’s discuss Einstein experience and how people are using it in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We’ll also discuss upcoming releases.

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May 26, 2022 | Pardot Re-Brand (MCAE) & ’22 Summer Release Insights (in person) | Salesforce Marketer Group (Pardot), Irvine, US

We are excited to host our first in-person meet-up of 2022! Join us for a casual networking lunch with other Pardot users in the OC area. Learn about the new Pardot re-brand and insights on the ’22 Summer Release. Lunch will be provided.

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May 26, 2022 | Pardot Name Changes, Summer ’22 Releases and Datorama | Salesforce Marketer Group (Pardot), Sydney, AU

Join us for this month’s virtual user group to learn more about the recent Salesforce name changes for 6 products, including renaming Pardot to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.

We will also share the Summer’22 Releases for Pardot and have Andrew Duong from Salesforce taking us through a demonstration of Marketing Cloud Intelligence, formerly known as Datorama.

Sign up to attend

June 2, 2022 | Summer ‘22 Release + Pardot Rebrand Virtual Meeting | Salesforce Marketer Group (Pardot), Atlanta, US

Join the Atlanta Pardot User Group for an overview of what’s coming in the Summer ‘22 release, a revisit of the biggest features from the Spring ‘22 release, and Pardot’s rebrand to “Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.” We’ll also discuss plans to get back to in-person user group meetings and future topics!

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June 8-9, 2022 | Salesforce Connections | Chicago, IL, US

It’s happening, Trailblazer. We’re bringing back the industry leaders, innovators, change makers and forward thinkers, unlocking connection as we navigate the future together. From marketing to commerce, digital experiences, communities, industries, and beyond, there’s something for everyone here. Skill up with hands-on training. Hear the latest insights and trends at luminary sessions and keynotes. Cross paths with like-minded professionals and network with your community.

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June 16, 2022 | World Tour London | London, UK

Come along, we’re taking customer success on the road and around the globe. Discover new ways to connect with customers, dive into the latest innovations, and get together with fellow Trailblazers. Join us in person or stream highlights live and on demand on Salesforce+.

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June 23, 2022 | World Tour New York | New York, NY, US

There’s nothing quite like being in a room of energetic, like-minded people ready to transform the world. Join us in person to hear firsthand stories of customer success, wowing customers with Customer 360, the benefits of going net zero, and how inclusive policies are just good business.

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C’mon — Sign up for Salesforce community events!

Bottom line, get yourself out there and sign up for Salesforce community events. We promise you’ll connect with likeminded people, expand your skills and knowledge surrounding the Salesforce platform, and probably share a few laughs.

Did we miss your event? While we make every effort to find all the events marketers on Salesforce care about, we’re human, ya know. 

Share the details of your event in the comments below and we’ll add it to our list! Or tell us which event you’re most excited about.

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Salesforce TrailblazerDX: Must-See Sessions for Marketers

In-person Salesforce conferences are back in 2022, and we’re getting ready for TrailblazerDX (formerly TrailheaDX) — which is the big event for anyone who builds on the Salesforce platform using developer or declarative solutions.

TrailblazerDX is taking place April 27-28, 2022, in San Francisco as well as virtually through Salesforce+ live streams and on demand after the event ends. 

TrailheadDX rebrand to TrailblazerDX

Salesforce is always rebranding things. Onward and upward, right?

TrailblazerDX is the conference formerly known as TrailheaDX.

In the past, this was known as the Salesforce conference event for developers and solution architects. But things have changed. 

The conference now casts a wider net with content for anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of the Salesforce platform. That can include Salesforce admins and general users, consultants, and analysts in addition to developers and architects.

If you’re a marketer or support a marketing team from any one of those roles and nerd out about the backend of Salesforce, then there’s a good chance you’ll want to catch a few TrailblazerDX sessions this year.

Marketing-focused TrailblazerDX sessions

We’re always on the lookout for sessions our fellow marketers should catch. 

You’ll want to attend these sessions if you’re attending TrailblazerDX in real life this year. Or, check out the full schedule of sessions you can watch virtually on Salesforce+.

Build Marketing Integrations with Account Engagement V5 API

Okay, okay. We’re especially excited for this session, not just because Sercante VP of Technology Adam Erstelle is part of it, but because the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement V5 API is a game changer for all of us looking to build on the platform. (Did we mention Sercante is a MC Account Engagement PDO?)

Adam is teaming up with Christopher Cornett and Adil Delawalla, both from Salesforce, to present the fifth version of the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) API.

Marketers are using an average of 12 separate tools in their tech stacks to power their marketing strategies. This new Account Engagement API further opens the door to integrate martech products with MC Account Engagement (Pardot).

Session description

Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) has a new API built from the ground up with ease of integration in mind. Build marketing assets, manage metadata, and create custom activities easier than ever.

In-Person | Thursday, Apr 28 | 12:00 PM – 12:40 PM PDT

Build Connected Commerce and Marketing with Flexibility and Ease

Catch the fairy swag-mother herself, Guilda Hilaire, along with several teammates from Salesforce and Timber Fontijn, Solution Architect for Shoeby, to learn how they build connected e-commerce experiences from the ground up.

Session description

Develop connected digital experiences that attract and convert customers — and keep them coming back. Discover new tools purpose-built for developers, designed to make your work fun and easy.

In-Person and Virtual | Thursday, Apr 28 | 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM PDT

Analytics with Salesforce CDP and Tableau

Salesforce Senior Product Manager Mark Rabins understands the challenges marketers face when working with organizational data that isn’t clean and mapped properly in Salesforce CDP. He’ll walk you through a solution to ease that burden.

Session description

Salesforce Customer Data Platform stores a lot of data from across your enterprise. As a result, users can now build visualizations and cleanse their data for analytics.

In-Person | Wednesday, Apr 27 | 12:30 PM – 1:10 PM PDT

Architect with Intention: Ethical Risk Assessments

User experience design is a new frontier we’re all navigating through trial and error. Leah Koshiyama and Rick Munoz are joining forces to walk us through lessons they’ve learned while incorporating ethical and inclusive elements in Salesforce products. It’s a must-see session for product marketing professionals.

They’ll show you how designing inclusive and ethical user experiences is a collaborative process that touches all areas of the product development lifecycle. And you’ll learn why that’s what makes it so exciting for organizations to adopt.

I wish more people appreciated that inherent in design is the essential value of considering everyone’s experience. Inclusive, accessible design makes experiences better for everyone!

Rick Munoz, UI/UX Principal, Salesforce

Session Description

Learn to identify ethical risk areas in the product design and development process (tasks, interactions, hand-offs), and what can be done to mitigate risks to build more ethically and inclusively.

In-Person | Wednesday, Apr 27 | 2:30 PM – 3:10 PM PDT

Complex Messaging and Journeys with CDP and Marketing Cloud

Parimi Srinivas and Dawn Ratcliff from the Salesforce product management team are going to walk us through an advanced solution to achieve complex messaging goals through the integration of Salesforce CDP and Marketing Cloud.

Session description

Enable marketers to maintain brand and GEO boundaries while integrating Salesforce CDP and Messaging and Journeys.

In-Person | Wednesday, Apr 27 | 1:30 PM – 1:50 PM PDT

Salesforce on Salesforce: Our Slack for Sales Journey

Recently, Salesforce released a game-changer solution that integrates Sales Cloud with Slack. In this session, Lissa Smith and Jenny Tran walk you through the ‘why’ behind the solution so you can get excited about it.

Session description

Learn about our Slack for Sales journey at Salesforce: how we rolled out the new Sales Cloud for Slack app, key sales use cases, our low-code solutions, successes, challenges, and what’s next.

In-Person | Wednesday, Apr 27 | 2:30 PM – 3:10 PM PDT

TrailblazerDX 2022 Musical Guest: Weezer

Did we mention Weezer is the TDX musical guest this year? 

Those of us who aren’t attending IRL are fighting the FOMO in hopes that their performance will be broadcast live on Salesforce+.
Image: Salesforce

See you at TDX 2022!

So, TrailheaDX was known as the developer conference, but TrailblazerDX opens the doors for everyone on the Salesforce platform to learn how it works. 

And while marketers don’t always get the attention they deserve, we see lots of exciting things on the horizon for our pals. It’s especially evident at this year’s TrailblazerDX conference.

If you’re lucky enough to catch TrailblazerDX in person this year, remember to attend the Build Marketing Integrations with Account Engagement V5 API session. You’ll learn more about building custom integrations with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot), and you can say “hi” to our favorite MCAE API experts.

Have a favorite memory from TrailblazerDX? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Salesforce Product Retirement: Social Studio Sails into the Sunset

The Salesforce platform social media scheduling tool, which we all know as Social Studio, has officially entered sunset mode and has a retirement date set for 2024. 

While the writing’s been on the wall for over a year, it may still be a shock for people who keep everything on the Salesforce platform and rely on Social Studio. We’ve seen a wave of big news, like product name changes, from Salesforce lately. And this news increased our collective jaw drops.

But, but, but… why would Salesforce retire social studio and duck out of the third-party social posting game? This seems like an odd decision.

In reality though, it’s a practical decision that team Salesforce has been working toward for a while. In this post, we’ll break it down for you so you can accept it and adjust your marketing strategy as you plan for the future.

Why is Salesforce no longer selling Social Studio licenses?

We (as-in, the Sercante marketing team) recently discovered the news about Social Studio’s journey into the sunset while shopping for social media scheduling tools. 

During our shopping process, we learned that Salesforce hasn’t made any updates or enhancements to Social Studio in over a year. Then, we contacted a Salesforce AE who informed us that Salesforce is not selling Social Studio licenses after January 31, 2022. 

So, we moved forward with one of our other social media scheduling tool options and said sayonara to the idea of using Social Studio.

Social Studio end-of-life dates

Here are important dates you should know about if you’re a Salesforce Social Studio customer:

  • August 1, 2022 – no Social Studio product renewals after this date
  • November 18, 2024 – end-of-life target date for Social Studio

You will still have access to Social Studio until the end of your contract date or November 18, 2024 (subject to change), whichever comes first. 

Other social media scheduling tools do it better

Salesforce tries to do it all within the platform. But social media scheduling is (arguably) one of the things their competitors do better. 

While there’s no official statement about the reasoning, we’re guessing team Salesforce has rightfully accepted the superiority of competing platforms.

Who will feel the greatest impact of the Salesforce Social Studio retirement?

Some people are going to feel Salesforce Social Studio’s retirement more than others. While other third-party social scheduling platforms include functionality that’s superior to Social Studio, there’s a few major things the competition hasn’t figured out yet.

Here’s who will feel greater effects of the Social Studio retirement moving forward.

Social Studio users who include organic Facebook carousels in their marketing strategy

We have a client who uses Salesforce Social Studio. They have had great success with the inclusion of organic Facebook carousel posts in their marketing strategy. But, they now have to revisit their social strategy based on the news.

We’ve evaluated several third-party social scheduling apps and haven’t found any that can handle posting organic Facebook carousel posts. Let us know in the comments if you have a solution for that.

People who integrate Social Studio with Salesforce Service Cloud

As you’d expect, Social Studio has easy-to-use integrations with other Salesforce clouds, and now teams that rely on those integrations need to revisit their setup.

The two main things you can currently do through Social Studio integrations with other Salesforce clouds is create Sales Cloud leads and respond to or create Service Cloud cases. These features may seem insignificant to some, but they are game changers to teams that rely on them.

If you’re using Social Studio integrations with other Salesforce clouds, then you’re going to need to find an alternative before the tool goes away forever.

Best Social Studio alternative for Salesforce users

The good news is that Salesforce is already working to create alternatives to Social Studio by teaming with third-party social scheduling platforms.

Depending on your company size, industry, and goals, we have a few recommendations for alternatives you can implement before Social Studio is completely retired. You’ll want to evaluate a few alternatives to Social Studio before jumping on board with one. 

For example, you may not need the robust capabilities of one platform if all you do is share simple text social media posts. Or, you may need an advanced platform if you’re scheduling social media posts for an enterprise-level company with many social channels and lines of business.

A few of our favorites are:

One thing we’re already excited about is all of these alternative platforms have better reporting capabilities than what was available in Social Studio. For example, most of these alternatives give you a holistic view of engagement reporting across ALL social channels. Whereas, Social Studio only offers engagement reporting for individual channels.

Sprout Social and Salesforce partnership

Salesforce and Sprout Social logos

Salesforce and Sprout Social recently announced they’ve joined forces to create an integration between the two platforms. According to the release, the integration connects Sprout to Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Slack.

The great part about this partnership is that many of the same functionalities from Social Studio will be available through the integration with Sprout Social.

The Sercante team jumped on board with Sprout Social, and we’re happy to report that it meets all of our social scheduling needs. It’s easy to use, we can manage multiple brands, and it has other helpful features, like the integration with Canva.

How to connect Sprout Social to Salesforce

The integration is already live and ready for you to integrate Sprout Social with your Salesforce org. This integration allows you to create Sales Cloud leads and respond to or create Service Cloud cases just like you did with Social Studio. 

You can find instructions for integrating Sprout Social with Salesforce here

Goodbye Social Studio, and fare thee well

Whelp Social Studio, it was a good run. But Salesforce is giving you the it’s not you… it’s me treatment. And we’ve already moved on.

For the team at Sercante, the partnership between Sprout Social and Salesforce made choosing a third-party social media scheduling tool easy. The integration means it will do all the same stuff Social Studio does — plus a bunch of other features that make our lives easier. 

However, you may find an alternative platform that meets your needs better. And that’s to be expected. 

What third-party social media platform are you using? What are your favorite features and what do you wish yours could do better? Tell us in the comments.

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Sercante Joins the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advisory Board

Representing marketers on Salesforce, Sercante Founder & CEO Andrea Tarrell teams with Salesforce to shape the future of Marketing Cloud.

Understanding and growing to meet evolving client needs is a mutual goal Sercante shares with Salesforce. To accomplish that goal, we’re announcing Sercante CEO & Founder Andrea Tarrell has been appointed to serve on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner Advisory Board.

“We’re thrilled to have a seat at the table to advocate for our customers’ needs and shape the direction of the Marketing Cloud roadmap,” said Andrea Tarrell, CEO & Founder of Sercante.

“This aligns with our goal of helping all marketers be successful with the Salesforce platform, and I look forward to representing Sercante on the PAB.” 

What are Salesforce Partner Advisory Boards?

The purpose of the Partner Advisory Board (PAB) is twofold:

  1. To serve as a source of input from leaders and industry experts to aid in the formation of strategy, planning, and execution on all dimensions of Salesforce products & business
  2. To give partners a formal forum to voice ideas and opportunities that can accelerate their business growth

Salesforce Partner Advisory Boards are organized by product and focus area. For instance, there are PABs for partners specializing in services, AppExchange products (ISV), and boards for individual Salesforce clouds, like Service or Commerce Cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner Advisory Board

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud PAB includes consulting partner representatives from all products under the Marketing Cloud umbrella including Pardot, Datorama, Interaction Studio, and more.

With this new role on the advisory board, Sercante will have an opportunity to actively influence the future development of Salesforce Marketing Cloud products. 

Representing Marketers on Salesforce

The Sercante team works closely with marketing-focused clients who use Salesforce tools to accomplish their goals. With that in mind, Andrea’s appointment to serve on the Marketing Cloud PAB highlights Sercante clients’ unique marketing technology experiences. 

Andrea will deliver Sercante client perspectives straight to the drivers of Salesforce platform innovation. This open communication stream will shape the future of Marketing Cloud products to better meet the needs of all marketers who use Salesforce tools.

Goal: Drive marketing-specific platform innovation

The big winners in this announcement are marketers who use any Salesforce tools, whether they work in Pardot, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, or a combination of products. Now with better representation on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner Advisory Board, marketers using any Salesforce cloud will see versatile product innovations for both the B2B and B2C marketer.

What innovations do you want to see with Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Tell us in the comments, or reach out to learn more about Sercante.

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Nonprofits on Salesforce: How to leverage Pardot for marketing and more

Nonprofits that are using Salesforce have much to gain by incorporating Pardot into their marketing strategy. 

But, isn’t Pardot only meant for teams following a B2B marketing strategy? While Pardot is built for B2B marketers, lots of nonprofits follow the business-to-business marketing model to deliver a diverse range of services to communities.

Here’s how nonprofits of many shapes and sizes use Pardot to drive marketing, fundraising, and volunteer management strategies.

Why use Pardot instead of other marketing automation platforms?

Missions of all nonprofit organizations of the world are as diverse as the communities they serve. With that in mind, the marketing automation platform you choose must meet the specific needs of your team. You may already be using an email marketing platform like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or HubSpot. And migrating to Pardot may be the thing you’ve been looking for to scale your marketing efforts and open departmental silos at your organization.

Pardot is a lead generation and nurturing tool that falls under the Salesforce umbrella.

Here are three main questions you should ask yourself when determining if Pardot is right for your organization.

  1. Does your organization already have a Salesforce org in place?
  2. What is your marketing team trying to achieve?
  3. What resources are available to your organization?

Take a few minutes to consider these questions. Pardot is a powerful tool, but it can only make teams successful when it’s the right tool for the job.

Pardot for nonprofits on Salesforce

If your organization is already a Salesforce customer, then using Pardot for marketing may be the right choice for you. Pardot is built on the Salesforce platform. That means, it’s fairly easy to pass data from Pardot to other Salesforce clouds that are connected to your org.

One of the advantages of using a combination of Salesforce clouds is the ability to view Salesforce as the single source of truth when checking on the health of your organization. It also makes it easy to gather valuable reporting data you can use to show the results of your work and the impact your organization has on the community.

You can see Pardot data inside other Salesforce products, like Sales Cloud, Nonprofit Success Pack, Nonprofit Cloud. Philanthropy Cloud, and Education Cloud. This creates a connection between marketing and other teams at your organization, whether they’re fundraising, sales, or volunteer recruiting teams. 

For example, content from Pardot is available inside Salesforce. That means your marketing team can control branding and content usage in other departments and create consistent experiences for everyone.

However, you can still use Pardot at your nonprofit organization if you’re not on Salesforce. Check out this article to learn more.

What Pardot does for marketing teams at nonprofits

Pardot works great for small teams, which means it may be ideal for smaller nonprofits with limited resources. Beyond connecting teams that use Salesforce by eliminating data silos, Pardot provides nonprofits with the tools they need to nurture prospects throughout long engagement cycles.

Pardot Dashboard View

Marketers at nonprofits use Pardot for many reasons. But here are the main ones:

Fundraising and Donor Communications

Many nonprofits rely on individuals and companies to provide the funding they need to accomplish their organizational mission. Pardot allows nonprofits to track engagement with prospective and existing donors so they can see the results of specific marketing campaigns. They can adjust their marketing strategies to focus on the types of campaigns that result in the greatest fundraising success.

The engagements these nonprofits track are related to content and email marketing efforts. Nonprofit organizations leverage their website, social media, Pardot landing pages, paid advertisements and other marketing channels to generate interest in their organization. 

Pardot collects engagement data as people interact with the organization’s content. After nurturing prospective donors for an extended period of time, fundraising teams can use the engagement data reporting to pinpoint the most interested individuals and companies. Then, they can swoop in at the perfect time because they know when prospective donors are most likely to make a donation. And, they have rich data they can use for impact reporting and budget justification.

Volunteer Recruitment and Management

Engagement studio program

Recruiting volunteers and managing the day-to-day operations of a nonprofit organization is no easy task. In general, the teams at nonprofits wear many hats and do what they do more out of passion than pay grade. That’s where Pardot comes in. It’s a versatile tool built to ease the burden for small marketing teams with limited resources.

Pardot can help to recruit and manage volunteers for nonprofits similar to the way it tracks prospective donors. You can pull volunteers into Pardot by uploading their information through a .csv file or syncing to a custom field in Salesforce. 

You can also gather prospective volunteer data in Pardot. To do that, you create a conversion point, like a form on a ‘Become a Volunteer’ page on your website. Then, create a Pardot campaign for that form so you know people in that campaign have interest in volunteering for your organization.

Once they decide to start volunteering, you can use Pardot for onboarding and to keep them informed and engaged after they join. Pardot Engagement Studio allows you to create automated journeys for your volunteers. Then, they get the communications they need in the right place and at the right time based on engagement activity.

You can even track whether or not volunteers are getting proper training. For example, using a Pardot Engagement Studio Program, you can send emails containing training sessions recorded through Zoom over a 30-day period for new volunteers as they join your organization. The Pardot-Zoom integration allows you to see whether or not new volunteers watch the training videos. Then, you can understand the effectiveness of the training and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Fundraising Events

Nonprofits use fundraising events to get the community involved by promoting a culture of giving. These events are often the culmination of all the hard work teams endure throughout the year, and they drive budgetary allocations for the entire organization. 

Things have changed in recent years for nonprofit organizations that use event-based fundraising tactics. Giving the option to participate in events virtually has become commonplace and essential for many organizations. That’s where Pardot becomes a game-changer.

Pardot is ideal for all types of events — in person, virtual, or hybrid. You can track prospect engagement in all of these situations using Pardot, and marketing automation makes it easy to build a journey that builds excitement while providing essential information for your event.

But how can you track in-person event attendance, you ask? Since Pardot is built on the Salesforce platform, you can enlist the help of a Salesforce developer to build custom apps. Then, in-person attendees can use the app to check in to the event and specific presentations. Or, you can use a third-party event platform to host a hybrid event. This allows you to pull engagement data from the platform into Pardot through integrations.

Resources for nonprofits marketing with Pardot

Now that you know how Pardot works for marketing teams at nonprofits, you can start thinking about your next steps. Evaluate your current marketing processes to identify what’s working, what isn’t, and where there are opportunities for improvement. Then, you can start to explore Pardot to weigh it against other marketing automation tools available and see if it’s a good fit.

Keep it going with these resources to learn more about nonprofit marketing with Pardot:

Tell us how your organization is handling marketing and donor communications in the comments. And reach out to Sercante to see if Pardot is the right option to take your organizational goals to the next level.

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ParDreamin’ 2021 Demo Jam Recap: Products to Extend Pardot

The final day of ParDreamin’ 2021 kicked off with the second annual Demo Jam, which highlighted sponsors’ products by showing how Pardot customers can extend the capabilities of their technology stack through integration. 

Each participant had three minutes to present their product demo. Then, demo jam attendees weighed in with their votes at the end of the session. We crowned the Demo Jam Champion at the end thanks to everyone’s votes and sent a trophy to the winner.

This year’s Demo Jam winner was Feedotter, which was presented by Feedotter Founder Andy Thiemer.

ParDreamin’ Demo Jam Rules

Each participant had 3 minutes to demo their product and wow the audience. Then at the end of the Demo Jam, the audience voted for their favorite product. Since Sercante won the 2020 Demo Jam, Adam Erstelle had 5 minutes to present but was not eligible to win the 2021 competition.

2021 ParDreamin’ Demo Jam Participants

Sercante’s own Richard Feist and Courtney Cerniglia shared Demo Jam hosting duties and provided welcome comic relief while giving away swag to attendees throughout the competition. 

Here’s who presented their products to compete for the best Pardot solution:


SaaScend empowers go-to-market teams to hit their ultimate revenue potential by combining revenue operations domain expertise with cutting-edge go-to-market technologies so teams can focus on scaling revenue. With over 300 clients in the last four years, SaaScend is creating a SaaS-plus-services platform for revenue operations, partnering with clients to guide, coach, and manage their go-to-market technology stack for years.

Craig Jordan is the Founder of SaaScend, the RevOps Consulting Firm partnering with SaaS startups to scale and grow their businesses with systems, data, strategy, and people. A revenue operations expert who has worked with over 300 companies, his background includes over 10 years of experience as a marketing leader, entrepreneur, coach, and a technology strategist. Craig is fueled by his passion for guiding go-to-market teams to success and has been a guest speaker for several industry webinars, conferences, and events.


Qualified is the conversational sales and marketing platform for revenue teams that use Salesforce. Leading B2B brands like Adobe, Bitly, SurveyMonkey, ThoughtSpot and VMware trust Qualified to grow their pipeline by tapping into their greatest asset — their corporate website — to identify their most valuable buyers, understand their intent, and instantly start a sales conversation. Qualified runs natively on Salesforce and is ranked #1 in its category on the Salesforce AppExchange.


FeedOtter allows you to create personalized email newsletters and send automated blog emails from Pardot. With built-in templates for newsletters, blog digests, and employee emails, and easy-to-use interface, you can create and send emails in less than 15 minutes.

Andy Theimer is the founder of FeedOtter and enjoys building tech companies, marketing strategies, and anything radio-controlled. Specialties: tech, seo, saas, content marketing, influencer marketing, and marketing automation.


GetFeedback is an agile CX platform for Salesforce that enables your team to start fast, and think big, so they can focus on what matters most — your customers.

Alan MacDougall is an engineering manager on the GetFeedback platform team handling their most high-value integrations. 


Sercante offers Pardot and Salesforce consulting, support, and development services. We support growth-minded companies with strategy, technology and execution across every step of the lead-to-revenue process.

Adam Erstelle has 20 years of software and development team leadership experience and a knack for diving into new technologies and learning them quickly. At Sercante, he is the driving force behind all product development initiatives and works with Pardot, Sales Cloud, and Heroku, among other platforms.

ParDreamin 2021 Demo Jam Full Video Replay

You can relive the ParDreamin’ 2021 Demo Jam and all of Rich and Courtney’s regional colloquialisms by watching the full video replay below.

Learn More About Extending Pardot

Watch the Demo Jam Replay to see the demos and learn more about using integrations to extend Pardot functionality. However, the ParDreamin’ 2021 Demo Jam includes only a small portion of the seemingly endless ways you can get Pardot to do more so you can reach your goals. 

Here are more resources to learn about extending Pardot through integrations:

Have something in mind that you wish Pardot could do but you haven’t found the solution yet? Tell us about it in the comments below or reach out to Sercante Labs to see if we can help.

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How to Empower Higher Ed Marketing Teams with Pardot

Higher ed institutions around the world are embracing a digital future with the shift to marketing with Pardot. 

The traditional way of reaching prospective students, donors, and community partners is being replaced by personalized digital marketing tactics. And Pardot is the key to connecting institutional departments while providing right-time and right-message marketing.

Enter Pardot. Marketing teams at higher education institutions that are also Salesforce customers can finally feel like they’re part of the action. That’s because Pardot is built on the Salesforce platform, which enables marketing teams to connect their data and content to other departments at their institution. And Pardot allows marketers to generate valuable leads, nurture relationships, and convert more prospects throughout the power of marketing automation.

This is how Pardot empowers marketers working in higher education to reach their goals.

Pardot Connects Higher Ed Marketers to Other Departments

Have you ever had the feeling that your marketing team is on an island? Well, if the college or university you’re at already has an existing Salesforce org in place, then you’re in luck.

Pardot is a Salesforce product. That means it connects seamlessly with other Salesforce clouds in place at your institution. You can pass data (e.g., prospect activity) and content (e.g. email and landing page templates) for better cross-departmental collaboration.

Pardot has a cloud product for just about any type of company and organization. That includes clouds different departments in higher education may be using already. For example, here’s how the technology stack may look for a mid-size regional university.

higher ed marketing with pardot

Prospects get better experiences with higher ed institutions through Pardot

Pardot is great for B2B companies because they have a long sales cycle. This cycle includes lead generation, nurturing, and multiple opportunities and sales over a long period of time. Many institutions of higher education operate in a similar fashion.

Current students may come from a long line of repeat students and family legacy. 

They may engage with your institution by attending as undergraduate students. While at your university, they require student success resources so they keep coming back each semester. After graduation, they may slowly start giving back as their earnings increase each year. And finally, their children will make it to your mailing lists as the time to look at colleges arrives.

Pardot ensures a consistent and personalized experience for everyone in your funnel. And it gives you the opportunity to tailor your efforts based on tangible insights through engagement activity tracking.

Here’s how it works.

Lead Generation

You create a conversion point, like a form on a ‘Schedule a Visit’ page on your website. Then, create a Pardot campaign for that form so you know people in that campaign have interest in visiting your university campus. 

Pardot creates a prospect record for everyone who completes the form. Then, you’ll start to see engagement activity on the prospect record as they interact with your content (e.g., web pages and emails) thanks to the power of web tracking cookies.

Prospect Nurturing and Student Retention

pardot engagement studio example
Pardot Engagement Studio Program Example

Once you get prospects into your funnel, the goal is to keep them engaged so your institution is top of mind when they finally make a decision about where to go to school or spend their annual donation budget. 

You can accomplish that by creating content that provides value for your audience — whether it’s educational, entertaining, or inspirational. Your content marketing strategy will include a robust website with rich content resources. Then, you can use Pardot to track the effectiveness of your content efforts.

Then, you can start nurturing your prospects by sending them on personalized and automated content journeys with Pardot Engagement Studio.

You can even use Pardot to drive student retention initiatives. For example, your team can create an Engagement Studio Program that delivers wellness and educational resources to current students. You can use the data from that program to identify students who need outreach from a school advisor or administrator.

Marketing Reporting

Higher ed institutions are feeling the crunch when it comes to scaling marketing efforts with limited budgetary resources. And nothing helps to justify budget allocation more than solid marketing reporting metrics. 

Pardot provides a set of built-in reports, which are the day-to-day reports for marketing teams. From emails to forms, these reports show the performance of marketing assets created in Pardot, and they allow you to monitor and make adjustments to assets. 

Salesforce reports and dashboards allow you to customize your reports. Additionally, it can be the first step in helping to align the marketing team with other departments within the college or university. 

That means, you can sync data from Pardot into Salesforce, such as data collected from forms. Then, you can create Salesforce reports using the data and start using shared marketing and advancement or student recruiting dashboards. 

Resources about Pardot for higher education marketers

Understanding why your college, university, or higher education institution should migrate to Pardot is the easier part. Convincing your colleagues and leadership team may be another story. 

One thing’s for sure. Your marketing team can finally feel like part of the greater team by migrating to Pardot if the rest of the institution is operating on the Salesforce platform.

Learn everything you need to know to make the case and upgrade your marketing strategy for the all-digital future by checking out these resources.

Thinking about making the switch? Tell us about your current marketing strategy in the comments. And reach out to Sercante when you’re ready to implement Pardot at your higher education institution.

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ParDreamies Best In Show Pardot Award Winner: Destined

The first-ever ParDreamies awards, which were presented during the ParDreamin’ 2021 VIP After Party, celebrate solutions marketing and IT professionals built to reach their goals using Pardot. These solutions are especially impressive because they each rose to solve a specific challenge while utilizing technology to automate their way to greatness. Winners of the ParDreamin’ awards get bragging rights for their team and company, a sweet swag pack, and a fancy trophy to remind them how awesome they are every day.

ParDreamies Categories

The ParDreamin’ team created five categories to honor the teams behind the magic:

  1. Personalization Perfection: Right-time, right-message marketing
  2. Social Impact: Creating positive change through Pardot
  3. Grassroots Innovation: Scaling small business with Pardot
  4. Extending Pardot: API-driven solutions
  5. Best in Show

Here’s the solution that won the ParDreamies 2021 Pardot award for the Best in Show category, which recognizes the overall winner among all ParDreamies award submissions. The ParDreamies Best in Show award went to Destined, which was submitted by Tammy Begley and Claudia Hoops.

Best in Show with Destined

Understanding who your prospects are and how they might interact with your brand presents a challenge to even the most seasoned marketers. The team at Destined saw opportunities in that challenge.

The ParDreamies Best in Show award goes to the team at Destined for building a fun icon-driven landing page their prospects use to profile themselves. Prospects use the landing page to provide information about themselves so Destined can send them on a personalized journey through a Pardot Engagement Studio Program.

Quick Facts:

  • Automates prospect profiling
  • Enables easy prospect segmentation
  • Empowers prospects to tell brands what they’re looking for
  • Combines Pardot forms, landing pages, scoring and grading, and engagement studio programs

About the Award-Winning Solution

Destined is a premier Salesforce consulting partner based in Australia. They do great work in the Pardot space and have several amazing marketing champions. 

With a client from the property industry, the team at Destined workshopped the criteria of an ideal client and put a Pardot grading profile together. As a result, we built an engaging, icons-driven profiling landing page for prospects to self-identify and build their own profiles. Anyone who signs up for the newsletter is added to a welcome journey within Pardot Engagement Studio. The objective of this journey is to build rapport and trust so the prospect profiles can grade them.

They built an easy and engaging way to automate the collection of information rather than for a sales team member to ask these questions over the phone to then find out that the person they are talking to wasn’t ready to buy. 

Challenge the team wanted to solve

Australia’s property industry is very competitive. As a property developer, you want to collect as much information as possible about your potential buyers. It is imperative that sales teams can quickly follow up with clients who are ready to buy, have finance approved, and are high budget investors. 

At the same time, it likely makes sense to send prospects who are still saving and might be looking to buy in 12+ months on an educational nurture campaign. The profiling page automates the gathering of this information in an engaging way.

Hurdles they overcame during the project

There were no major hurdles to overcome other than coming up with the idea in the first place on how to build an engaging landing page that prospects actually want to complete. 

Pardot forms and landing pages helped the team to build an engaging profile page. They used Pardot’s profile feature to build the criteria of the property developer’s ideal client profile. Then, they built automation rules to trigger the grading. And finally, they built a welcome journey as a Pardot Engagement Studio Program with the profile page as a call to action to gather the information from our prospects.

Results after implementing the solution

To date, the team has seen a 34% conversion rate on average. This is for customers who have been put onto the welcome journey and who have profiled themselves and have met the MQL threshold of being the right client.

Learn more and keep it going

The project was a huge success, but it took several people and a great deal of expertise and resources to make it happen. Here are resources you can use to replicate the project in your own Pardot instance or get inspiration to do something similar.

Going to try this on your own? Tell us about it in the comments or reach out to Sercante for help along the way. 

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ParDreamies Social Impact Pardot Award Winner: Lexipol

The first-ever ParDreamies awards, which were presented during the ParDreamin’ 2021 VIP After Party, celebrate solutions marketing and IT professionals built to reach their goals using Pardot. These solutions are especially impressive because they each rose to solve a specific challenge while utilizing technology to automate their way to greatness. Winners of the ParDreamin’ awards get bragging rights for their team and company, a sweet swag pack, and a fancy trophy to remind them how awesome they are every day.

The ParDreamin’ team created five categories to honor the teams behind the magic:

  1. Personalization Perfection: Right-time, right-message marketing
  2. Social Impact: Creating positive change through Pardot
  3. Grassroots Innovation: Scaling small business with Pardot
  4. Extending Pardot: API-driven solutions
  5. Best in Show

Perhaps the greatest side effect of the awards is the opportunity to share the winning solutions so others can replicate them in their own Pardot instances. Here’s the solution that won the ParDreamies 2021 Pardot award for the Social Impact category, which recognizes teams that utilize Pardot to affect positive social change. The ParDreamies Social Impact award went to Lexipol, which was submitted by Miriam Childs and Julian Janssen.

Social Impact with Lexipol

Lexipol is a Texas-based company that provides policy manuals, training bulletins, and consulting services to law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and other public safety departments. 

The team at Lexipol sprang into action in March 2020 and utilized Pardot to launch a Coronavirus Learning & Policy Center. This was a resource designed to give public safety agencies free access to industry-specific COVID-19 online learning courses, policies and news to assist in their response on the front lines of the pandemic and to help their communities during a particularly challenging time.

To add an extra hurdle, the company was evolving from a recent merger. This project represented one of the first times they offered these solutions under one brand, which in turn helped demonstrate how the merged entities could add value and deliver on their brand promise.

Quick Facts: 

  • Pardot was critical in promoting and tracking success.
  • List emails and social posts informed the market of the site, highlighting critical information via dynamic segmentation.
  • Pardot files hosted and tracked policy documents available on the microsite.
  • Scoring and connected campaigns allowed leveraging of interaction data.
  • Per Einstein AI campaign influence, these efforts influenced 2,445 opportunities to date.

Challenge the team wanted to solve

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lexipol, the leader in policy, training and wellness support for public safety and local government, recognized the urgent need for pandemic-related resources in public safety agencies who were tasked with executing many of the public health responses necessary in the pandemic. The team at Lexipol investigated opportunities to help public servants safely succeed in helping their communities during a particularly challenging time.

Hurdles they overcame during the project

Internally, Lexipol innovated by pooling relevant resources across product lines, consolidating them in a unified place and providing free access to any agency, whether or not they were a current customer. Evolving from a recent merger, this project represented one of the first times they offered these solutions under one brand. In turn, the project demonstrates how Lexipol uniquely provides comprehensive solutions to help agencies serve their communities in times of critical stress.

Results after implementing the solution

Compiling resources across systems and unifying access through a free online environment presented a challenge. However, the product was incredibly successful in helping first responders access critical resources to address the challenges of the pandemic.

List emails and social posts informed first responders of the site, and they highlighted critical information via dynamic segmentation. Additionally, scoring and connected campaigns allowed leveraging of interaction data to help sales and services teams follow up with agencies that benefited from the resource. This process contributed significantly to  converting prospects to customers while helping existing customers adopt additional solutions.

Over the course of the campaign, over 13,000 courses were accessed, 17,000 policies downloaded, and 1,700+ agency leaders requested online learning access be set up for their agency. Per Einstein attribution’s campaign influence model, these efforts influenced 2,445 opportunities to date.

Learn more and keep it going

The project was a huge success, but it took several people and a great deal of expertise and resources to make it happen. Here are resources you can use to replicate the project in your own Pardot instance or get inspiration to do something similar.

Going to try this on your own? Tell us about it in the comments or reach out to Sercante for help along the way. 

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