About Ambre Juryea-Amole

Growing up in Reading, Pennsylvania, Ambre Juryea-Amole spent her youth at punk/ska/metal/hardcore shows aspiring to be a rock & roll journalist. When she graduated college, she realized her career choice was mostly based on her desire to get press passes to her favorite bands' shows. So, she took a different route and spent 10 years in marketing roles while moonlighting as a freelance writer. She eventually caught the Salesforce bug and found her spot on the team at Sercante.

How Military Veterans are Launching Pardot Careers

We have big news for military veterans and their families who need vital lifelines to join the Salesforce ecosystem. The Sercante team is working with a nonprofit organization that’s well known in the Salesforce world to revamp its entire sales and marketing technology stack while enabling the expansion of Pardot training programs. 

Sercante is donating $140,000 in pro-bono company resources to Merivis, which is an organization that eases the transition to civilian life for military veterans and their families. Merivis provides resources for veterans and military spouses pursuing careers in cloud computing by coordinating learning cohorts that work to gain specialized skills and certifications. 

The pro-bono donation from Sercante will revolutionize Merivis fundraising efforts by equipping the team with a robust marketing strategy that has digital-first experiences built in. Sercante is also donating Pardot training programs to Merivis members so they can gain specialized technology skills to help them launch their new careers.


Donation expands Pardot training programs for Merivis

The donation to Merivis is expanding training programs for military veterans and their spouses who want to work in Pardot as they launch their civilian careers. While Merivis has offered Pardot training to members in the past, the donation will create a 40-student cohort that will focus on all things Pardot. 

To design programming for the cohort, Sercante team members worked with the team at Merivis to combine existing Sercante Pardot training content with the Merivis method of training. 

The Merivis Pardot training cohort program includes:

  • Content from Salesforce Trailhead
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Virtual learning sessions
  • Soft-skills work to gain professional development competencies

Merivis Logo

Merivis prepares for rapid growth

The $140,000 donation to Merivis also includes a significant amount of technical support hours from the Sercante team. Merivis will use the support hours to increase the impact of their efforts using Pardot and the Salesforce platform, which will enable Merivis to scale their marketing strategy as the organization continues to grow.

Since 2015, Merivis founders Hector Perez, Kate Perez, and Joe Castro, have worked to build the nonprofit organization to provide real-world training to military veteran families as they transition to civilian careers in technology. More than 500 military veterans and their spouses have completed the training programs. 


Get involved with Merivis

We highly recommend supporting Merivis however you can. Whether you’re a military veteran or someone who supports them or a member of the Salesforce community, there are a few ways to get involved with Merivis. 


Donate to Merivis

Merivis relies on donations and volunteers to keep everything running smoothly. So making any type of donation goes a long way. 

You can choose from several different donation levels depending on your level of commitment. Learn more about making a donation to Merivis here.


Join a Merivis Cohort

You can apply to join a Merivis training cohort if you are a current service member, veteran, or military spouse. If approved, you’ll get between two to five weeks of virtual training, which typically requires 5-10 hours of commitment per week.

The goal for each cohort is to work toward Salesforce certifications, like the Pardot specialist or Pardot consultant certification.

Visit this page to learn more about joining a Merivis training cohort.


Be a Volunteer Coach

Volunteering is a great way to give back while learning more about yourself and the community. Merivis has a few ways to participate in the program as a volunteer:

  • Salesforce Coach and Content Lead – Mentor Merivis program members either in a group or individually.
  • Volunteer Instructor – Certified Salesforce professionals who volunteer to lead training sessions are essential to the Merivis program.
  • Resume and Mock Interviews – Veterans entering the workforce get help from volunteers to perfect their resume and practice interviewing skills.

Complete the form here to apply to volunteer for Merivis. You’ll bring more professionals into the Salesforce ecosystem while enabling military veterans to launch new careers — and probably meet incredible people while learning new skills along the way.

Have you learned more about yourself by volunteering your Pardot skills for a nonprofit organization? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Dreamforce 2021 Hacks for Busy B2B Marketers

You are likely aware Dreamforce 2021 is streaming live on Salesforce+ September 21-23 if your job has anything to do with Salesforce or Pardot. That’s because the good marketers at Salesforce know how to find you and make sure you come to whatever thing they’re promoting.

Well, it’s all with good intentions. That’s because there’s lots of information Salesforce needs to relay to customers, users, consultants and partners as the platform evolves. 

Dreamforce serves as the annual culmination of that information relay. It’s the place to go to learn more about the direction Salesforce is taking with the platform so you can adjust your own technology strategy. But, like most things in 2021, you’re gonna have to watch it virtually unless you have a golden ticket to this invite-only event.

Attending Dreamforce virtually is creating barriers for me as a busy human person. So, I put on my marketer hat to figure out how I can hack this. 

Here’s the Cliffs Notes version of Dreamforce 2021 for B2B marketers who have other stuff to do.

Major Dreamforce 2021 Announcements

Salesforce always saves their flagship Dreamforce event for sharing major announcements. In 2020, it was the Slack acquisition and Salesforce pandemic response. 

Two big themes dominate Dreamforce 2021: 

We’re all getting used to this digital-first world. Salesforce is creating more educational and inspirational content every day while enabling people to work and learn from anywhere. So making some big Slack announcements and moving all that video content to one hub makes perfect sense.

How to Hack Dreamforce 2021: A B2B Marketer’s Guide

In years of Dreamforce past, in-person attendees could choose from many Pardot-focused sessions to learn about a wide range of Salesforce and business strategy topics. There was even an agenda builder to help attendees sort through all the content. 

Salesforce+ is going to house all of those hours of recorded sessions and video content. And Salesforce is going to broadcast live on the platform, which means most of that video content will be available to everyone after the conference is over.

If you’re like me, then you probably don’t block time to attend entire virtual conferences — let alone three days in a row. Instead, you have the parts you want to see playing on one screen while you’re working in another and you get all stressed out from not giving full attention to either. 

I’m also more of a reader than a watcher when it comes to learning new concepts. So, I’m going to provide the reader’s version of everything marketers should catch at Dreamforce this year by collecting the blogs/articles that give insights into these sessions. Then you can read about the topics that interest you and only tune in for the fun stuff (i.e., Fresh Prince & Foo Fighters!)

Remember to take a relaxing break from Dreamforce 2021 at ParDreamin’ Pond.

Day 1: Tuesday, September 21

Dreamforce Main Show: Welcome to the Trusted Enterprise with Marc Benioff and special guests

The main show is top-secret new content, so you’ll have to tune into that one.

Session Description 

Today, every business has to transform to become a Trusted Enterprise. Join Marc Benioff and special guests to learn how the Slack-First Customer 360 helps businesses of all sizes succeed anywhere.

9:45 a.m. PT / 12:45 p.m. ET

From Idea to Exit: Build a Thriving Business on AppExchange

Here’s an AppExchange-focused Dreamforce preview from Holly Rushton with the lowdown for Salesforce product people. These AppExchange-focused sessions are especially beneficial for B2B SAAS and product marketers.

Session Description 

Trailblazing entrepreneurs share how they landed on a profitable business idea, secrets to scaling, wisdom from the journey, and why they love being part of our partner ecosystem.

12:00 p.m. PT / 3:00 p.m. ET

Welcome to Your Digital HQ

Slack and Salesforce

This session addresses the Salesforce acquisition of Slack that was finalized in July 2021 and builds upon Slack-First Salesforce Customer 360 and Digital HQ concepts. 

You can read more about the Slack Digital HQ concept in this press release from Slack.

Session Description 

Redefining what’s possible in a digital-first world.

12:00 p.m. PT / 3:00 p.m. ET

Grow Moments into Relationships with Slack-First Marketing

Salesforce is introducing the concept of using Slack to manage marketing campaigns and projects. Using integrations, workflows, and channels, marketers can use Slack to feel more connected with the company as a whole and create a more collaborative experience.

You can earn a Slack-First Marketing Trailhead badge to understand this concept.

Session Description 

In relationships, every moment counts. Marketers must be data-focused, AI-savvy, and agile. Learn how Trailblazers have done this, plus get a peek at new Marketing Cloud and Slack innovations.

1:00 p.m. PT / 4:00 p.m. ET

Data and Privacy in a Cookieless Future

first party cookie

This is a big one for marketing operations professionals. MOPs everywhere are rethinking their strategies in response to impending deadlines as most major web browsers drop support for third-party web tracking cookies. 

Martin Kihn, Salesforce SVP, Market Strategy, Marketing Cloud, presented a webinar in June 2021 with the same name as this Dreamforce session. Here’s a blog Kihn wrote that explains the concepts and links to the webinar.

Session Description 

How will changes in cookies, the rise of real-time unified profiles, AI-driven measurement methods, and the privacy imperative impact marketers? Learn how to thrive in the cookieless future.

1:30 p.m. PT / 4:30 p.m. ET

How to Do Sales Prospecting the Right Way

Sales and marketing goes hand-in-hand, which means the best B2B marketers understand the sales process inside and out. Lucky for you, Salesforce has already released a guide on this very topic that you can peruse at your leisure. Here’s the Salesforce Complete Guide to Sales Prospecting.

Session Description

Prospects are the fuel for the sales pipeline. Whether you’re just starting out or an expert hoping to level up, learn how you can turn prospecting into a science.

3:00 p.m. PT / 6:00 p.m. ET

What is RevOps and Why is it Critical to Your Success?

RevOps is one of those buzzwords that’s puzzling marketers who are new to the concept. But it’s one of those areas that brings every division together at a company because they are working toward a shared goal. Diligent B2B marketers should understand this concept so they can contribute in meaningful ways through their marketing efforts. Here is the Salesforce guide to understanding revenue operations.

Session Description

86% percent of executives say revenue operations is important to meet their goals, but just 41% are very confident they understand RevOps. Learn why RevOps is important and how to get started.

5:00 p.m. PT / 8:00 p.m. ET

Day 2: September 22

Explore Slack & Salesforce’s Successful Path to Integration

This particular session is going to be interesting because it explains how Slack and Salesforce teamed up to integrate the two platforms. So, you may want to tune in for this one. 

This session will also serve as a great companion to the concept of Slack-first marketing. Here’s a guide that includes instructions on how to build your Slack-Salesforce integrations to make it all work like magic.

Session Description

Learn how Slack’s business technology developers, in partnership with Salesforce, exponentially sped up the integration of both companies by building innovative solutions on the Slack platform.

9:00 a.m. PT / 12:00 p.m. ET

Getting Back to Growth: B2B Sales Reimagined

We’re all rethinking everything we thought we knew about sales and marketing. Companies on Pardot are already ahead of the curve, but rethinking their sales strategies to meet changing priorities takes some work. Check out this Salesforce guide to reimaging sales strategies and fuel economic growth.

Session Description

In a post-pandemic world, most sales leaders are focused on filling the funnel and getting back to growth. Learn how to reimagine sales strategies in the complex and dynamic world of B2B sales.

9:30 a.m. PT / 12:30 p.m. ET

Time to Digest All That Dreamforce Content 

Hopefully this Dreamforce 2021 guide for B2B marketers proves to be helpful as we all navigate this new way of approaching Salesforce events. 

We’ll have to accept these virtual conferences as the norm until the day comes that gathering in large groups is safe again. And maybe we’ll continue to see these hybrid in-person/virtual conferences so everyone can attend regardless of their location (or comfort level in large crowds). 

Let us know how you feel about Dreamforce 2021 in the comments below.

Wishing B2B marketers got more love at Dreamforce 2021? Well there’s a whole three-day virtual conference coming October 27-29 to fill those gaps. 

Register for ParDreamin’ 2021 so you can fill your head with all the Pardot and B2B marketing knowledge you need to accomplish your professional goals. We promise you’ll meet people like you who do awesome things with marketing automation. 

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Four big Salesforce Winter ‘22 Pardot highlights

It’s time to prepare for the Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release and how it will affect your Pardot instance.

We get three major releases from Salesforce each year — Spring, Summer and Winter. Each Salesforce release includes upgrades and enhancements that affect Salesforce orgs in different ways. 

So, if you’re using and managing Pardot for your company or organization, then you’re in the right place. We’re going to cover everything you need to know about the Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release for Pardot admins and users.

Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release Dates

Here are the Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release dates:

  • August 12, 2021: Pre-release org signup
  • August 16, 2021: Release notes available
  • August 27, 2021: Sandbox preview starts, release site available, and release Trailhead module launches
  • August 30, 2021: Release overview deck and feature matrix available
  • September 10, 2021: Release weekend
  • October 1, 2021: Release weekend
  • October 8, 2021: Release weekend
  • September 10-17, 2021: Release Readiness Live

Salesforce Winter ’22 Release: 4 Highlights for Pardot users and admins

Pardot users and admins are getting lots of attention from the Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release. Some updates are changing the way we work to meet evolving technology demands. Others are saving us time by connecting the dots in a logical way. All we know is, this release includes big updates for people in the sales and marketing world.

Highlight 1: Salesforce My Domain requirement

A Winter ‘22 release update has the potential to create chaos for companies that want to use branded domain names.

The Salesforce Winter ‘22 release will require all orgs to have a My Domain.

That means Pardot orgs that aren’t already configured for My Domain will get a random Salesforce-picked domain name. My Domain names have to be unique, so you’re outta luck if some other Salesforce customer has yours already.

If you don’t have a My Domain yet — then register your brand name now! You don’t have to deploy My Domain right away, but you can claim your preferred domain name now and deploy later (preferably in a Sandbox).

Salesforce My Domain Example

There’s likely to be a gold rush for domains from now until the first few weeks of the Winter ‘22 release, peaking at release, as folks register My Domains before enforcement or pick new ones after being force-registered.

What you should do: Implement a My Domain if you don’t have one

Here are resources to use when implementing a Salesforce My Domain.

(Thanks to Sercante Salesforce Solution Engineer Hayley Tuller for this one!)

Highlight 2: Pardot Classic App Retirement

Pardot Classic isn’t going away completely. But, the Winter ‘22 release includes a step toward moving in that direction. Salesforce has given soft nudges to customers encouraging them to adopt Lightning for quite some time. With that in mind, the Winter ‘22 release brings the news that Salesforce is retiring the Pardot Classic App after October 17, 2021. 

Current Pardot Classic users can refrain from panicking for now. The Pardot Classic App is a Salesforce page with Pardot on top via iFrame. The Pardot Classic App experience is going away, but you can still access Pardot Classic for now. Salesforce will disable the Pardot Classic App for ALL users on October 17, 2022. After that date, Pardot Classic users will only be able to access Pardot using the standalone Pardot app (available at pi.pardot.com).

Say goodbye to the Pardot Lightning app

What you should do: Start planning for the switch to Pardot Lightning

Salesforce Lightning is here to stay, so expect more pushes toward making the switch if you’re using Pardot Classic.

Here are resources to prepare for switching to Pardot Lightning.

Highlight 3: Pardot marketing asset design capability enhancements

Marketers love drag-and-drop tools like fish love water. Salesforce is opening the doors for more drag-and-drop design functionality in Pardot through a few different enhancements.

Enhancement #1: Pardot drag-and-drop landing page editor

Pardot Lightning users now have the ability to build landing pages faster in Pardot with a user-friendly landing page editor. After you enable the feature, the Pardot drag-and-drop landing page editor allows you to create landing pages from templates or scratch. 

Enhancement #2: Custom components for the email content builder

You currently use standard components when you create emails in Pardot. These are the blocks you use to add elements, like graphics or text boxes, to your email drafts. 

Winter ‘22 brings an enhancement that will open the doors to using custom components in your emails to add fancy features and customizations. 

Enhancement #3: Push emails from Lightning Experience into Engagement Programs

We were all excited to start creating emails in the drag-and-drop editor in Salesforce Lightning Experience. But, we were limited in how we could use those emails.

After Winter ‘22, you can push those emails from Lightning Experience into Pardot Engagement Studio programs. All you have to do is create your emails and activate them for use in automations.

What you should do: Evaluate how your team creates Pardot marketing assets

All of these enhancements to the way marketers build assets in Pardot are meant to make the tool easier to use. It may make sense for your team to adopt them or look toward other options. You can figure that out by evaluating your team’s current process for building marketing assets like landing pages and emails.

Document your team’s current processes and talk to them about what works and doesn’t work well for them. Also, pay attention to how much time they are spending on these tasks so you can determine if it makes sense to invest in upgrades or external resources.

Highlight 4: Extending Pardot through integrations

Salesforce is highly customizable thanks to integrations. And new ways to extend Pardot through integrations are going live all the time.

Here are a few Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release enhancements that use integrations to extend Pardot functionality.

Enhancement #1: Send Slack notifications to Pardot users via completion actions (beta)

Interacting with prospects at the right time and in the right way is key to earning their trust. And now you can enable your sales team to capture those moments even more.

A Winter ‘22 enhancement allows you to set a completion action that notifies Pardot users in Slack when prospects interact with marketing assets. Because the Slack acquisition is still unfolding, this new feature also gives us a glimpse of what’s to come now that Slack is officially under the Salesforce umbrella.

Enhancement #2: New enablement resources and the Pardot API v5

Salesforce developers who work with Pardot will have access to the Pardot API v5 with the Winter ‘22 release. This update also includes super helpful enablement resources for Salesforce developers who are new to working with the Pardot API.

Enhancement #3: Pardot Extensibility Enhancements

You probably use third-party apps all the time for things like webinars and virtual events. But using the data from those third-party apps in Pardot can be difficult without heavy lifting. 

The Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release is opening the doors to capturing and using that third-party data in Pardot. You can now collect prospect data in third-party apps and bring it into Pardot by setting up a Marketing App Extension.  

What you should do: Integration brainstorming session

Have a brainstorming session to discover ways you can use integrations more effectively in your Pardot instance. You can kickstart the session by completing the sentence “wouldn’t it be nice if Pardot…” as many times as you can. Then, rank those sentences you created and focus on the ones that will have the greatest impact on your marketing efforts.

Implementing those integrations you identified through your brainstorming may go beyond your team’s capabilities. If that’s the case, you can reach out to Sercante Labs to find out how you can make it happen.

Pardot is getting bigger and better all the time

B2B marketers who come to Pardot are usually looking to scale their efforts and grow in a way that makes sense. These latest enhancements from the Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release get Pardot marketers closer to those goals by saving them time and resources. 

Adding more user-friendly design capabilities addresses a major pain point for many Pardot customers. And extending Pardot through integrations and feature upgrades is preparing Pardot orgs of all sizes for the future.

Contact the team at Sercante to get help implementing these enhancements in your Salesforce org and Pardot instance. And leave us a comment below to let us know what you think about the Winter ‘22 Release.

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Work Confidently in Pardot through Quality Assurance Testing

Feel more confident as an admin or end user by kicking ass at Pardot quality assurance testing.

We’ve all been there before. Everything is set up in Pardot for an email or engagement studio program. But the fear hits before clicking the button to launch it. Is everything set up so it tracks correctly? Could there be a typo or broken link somewhere? This is where checklists and quality assurance testing are helpful.

The term ‘quality assurance testing’ makes the process seem more complicated than it needs to be. What you’re essentially doing is checking the details to be sure everything looks and behaves the way it should before you finalize and launch whatever it is you’re doing in Pardot.

While checklists give us a certain level of assurance real confidence comes from experience and learning, if you are interested in learning from our seasoned experts then why not check out these Pardot training courses Sercante offers to immerse yourself in the topics you aren’t totally confident about yet.

What types of Pardot quality assurance testing should admins do?

Lots of quality assurance testing needs to be completed to be sure that any Pardot instance works as expected. Pardot advanced users and admins can complete quality assurance in a Pardot sandbox environment. But most of the day-to-day Pardot QA testing tasks happen in production orgs. Typically, QA tasks related to the flow of data between Pardot and Salesforce are completed in a sandbox environment to prevent the potential loss of data.

You should complete quality assurance testing  in a Pardot production environment (that’s a fancy term for your regular ol’ Pardot instance) when you create or launch the following:

  • Engagement studio program
  • List email
  • Pardot form or form handler
  • Static list
  • Dynamic list
  • Social media post
  • Custom redirects
  • Page actions
  • Dynamic content
  • Email preference centers
  • Scoring
  • Grading

Seasoned Pardot admins likely have lists in their heads to double-check each of these items before sending, saving, or launching them. But admins and end users who are newer to Pardot lack the experience of knowing what can go wrong without proper QA testing. 

If you’re in the latter category, then you’re in the right place! These checklists are for Pardot admins and end-users who are in the beginning stages of learning to use Pardot.

You can find information about more advanced types of Pardot quality assurance testing & the Pardot Sandbox in this blog from Mike Fazio.

Pardot Quality Assurance Testing Checklists for Admins and End Users

As you build your confidence in Pardot, you’ll feel less apprehensive about sending your marketing efforts out into the world. You’ll also get less and less of those “please fix it” messages from your team.

Here’s a checklist of things you can double-check to feel more confident about the work you do in Pardot.

Email Templates and Drafts

You can perform basic quality assurance checks on Pardot email templates and list email drafts. But you may need to invest in a more advanced tool, like Litmus, to be sure your email will render correctly and pass through email spam filters. 

When you’ve finished building your email, click on the ‘Testing’ tab in Pardot to send yourself and any other reviewers test emails. This list may be longer depending on the complexities of the email itself. But we’re going to assume it’s a simple email for the purposes of this checklist.

  • Basic Info
    Look at the Basic Info tab in case there’s something you overlooked. Pay attention to the Campaign and Folder to be sure you selected the right ones for this particular email.
  • Subject Line & Preview Text
    Check that you remembered to add them and proofread.
  • Header Text
    Proofread the email header and adjust if necessary.
  • Email body copy
    Read through the entire email twice and fix any grammatical errors or typos. Then read it again.
  • URLs
    Click every link including linked images to ensure they are working correctly.
  • Text Email
    Make sure the text version of the email matches the HTML version.
  • Sending
    Look at the sender details and to be sure you chose the right ones. 
  • Mailing Lists
    Check your list so you know it’s going to the right email addresses. And remember to add any suppression lists you may need.
  • Completion Actions
    Make sure you successfully added completion actions if that was part of your plan.

Pardot form or form handler

  • Complete the form to test
    Using incognito mode in your browser, complete the form or form handler. You can add the word “test” as you’re completing the form so other Pardot users know your form data is from a test.
  • Find your test data
    Verify data from your test entry made it into Pardot and Salesforce, if applicable, as expected. Pay attention to every field.
  • Check completion actions
    Verify completion actions are carried out as expected.
  • Cause form errors
    Repeat testing the form by trying to “break” it. Fill out the form again, and mess up your entry (use an incomplete email address, leave required fields blank, etc.)
  • Test in other browsers
    You can use a tool like Browserling (free and paid versions) to mimic different types of browsers and operating systems for further testing.

Segmentation Lists 

Static list

  • Spot-check the list to ensure the correct prospects are present.

Dynamic list

  • Click the Preview button. Spot-check the prospects on the list to ensure the correct prospects are present.

Engagement studio program

  • Test every path
    Click on ‘Testing.’ Run the test several times until you’ve tested every possible path.
  • Check your dates
    Double check all of your dates to be sure they align with your goals and best practices.
  • Add test prospects
    Create test prospects and add them to your program first when you want to test more complex programs (make sure your test prospects fit your rules). You may have to shorten your wait times to complete the test in a reasonable amount of time.

Automation Rules 

  • Check the preview
    Preview automation rule to be sure it matches your expectations.

Social media post

  • Review post copy
    Proofread your text. Then read it again.
  • Verify @ mentions
    Go to the social media channel and search for actual profiles to verify any @ mentions you include in the post. Keep in mind that @ mentions on one social media channel probably won’t work on other channels. You’ll have to duplicate tje post and change the @ mentions for other social media channels.
  • Check hashtags
    Look up any new hashtags you want to include on the social media channel you want to use it on. This is so you know you’re using something that’s related to your post and not already in use or irrelevant.
  • Link to something
    Remember to include a call-to-action URL if applicable. Click ‘Insert Link’ if you’re sending people to something that’s in Pardot or a custom redirect.
  • Check the link
    Copy the URL and paste it into a separate tab to check the link.
  • Include a graphic
    Make sure you include a graphic (if applicable). Also, check that the graphic size is appropriate for the social media channel.
  • Check the profile
    Double check that you selected the correct social media profile for the post.
  • Proofread again
    Read the text one last time.

Custom redirects

  • Click the link
    Access the link from your usual web browser. Then, look for your prospect record in the custom redirect prospect list.
  • Test in incognito
    Test the link again from a web browser that’s in incognito mode and look for your click on the custom redirect.
  • Check completion actions
    Verify any completion actions are carried out as expected.

Page actions

You can check that your page actions are working properly after you add tracking code to your website.

  • Configure page actions
    Set up your desired page actions.
  • Go to the pages
    Visit those pages as a cookied prospect.
  • Look for results
    Verify that your page actions worked as expected.

Get a PDF checklist to use for QA testing in Pardot

You can view and download a handy PDF checklist to use every time you’re launching Pardot admin campaign materials. Fill out the form to get your Pardot QA testing PDF checklist:

Be fearless with your Pardot quality assurance testing skills

It’s totally normal to feel uneasiness before completing tasks in Pardot. I mean, you’re sending things out into the world that hundreds or thousands of people might see. Sorry to startle you. But that’s also the cool part about working in marketing. The stuff you’re marketing is going to solve problems for people. And you’re going to help them find out about it!

Confidence will come to you in time after you click around in Pardot and test all the things you’re building. 

Build confidence faster through Pardot training courses

You can fast-track yourself to feeling confident in Pardot by attending structured training sessions. There is so much to learn about Pardot with a seemingly endless list of resources. But nothing beats the real-life applications you learn through talking to people who understand Pardot and use it every day.

Check out the training courses and workshops Sercante offers for Pardot users and admins. You can find specific courses for deep-dives into a topic or beginner-level overviews for people who are new to Pardot.

Click here to view all Sercante training workshops and courses.

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Announcing The Spot for Pardot Jobs

We’re thrilled to announce a new platform we’ve launched for finding and posting Pardot jobs.

Supporting the Pardot community by sharing knowledge built the foundation for The Spot for Pardot in the Salesforce ecosystem. The Spot for Pardot Jobs hatched from that idea. 

We already share how-to guides, career advice, and occasional war stories with Pardot. So, we decided to kick it up a notch by helping marketing professionals find jobs working with Pardot and other technology tools.

The Spot for Pardot Jobs 2

The best place to find and post Pardot jobs

The Spot for Pardot Jobs is a one-stop-shop for finding marketing-related jobs working with Pardot and Salesforce. 

Anyone can post a job to the site for free. This makes the platform more accessible to smaller companies and startups that have limited hiring budgets.

The team at Sercante manages The Spot for Pardot Jobs. That means we’ll moderate the content to ensure listings are updated and relevant to job searchers. Our wish is for The Spot for Pardot Jobs to be the go-to platform for job seekers and companies looking for mutually beneficial relationships with Pardot professionals.

The Spot for Pardot Jobs 3

The Spot for Pardot Jobs is ready for action

You can start using The Spot for Pardot Jobs today.

The site is already available for both job seekers and job posters. We’ve added over 200 Pardot and marketing opportunities that may interest you.

For Pardot Job Seekers 

The open positions on the site include a mix of employer-submitted jobs and ones our team found online. The site is set to automatically delete the jobs we post after 30-90 days to keep it up-to-date. Employers are responsible for the jobs they post, but the listings will automatically delete after 90 days if there’s no activity from the job poster.

To get started, go to the site and click “Find a Job” in the top right corner. You can search for jobs using keywords, location, and more. 

Hot tip: there’s lots of remote work available.

For Employers

Human resources professionals love when they can post jobs for free. We’re throwing them a bone with The Spot for Pardot Jobs so we can all succeed.

Employers can start posting jobs to the site right now. Here’s how to post a job:

  • Click Sign Up and follow the prompts to create an account. 
  • You can log in if you’ve already created an account.
  • When you’re logged in, click the Post a Job link. Then, complete the form to post the job.

You can edit the job or remove it once you’ve filled the position. We’ll automatically delete listings after 90 days unless you take action before the time is up.

Get The Spot For Pardot Jobs Newsletter

You can stay up to date with career opportunities by signing up for our newsletter. We’ll highlight Pardot career trends, interesting job opportunities, and other information to help you move further in your career.

The Spot for Pardot Jobs Newsletter – Employer Edition

The Spot for Pardot Jobs Newsletter – Job Seeker Edition

Get Pardot Job Updates on Twitter

It’s really easy for you to keep up with the latest job opportunities that get posted to The Spot for Pardot Jobs. You can follow @spot4pardotjobs on Twitter to see job listings in your news feed.

Noteworthy job listings

We’ve added some especially interesting jobs we know you’ll want to see. Here are a few of our favorites:

Jobs at Sercante

The Sercante team is growing faster than ever. We want the best of the best talent in the ecosystem. So, if you’re a Pardot pro who’s looking for a career shakeup, then we’d love to chat.

Here are a few interesting job opportunities at Sercante:

Click here to view all opportunities available on the Sercante consulting team.

Land a Pardot job at Salesforce

We work closely with the team at Salesforce. So we know how amazing the opportunities are working on their team.

Check out these jobs available at Salesforce:

The Spot for Pardot Jobs 4

Launching Pardot careers every day

Rising from a little one-person blog, The Spot for Pardot has grown quickly. The Spot for Pardot is the place to go for anyone who wants to learn more about Pardot and marketing. We took it a step further by creating The Spot for Pardot Jobs.

It’s a platform where all the Pardot people can go to connect with new opportunities.

Now go forth, and discover all the Pardot possibilities!

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Sercante is the first Salesforce-recognized Pardot PDO

We have big news to share. Sercante is the first Salesforce-recognized Pardot PDO!

As a Salesforce Pardot product development outsourcer (PDO) partner, we support the development of custom solutions that other vendors own and maintain.

While the Pardot PDO recognition is new to us, we’ve helped companies develop Pardot extensions and integrations since 2018. This includes our own suite of products.


What is a Salesforce PDO Partner?

Salesforce customers who don’t have the CRM expertise or resources can turn to Salesforce-recognized consulting partners. Most Salesforce ISVs have in-house developer teams to tackle complex customizations and integrations.

Consulting partners help with everything from product ideation, development, support services, and even sales and marketing consulting and services. 

Salesforce PDO Partners complete at least one project with any PDO specialization with a Salesforce Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score greater than 4.2/5.0.

In a way, PDO partners focus on the future of Salesforce by extending platform functionality faster than Salesforce can!

They types of projects PDO partners work with include:

  • AppExchange Listing, Trials and Demo
  • Architecture & UX Design
  • Development/QA/Release Management/Security Review
  • Ideation/Business Model/Value Prop
  • Marketing Support
  • Package Review & Optimization
  • Product Support

Additionally, Salesforce PDO partners understand the complexities that go into creating secure apps. 

The Salesforce security review process can be tricky to navigate. So it’s helpful to engage a PDO partner for their experience with the process. PDO partners can save time and avoid the headache of multiple security reviews.

Take all of that and layer on Pardot

Sercante gained the recognition of being the first Pardot PDO partner after we helped a number of companies build integrations with and extensions to Pardot. We also maintained an average 4.9 CSAT score on top of getting the work done.

And that’s the main difference with Pardot PDOs. We are expert-level consultants and developers who know how to bend the Pardot API to our will. 


Sercante Labs is where the Pardot PDO magic happens

The PDO side of the Sercante house lives within Sercante Labs. 

Operating as an independent division of the top Pardot System Integrator (SI), Sercante, Sercante Labs is led by VP of Engineering, Adam Erstelle, and VP of Product, Mike Fazio, with investment from Sercante founder Andrea Tarrell.

Mike explained the role of Sercante Labs in the Salesforce ecosystem.

“The vision of Sercante Labs is three-fold. One, we want to help ISVs build awesome extensions to Pardot and to bring more value-added integrations to the Pardot ecosystem. Second, we are building our own suite of products to continue to expand the power of Pardot. And third, we are focused on fostering meaningful relationships with the Salesforce ISV ecosystem in order to make sure we can collectively deliver a full package of useful products and services to our customers,” Mike said. 

The Sercante Labs division of the company is divided into three segments: 

Product Development

We build products and packaged solutions to support our clients’ needs. 

Prospect Updater is a solution we’ve created over the past few years based on real-life needs of our clients who wanted to automate their way to cleaner data. Additionally, we have a full suite of apps available and others in the works.


Product Development Outsourcing (PDO)

We support the design, build, and go-to-market strategy of custom Pardot integrations and Salesforce AppExchange solutions that are owned and managed by other vendors. 


ISV & External Partnerships

We interpret existing third-party technology options and areas for growth to core Sercante business. 

We hatched our Pardot-Zoom integration from this idea. The integration we built is more robust than the one Zoom currently offers.


Sercante Labs materializes Pardot dreams

Demand for extending Pardot functionality is growing rapidly as marketing teams use automations and integrations to make life easier for everyone.

“We used to say ‘wouldn’t it be nice if Pardot _____’. Now we get out there, build those solutions and share them with others,” Adam said about the founding of Labs.

Recognition from Salesforce as the first Pardot PDO solidifies the work Sercante Labs has done already and enables us to venture even further into uncharted Pardot waters.

“And it’s great that we now have the recognition to prove we can help others take action on their Pardot app ideas as well,” Adam concluded.

If you’re interested in our products or PDO services, drop us a line. We’d love to help however we can.

Hayley Tuller Named 2020 Merivis Volunteer of the Year

If you’re in the Pardot world, then you likely know someone on the Sercante team. 

Maybe you mastered solutions from reading their blogs. Or learned cool tricks from them during a Trailblazer Community event.

Being generous with our time through volunteer work is a core value at Sercante.

Sercante Solution Engineer, Hayley Tuller, has taken that generosity to a new level. Her volunteer work in the Salesforce community earned her the 2020 Merivis Volunteer of the Year Award.

Merivis Co-Founder and Executive Director Kate Perez presented Hayley with the award during a virtual keynote presentation on May 26 at the 2021 Merivis Summit.


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Top 8 New Features from Salesforce’s Summer ‘21 Release Notes

Salesforce just gifted us with their Summer 2021 Release Notes, and our team is— to say the least, ecstatic. With so many new Pardot updates, users and administrators can now optimize their workflow, prevent tedious nuances in dynamic content, and make better data-driven decisions.

If you’ve been itching for better ways to organize your data, get the most out of your email sends, and have more control over your instance, we’re excited to show you how you can do just that with our top choices for exciting features to boost your marketing capabilities through Pardot and the Salesforce platform.


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Top 8 New Features from Salesforce’s Summer ‘21 Release Notes

Salesforce just gifted us with their Summer 2021 Release Notes, and our team is— to say the least, ecstatic. With so many new Pardot updates, users and administrators can now optimize their workflow, prevent tedious nuances in dynamic content, and make better data-driven decisions. 

If you’ve been itching for better ways to organize your data, get the most out of your email sends, and have more control over your instance, we’re excited to show you how you can do just that with our top choices for exciting features to boost your marketing capabilities through Pardot and the Salesforce platform.

Pardot Release Highlights

#1: Einstein’s Key Account Identification

If you’ve been looking for a more accurate way of identifying who your best possible customers are, look no further. The ultimate visibility is within Einstein’s Key Account Identification— Salesforce handles all the dirty work of scrubbing data and spending hours making sense of attributions to show you which prospects are more likely to generate the most revenue.

  • Similar to Pardot grading, Einstein’s Account Tier uses letters to rank your accounts. And unlike Pardot grading, this ranking adjusts itself automatically. No longer will you rely on the decisions of individuals to set the rules, but rather you can make more informed decisions on how to convert the prospects this grading system presents to you.
  • With accounts generating so much data, it can be tedious to identify the most impactful trends in each account. In this game-changing release, Einstein will show you how certain accounts stack up against others using their industry and historical engagement.
Einstein's Key Account Identification

#2: Send List Email Your Way (Pilot)

There’s (probably) nothing worse than getting a disingenuous email that looks like all the other sales pitches your prospects receive. If your sales reps expressed frustration in their limited capability of sending list emails exclusively through Salesforce, this release is for them. Now, they have the ability to send from Outlook or Gmail, giving them more control over their workflow. 

  • Emails sent to qualified leads will look more authentic, like they came directly from a sales rep instead of a system. 
  • Due to the more authentic look, we expect to see higher delivery, open, and click-through rates

One thing we encourage teams to keep an eye on is how it will impact reporting and governance controls at an early stage, so if you participate, advocate for what you would like to see on these grounds. 

#3: Score Lead Segments Separately for More Accurate Results

If the leads your business works with are vastly different from each other, this new way of tracking conversion patterns could greatly improve your scoring. With enough data, Einstein can calculate accurate scores to better define your segments and provide more clarity into each lead’s conversion patterns.

  • Create fields of criteria that best describe your lead segments. After you’ve prioritized the criteria, Einstein will score it as part of the higher priority segment, essentially categorizing your leads for you. 

#4: Make Sure Emails Have the Right Dynamic Content

If you’re someone who somehow always has an excessive amount of tabs open at one time, this new feature will allow you to cut that down by a few and give you more confidence in your sends containing dynamic content.

“This one is a killer for me. I typically end up breaking naming conventions by adding “(ID)” to the end so I can quickly find the dynamic content. This will be great to still easily find without have to disrupt the naming.”

Mike Creuzer


  • Avoid the back-and-forth of your QA process.
  • View ID numbers on the Dynamic Content list view so you can make sure you have the right merge field in each of your emails.

#5: Boost Email Engagement with Einstein Send Time Optimization

Send list emails to individual prospects at their preferred times. Take out the guesswork and elaborate segmentation with Einstein Send Time Optimization. Using Einstein’s machine learning skills, you can be sure your message gets to the right person at the right time.

#6: Designate a Marketing Admin to Handle Pardot Setup Tasks

Never worry about giving a user too many permissions. If you’ve been worried about losing control over Pardot administration, this feature of the release was made for you. Stop losing sleep over security concerns and give users access only to what you want them to have access to. 

A new user permission makes it easy to designate a marketing admin to handle Pardot setup and management tasks. Assign the new Manage marketing setup tasks permission and the View setup and configuration permission to grant access to all the Pardot configuration options in Salesforce Marketing Setup.

Old Permissions New Permissions
Required a Pardot Admin & a Salesforce Admin to fully configure Pardot A single individual (Most likely the Pardot Admin) can be given permissions to configure Pardot from Salesforce without the need to give them full Admin Access in Salesforce

#7: Get More Clarity and Control on Email Marketing Settings

To call this part of the release an upgrade and say that we are “excited about it” would be a huge understatement. Before this was available, it was difficult and time-consuming to see the status of your prospects’ mailability. These settings can be edited in Automation Rules, Engagement Studio, and Prospect Import. 

Activate this feature by clicking the “Get Started” button at the top of your dashboard. Just remember that activating it would be permanent, and you should read Salesforce’s considerations when accessing the upgrade.

Doing so will give you a view of your prospects’:

  • Overall mailable status
  • Do Not Email
  • Opted Out settings
  • Bounce information

#8: Reporting on Email Messages

Spend less time requesting a useless email log and get more visibility into custom reporting. Previously, you only had access to the email’s delivery status— which is nothing compared to what’s available with this new feature. Now you can see if the customer opened it, when they opened it, bounces, engagement, and more. 

Bonus Platform Features Worth Noting

Inclusive Terms Are Replacing Legacy Language

As part of Salesforce’s efforts to refine language in their products to more accurately reflect inclusivity, Salesforce is replacing terms deemed non inclusive. Though APIs and older API documentation aren’t included because changing terms in the code can break current implementations, this will allow your messaging to be more inclusive than ever, enabling you to reach a wider audience.

Inline Editing of Reports

If you have to make changes to records and reports, the previous capabilities might have made that a little tedious to deal with. In recent releases, you have been able to edit records directly in list view. Now, you can do the same thing with reports, saving you unnecessary clicks that bottleneck your workflow.

Enabling this feature is simple. Just go to your Reports and Dashboards Settings and modify the behavior of your interface by checking, “Enable Inline Editing In Reports.”

Once you’ve done that, look for the pencil icon, can click it, modify the value, and save. The field value will update on the report and in the source record, and the report reruns automatically. 

On the Salesforce Radar

It seems that as soon as we’re comfortable with the new features, even more updates are on the calendar. Here’s a couple that any user can be excited about (and will really allow you to take advantage of new Salesforce features).

Sandbox Release

Preview orgs are live now, so if you don’t have one, that should be the first thing you do after reading this!  Remember, Sandbox previews are coming, so now is a good time to look at what instance your sandboxes are on and make your plan.  

Don’t’ forget to join the Release Readiness Trailblazers group. That’s right, there’s a place for all your questions to get answers and share what you’ve found while testing out new features. 

Release Readiness Live (Week of May 21st)

This is a must-attend event. This series of webinars is run by project managers to talk about and demo new features so you can see these new items in action. Ask live questions and get live answers for all the things you’re stuck on.  

Now that you’ve seen all the ways you can customize your interface based on your needs as an administrator or consultant, check out the full Release Notes from Salesforce and let us know in the comments what your team is excited to implement! Be sure to stay on top of more updates and to add these up-and-coming deadlines to your calendar:

May 6 Cut off to refresh sandboxes for preview instance

May 7  Summer Preview Window begins 

(must have an active sandbox on a preview instance by May 6)

May 17  #LearnMOAR page goes live

May 21 Awesome Admin Release Preview

May 24 – 28 Release Readiness Live Week

June 6 – June 12 Main Release Dates

Need help with implementation or want to get training courses to gain a better understanding of Salesforce release features? Head over to our Pardot & Salesforce training page where you can sign up for mini-courses, become more familiar with Pardot basics, or attend bootcamps.

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