Sercante’s own Keisha Sethi will be cha cha’ing her way towards victory in the Strictly Tech Christmas Extravaganza this year!  Salesforce Partner Events is hosting a dance competition to raise money for Sports Traider in an evening of glitz and glamour on December 9.  Local tech talent are training together to compete for the Strictly Tech Dancing couple award.

Sports Traider is a charity which helps young people in local communities get into sports. Sports Traider uses the proceeds generated from used and discounted sports kit shops to fund coaching, access to facilities, and transportation to get young, less fortunate, talented individuals on the path to becoming aspiring athletes.

How It’s Going: An Update on the Grueling Preparation

Keisha Sethi, one of our London-based CRM & Marketing Automation Strategists, will be joining forces and dancing with Chris Harvey from Third Republic.

Here’s a little GIF of the practice – it’s serious business:

Here’s a quick update from Keisha:

“We have now learnt our group dance & all the main Cha Cha Cha steps.  We’ve chosen for our song for the night. Our dance is currently 1:20 long, and we still have to add in another 20.

I’d be lying to you if I said it was easy to remember all those steps. During those 4 hours of training, we recite the steps about 20 times and continuously add more.

After a whole day of working through Pardot imports, email builds and tech work though, it’s a wonderful way to end the night. We currently have two more lessons left before the big event!

I’ve got my dance shoes, the dress is still pending, but it will be an awesome night!”

Help Us Raise Money & Donate

The Sercante team are proud to have Keisha representing us to support this worthy cause.

Sports Traider is a wonderful charity that helps young, less fortunate children get on the right path towards their fitness and sports goals – a foundation which will serve them for life.

This is a cause near and dear to Keisha’s heart.  Keisha has been involved in fitness and helping others with their health and training efforts since the age of 15, and cites fitness as tool to help improve overall mindset, life journey, and physical skills.  Keisha hopes to raise money so Sports Traider can help the youth in local communities get into sports and productive activities in their spare time.

Please help us raise awareness and money for this amazing charity – the more the merrier!

Click here to sign up to attend to the event, and click here to donate and show your support.

Questions?  Inspirational tango tips?  Words of waltzing wisdom?  Let’s hear them in the comments!