As you may know, our mascot is a dragon.

A question our team frequently gets on this:

“What’s the backstory here?”

The real story is… there is no backstory about the dragon. We could probably make one up.  But the truth is, we just like them.

Mike Creuzer was going to submit a topic to Southeast Dreamin’ 2019 called “Slaying Your Data Dragons with Pardot,” and we talked about creating a dragon mascot specifically for that session.  Or creating the session for the mascot?  Anyway — the session didn’t happen, because somehow we managed to miss the submission deadline.

Still, we needed something soft and adorable to bring to THE marquee Salesforce conference of the Southeast. So we ran an internal poll because, democracy:

The dragons had a solid lead, but the real deal sealer was this video from the Creuzer clan:

It was just too cute.

And so, a mascot was born.

The Sercante dragons are not all identical, however.  You may encounter FIVE variations of Sercante dragons in the wild, at any given point in time.

Lil’ Handful

Lil’ Handful is the smallest, cutest member of the Sercante thunder (thunder is, in fact, the correct term for a herd of dragons.)  Lil’ Handful got its name from the catalog we ordered it from, also from the fact that it just makes you want to scoop it up its cuteness in your hands.

It is also very popular among cats.  Exhibit A:

Lil’ Handful with a Sailor Hat On

This is exactly what it sounds like — a dragon with a penchant for boating.

Lil’ Handful with a Sailor Hat On was made specifically for Dreamforce 2020 for our nautical themed B2B Marketing Bash, “Into the Blue.”  We had Yacht Rock, edible bubbles, and our beloved mascot with a jaunty hat.

I do understand that it is slightly confusing to people why a dragon would wear a sailor hat outside of the context of that party, but I would invite you to just roll with it. 🙂


Blitz is similarly colored, but bigger and mightier than Lil’ Handful.  She stands about 10 inches tall.  Don’t call her cute — she’s FIERCE.

Blitz is named for her role model, Adam Blitzer, the founder of Pardot.


Beni is the biggest of the Sercante dragons.  She’s seriously massive… she’s challenging to even fit in a backpack.

Only people who are serious about swag appreciate Beni.  And by “serious about swag” I mean “pack an extra suitcase to carry home plushies from Dreamforce” level serious.  She is large and in charge.

Beni gets her name from her celebrity hero, Marc Benioff.  Who I suspect is also challenging to fit in a backpack.


Goldie was also created as a “special edition” for Dreamforce 2019.  She got her name from… you guessed it, her color, along with our dwindling taxonomic creativity by dragon #5.

Goldie is also the world traveling star of the #WheresParDragon series counting down the days to ParDreamin’ 2020.

So there you have it!  These are the 5 plush Dragons of Sercante.  If you see one in the wild, please remember that they bite unless you take a picture and post it to Twitter.

PS — If you want one of your very own, be sure to sign up for ParDreamin’.  We will be raffling one of each 5 varieties at the event!