Marketers want to show what campaigns drive revenue.  Sounds simple, right?

But not always as easy as it seems.


The Problem: Missing Data Ruins the Ability to Run ROI & Campaign Influence Reporting

If you’re a marketer, maybe you can relate to this scenario:

You’ve asked politely.  You’ve put together training guides. You’ve sent it up the chain of command.

But still… your sales people aren’t adding freaking Contact Roles to their Opportunities. This ruins your ability to link revenue with your marketing Campaigns using standard Campaign Influence and marketing attribution reports/dashboards.


The Solution: Automated Opportunity Contact Roles, Now Available on the AppExchange

We’ve seen the above scenario scenario play out time and time again.  So we built an app to address this issue and add Contact Roles automatically to opportunities.

Rather than waiting for sales to add contact roles (spoiler alert: they won’t), our app allows you to automate the process by creating business logic for when to automatically add Contact Roles to Opportunities.

You can set intelligent criteria for when to link targeted Contacts, ensuring your Campaigns finally get the sourced and influenced revenue credit they deserve.

No manual data entry for sales, no fuss, and you get the data you need for better reporting.


How the App for Automated Opportunity Contact Roles Works

Our Automated Opportunity Contact Roles app is extremely simple to install and use.  The highlights:

  • Choose top contacts to link to an Opportunity — based on Salesforce Last Activity Date, Salesforce Last Modified Date, or Pardot Last Activity Date.
  • Get granular: Apply your rules across all Opportunities and Accounts, or limit it to certain Opportunity owners and/or types of Contacts (with clicks, not code!)
  • Buy licenses for all of your sales reps, or just the ones that are extra bad at updating data busy
  • To take it to the NEXT LEVEL, you can even call our app’s functionality from Flows and Process Builder!

Here’s a video walk through to show you how it works:


How the Get the App 

Visit the AppExchange to learn more about the app or download to your org.  License pricing starts at $5 per user per month — a small price compared to all of the time you’ll save with manual data entry and missed opportunities to optimize your marketing campaigns without the data you need for ROI reporting.

Questions?  Reach out to [email protected], or give us a shout in the comments!