Our team is passionate about helping marketers be successful on the Salesforce platform, and as we help customers crush barriers and drive new initiatives, we find ourselves constantly encountering “wouldn’t it be nice if _____” moments.

Sparked from these moments, we have a few ideas for apps to extend the power of the Salesforce & Pardot platform… and Salesforce seems to think that they are pretty good too.

Building Apps & Productivity Tools for Pardot Customers 

Salesforce has selected us to participate in the Salesforce Accelerate Build program where we join 9 other fantastic companies for the next 4 months on a fast-tracked journey to build an app and get it listed on the AppExchange. Our goals for the program are to come out with our first Pardot related app on the AppExchange and to build a solid foundation to continue to make even more cool stuff in the future.

We kicked off the Accelerate Build program at the beginning of October with a 3-day in-person series of workshops. Topics included ways we can align with Salesforce’s vision and architecture to improve the value we deliver, and how to think about product/market fit using a Value Proposition Canvas. The experience was incredibly cool and sparked many new ideas on how to position what we’re looking to build.

If You’ve Got a Tough Problem… We Want to Solve it

We look forward to continuing the Accelerate Build program over the next several months. Stay tuned for more details on our first product — which we plan to debut before the end of the year.

In the meantime, we wanted to say a special thank you to the select group of customers who have provided feedback on the Alpha build of our first product. Please keep sharing your toughest marketing and sales problems, and we promise to keep looking for innovative ways to solve them!