Every year, two things in November invite reflection: Thanksgiving and Sercante’s anniversary.

This month marks 5 years since Sercante opened its doors, and I couldn’t be more proud of and grateful for this team.

Major Events In The Sercante Company Journey

Our 5 years have been marked with all kinds of “unprecedented times” that have made for a crazy, sometimes messy, but always interesting journey.

A few inflection points that stand out from the journey:

  • This thing called covid, of course (you might have heard of it.) A Great Resignation and a monumental shift in the way people think about work.
  • A renaissance for remote work.
  • A Sercante baby boom with almost 15% of our small team taking parental leave in a single year (my own little human being a part of that wave!)
  • Whispers of the next recession, layoffs in certain sectors, and changes in the way many organizations are staffing/resources their marketing teams.
  • A return to events and in-person gatherings, with Dreamforce 2022 being the first big gathering in a long while.
  • The retirement of the name “Pardot” (well… kind of.)
  • Investment like never before from Salesforce in the future of Marketing Cloud, specifically, platform unification and extensibility.
  • Salesforce CDP picking up major steam, most recently with the launch for Genie at Dreamforce.

Always Embracing Generosity

Amidst all of these changing tides in the world and in the products we support, one thing has stayed constant for Sercante at every step of the way.

The one constant thing is the way our team embraces our values and shows up hard to help marketers impact their businesses and their careers leveraging the Salesforce platform.

I don’t think you’re really “supposed to” have a favorite core value, but my favorite out of the 5 that Sercante holds dear is Generosity. And that’s because it’s most readily apparent when I look at my team and how they show up in the ecosystem.

We are a group of givers. We have 5 user group leaders and 7 Marketing Champions in our ranks. We’re involved in both the Salesforce community and the communities in which we live and work, giving back through causes like:

Sharing Knowledge So We Can Grow Together

We love sharing knowledge and creating opportunities for others to shine (even our “competitors”!) through vehicles like:

We’re connectors. We aim to give just a little bit more than what’s expected in every interaction. And we believe creating abundance starts by believing in it and acting accordingly.

I’m excited about what the future holds, and I can’t think of a group of people I’d rather be doing it with.

A Few Special Thank Yous

  • To the 25 new team members who have come on board in 2022 – thank you for making the decision to invest your time and talent here. I will work my you-know-what off to make sure that was the right call and to make Sercante a place where you can thrive.
  • To the 40 team members who have been with us since 2021 or earlier – thank you for continuing to be a part of this hypergrowth rocketship and for being a part of the solution as we design processes, refine collaboration norms, and build an organizational structure to get us ready for the next chapter, whatever that looks like. I’m committed to making Sercante a place where you can grow, try new things on for size, and build your next chapter too.
  • To the first ever MarDreamin’ Advisory Board — Jen Kazin, Jenna Molby, Vicki Moritz-Henry, and Chris Zullo — thank you for helping us pick the best topics and stand-out speakers. You help us keep our edge and highlight the best of the best!
  • To our MarDreamin’ Social Ambassadors — Brittany Rhyme, Olliea Linn, Genna Matson, Ashley Anger, Rob Walter, Connor Ebbs, and Burak Sezgin — thank you for spreading the good word and for A+++ memes.
  • To Brian Brames and Stacy Jacobs – thank you for the opportunity to serve on the Marketing Cloud Partner Advisory Board with some of the best minds in the ecosystem. It’s an honor to be a part of that group.
  • To Brock Hubbard (aka Brother Brock) and the Salesforce Professional Services Team – thank you for truly walking the walk of “Better Together” and for your collaboration to make our shared customers incredibly successful on the platform.
  • To Minea Moore and the Partner Equality team – thank you for opening my eyes to totally new avenues for business growth and for the change that you’re driving in the ecosystem.
  • To Alan Schulman and Adam Lavelle – thank you for being advisors and a fantastic sounding board over the last year. I really value your perspective and experience climbing similar mountains to the ones our team is now traversing.
  • To the Pardot & Marketing Cloud PMM and Product leadership team (particularly Neha Shah, Guilda Hilare, Ruth Bolster, Prasanna Vijayakumar, Nathan Maphet, Landon Calannio, Eric Zenz, and Jay Wilder) – thank you for your continued partnership and collaboration. You’re a lot of fun to work with, and we’ve accomplished some really impressive things together.
  • To Kirk Johnson – thank you for being our PAM and for keeping us connected to all things at the mothership.
  • To Andy Lin, Cezar Wislocki-Wasecki, Ke’ili Deal, and the Managed Services Partner Advisory Board – thank you for the work that you’re doing to advance the visibility of a really important part of the services landscape, and for giving Sercante a seat at the table when ideating on what that change could look like.
  • To Paul Drews and Laura Rowson from Salesforce Ventures – thank you for believing in Sercante and investing in our future growth. It’s been great working with you both. I appreciate your vantage point on the ecosystem and how willing you always are to help and connect.
  • To the following folks for partnering with MarDreamin’ and on shared initiatives to make our mutual customers’ lives easier:
  • And of course, to our amazing clients – you’re the reason we exist and the reason why we get out of bed in the morning. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of what you’re building and for putting your trust in our team.

Wishing you all a blessed and joyful holiday season. Cheers to another great year, and to whatever next year holds.